2018 spring color fashion

2018 spring color fashion

How to wear Pantone's spring/summer 2018 colors.

Trends! So far we’ve talked about fashion trends and shoe trends. Today, let’s discover color trends for spring/summer 2018.

Each year, Pantone, the international leader in color forecasting, releases its color predictions for the season. I have to admit—I love this season’s palette! There’s something for everyone: brights, pastels, neutrals, warm color and cool colors.

While the shades I’m showing and talking about seem extra specific, in the stores and fashion, you’ll be able to find a lot of variations on the general themes.

Here is my take on several of the spring colors and some ideas of how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe.

Ultraviolet is the color of the year. (She says as the choir of angels sing!) I’ve loved any and all shades of purple for as long as I can remember, so you can imagine how excited I am about this.

Without getting too terribly techy on color theory…one of the basics is that you can always combine colors that are directly across from each other a.k.a. complementary colors. So in the case of Ultrviolet, it would be fabulous with the yellow shade of Meadowlark. (If you do want to get extra technical, Meadowlark actually has a hint of green to it, but we can call it yellow if we want to!) Picture a pair of Ultraviolet pants with a Meadowlark blouse!

And speaking of Meadowlark…I’m crushing hard on yellow and am noticing it’s bigger in the stores than it has been in a really long time. Don’t worry about whether you can wear yellow next to your face…choose a Meadowlark pant or skirt, top it with a crisp white top and incorporate the shade into an accessory such as a fun, straw handbag!

Spring Crocus is another favorite of mine! For a monochromatic color scheme, you can wear it with darker Ultraviolet and lighter Pink Lavender. The jeans I got recently from White House Black Market certainly qualify as Pink Lavender, and I have grand plans for adding a Spring Crocus top or two.

Spring Crocus and Pink Lavender are two ways to incorporate the lavender trend into your wardrobe. The more saturated Spring Crocus can definitely be easier to wear if pastels wash you out.

Lime Punch is a fantastic yellow-green. This can be a tough color to wear, but if you love it, be patient and you’ll find a good shade for your skin tone. You may need to choose a shade with a bit more green in it. (Personally, I’m better in more of an avocado tone, but if pressed, I’ll call it Lime Punch!)

I love how Lime Punch, Arcadia and Little Boy Blue look next to each other. If you look at the color wheel, the colors of blue, blue green and yellow green are quite close to each other. It could be a great color scheme for color blocking an outfit.

And last but not the least of my favorites is Cherry Tomato, a bright, cheery red. It makes me thing of poppy red, not too orangey and not too cool. For a daring unexpected look, have fun pairing it with Arcadia or Ultraviolet. But in my book, there’s nothing more summery than a great red and white print!

Colors come and go in the stores. If you love any of these colors, you can scoop them up with style. And if these colors aren’t your favorites, bypass the color trend report altogether and you’ll still be stylish wearing colors YOU love.




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