1920 fashion mens trends

1920 fashion mens trends

Believe it or not, some men are simply mad about shoes. It does not matter if the shoes are sneakers, oxfords, designer dress florsheim shoes, or just your basic everyday flip-flops. A large number of males are enthralled by footwear. Just like women, men really love shoes, and for the same reason as women. We often do not care about price, and we are always in search of attractive, durable shoes which make us look attractive and charismatic.

As a male shopper, I do my research and learn about the current trends in mens dress shoes before I go searching for footwear. For this reason, I know that colors and patterns are all the rage. This is obvious to anyone who has stepped inside of a retail store or shopped online within the past six months. With that I mind, I am going to touch on the three key trends in designer dress shoes for men. These are striking but masculine designs which exude both style and confidence.

1. Bright Shoes – The appeal for bright colored shoes is spreading. While there are three basic color trends afoot these days, this one is the largest. While vibrant and captivating, colored shoes do stand out a bit, but they are still easy to match with a number of outfits. If one wants to make colored shoes work, all he has to do is complement them with the proper wardrobe and accessories.

2. Shoes with Patterns – Anywhere you look on the runway, you will see patterns in fashion. The love for this eye-catching design has even crossed over into custom shoes for men. Popular fashion trends these days include animal patterns and camouflage prints. These styles too are even expanding into the realm of designer dress footwear.

3. Two-Shade Footwear – Two-shade designer dress shoes are quite popular now. They have been featured in many magazines lately. The color pattern is greatly popular in brogues where the design panels are built in complementary shades in order to make a dynamic impact. Many people love the brogues because their smartness is reflective of the gangster style of the 1920’s and 1930’s. To keep your outfit from being overwhelming, wear tame socks with bold shoes.

The new trend for wearing pop colors extends to designer mens shoes as well. Fortunately, even the everyday male can make this look work. For many men, vibrantly colored shoes and footwear tinted with two shades are ideal. As such, it is not surprising that these trends are all the rage now in custom shoes for men. If your tastes are a little more discrete, you might want to begin your journey into colorful footwear by starting out with a less intrusive shoe color.

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