Basic fashion drawing for beginners

Basic fashion drawing for beginners

A 10-Day step-by-step course that shows you the foundations of fashion illustration

This is a course for beginners. You get access to the exclusive student’s site, and you get written lessons with videos to get you started with fashion illustration.

Your goal during this course is to create ONE simple fashion illustration. I will guide you step-by-step, and you will have an assignment per lesson.

I’ve systemized and streamlined each step of the process to share it with you. So you can create with fun, get rid of frustration, and start your journey as a fashion illustrator.

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Get access to the course 🙂

What Will We Cover Together?

Lesson 1

What’s your Deep Why? What’s holding you back? And materials you will need.

Lesson 2

Elements of a Simple Fashion Illustration.

Lesson 3

The importance of Fashion Drawing Basics + Drawing a Basic Face.

Lesson 4

Drawing Basic Fashion Figures.

Lesson 5

Drawing Flat Garments.

Lesson 6

Drawing Garments on the Fashion Figure.

Lesson 7

Working with Color.

Lesson 8

Working with Texture.

Lesson 9

Background as the Last Element of a Fashion Illustration.

Lesson 10

Putting it All Together.

Fashion ILLUSTRATION for beginners - course + workbook

When you sign up to Fashion Illustration for Beginners you get:

+ 10 lessons with step-by-step instructions. Created for you to complete 1 lesson per day.

+ The exact step-by-step I follow during the whole process.

+ A 70-pages workbook, instructions, best practices, more than 15 videos, cheat-sheets, and homework.

+ Email support for your doubts and questions during the course (10 days).

What happens when you join now:

+ You sign up via Gumroad, and pay with credit card or Paypal.

+ You can download the workbook immediately. And, within an hour, you receive a confirmation email with your details to access the site.

+ You get access to the lessons and workbook all at once, no need to wait!

+ You read and watch the lessons, you follow the instructions, and do your assignments.

+ You show me your progress and tell me your ups and downs via email or Instagram.


‘Karen’s courses are always a big help when I get lost on all the fashion process!’ – Arielle .A.

‘Thank you so much Karen. This course has been awesome, and super beneficially to me. I Celebrate you.’ – Grace O.

‘I’m absolutely amazed by your courses, all of them are really awesome!’ – Evelynn G.

‘Thank you so much for your course! You explained everything wonderfully.’ – Emma S.

‘I’m in LOVE with Karen’s fabulous and gorgeous learning content! This course was truly rewarding!’ – Marie O.

‘Karen really cares about our concerns, and she’s eager to help us to achieve our goals.’ – Josie L.

See you on the other side!

About me

I’m a college-made industrial designer, and a self-made fashion designer, illustrator, and surface pattern designer.

I started my journey as a freelance fashion creative seven years ago. With no referrals, with no friends in fashion, with no testimonials. I only had a tiny portfolio and all my passion.

And, from the very moment I got hired as a freelancer for the first time, I realized that nothing can stop someone with passion and determination to do what she loves.

Why did I Create This Course?

Because I believe that life is better when you do fulfilling and meaningful work that feeds your heart.

Because I’m living proof that you can be a self-taught fashion creative, make an impact, create work that you enjoy, be authentic, and make a living.

Because you deserve to do what you love in your own terms, to be proud and confident about what you create, and to have the success you crave for.

What if I’m a beginner?

Perfect! This course has been designed for you! If you don’t know how to give texture to your fashion illustrations and garment sketches, if you don’t know where to start nor how to use your tools and materials, then you are in the right place 😉

What tools do I need?

You will need markers (I use Chartpak), bristol board or soft paper, pencil, eraser, a couple of brushpens (I use Tombow), color pencils, a couple of fineliners, gelly pens (white, silver, and gold), and optionally a ruler and ink pens.

I’ll share a list of materials if you’re on a budget.

Send them directly to my email! –   I’ll be HAPPY to clarify your doubts, and I’ll get back to you asap!


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