18th street fashion show

18th street fashion show

W18ST-Butterfly-logoThe 2018 West 18th Street Fashion Show summer runway event will take place on Saturday, June 9.

The West 18th Street Fashion Show has provided a platform for talented designers to present forward-thinking fashion to our community and beyond and plans to continue this initiative for years to come.

This year’s theme, Summer Migration, debuts the eighteenth year of the West 18th Street Fashion Show and it’s “golden birthday” on June 9, 2018.

Desire is the energy of evolution. We fly across borders to fall in love, embolden our species, refine and complicate the rituals that protect us from the elements. There is a reason it is called Wanderlust. Travel and introspection breed compassion and a bolder understanding of the human experience. This year we ask designers to share their heritage and history, and to re-contextualize the garments of their ancestors. We ask them to please open their door, set an extra plate at the table, and present us with the intimate stories of their culture.

“We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.” -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

A season inspired by memory, movement, resilience, and transcendence, Summer Migration aims to create an experience where narrative and fashion converge to elevate our dreams, our voices, and our humanity.

This year, with the theme of Summer Migration, The West 18th Street Fashion Show is collaborating with the Kansas City Museum at the Historic Garment District, located at 800 Broadway Blvd. in downtown Kansas City’s Historic Garment District, to present the Show and complementary public programming, and to provide designers access to the Museum’s collection of clothing, textiles, and costumes for research and inspiration. The Kansas City Museum at the Historic Garment District ([email protected]) offers special exhibitions that display historical items from the Kansas City Museum’s collections and also present contemporary works by local fashion designers, artists, and entrepreneurs.

The [email protected] serves as a satellite location while the Kansas City Museum at Corinthian Hall, located at 3218 Gladstone Blvd., is closed to the public and under construction for a major restoration and renovation project. The mission of the Kansas City Museum is to preserve, interpret, and celebrate Kansas City through collections, exhibitions, and bold programs that reflect the City’s evolution and spirit, and engage visitors in unfolding stories about Kansas City’s vibrant history, cultural heritage, and pride. The vision of the Museum is to be a hub of learning, creativity, and collaboration where individuals and communities innovate and inspire engagement and civic unity.


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