Celebrity haircuts hairstyles fashion

Celebrity haircuts hairstyles fashion

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Short hairstyles are now being seen more and more on prominent celebrities, and therefore are gaining more popularity.  


On women, short hairstyles were seen as mostly androgynous, but now they are developing a more feminine appeal. Short hair cuts can be very versatile, fun, fashionable, and unique. Anyone can pull of short hair with the proper short hairstyle. With short hair, many looks can be accomplished. It is great for those who prefer a more low maintenance look, and for people who want to try something a little different. Short hairstyles are suitable for all hair types, from straight to wavy to curly. Extremely short hair can be much more daring, while short hair with a little bit more length can be styled with more variety. Adding color or bleaching are great ways to add versatility to a short haircut. You have a variety of options with short hair.




Curly & wavy Curly and wavy short hair styles in this picture gallery.
200 images


Blonde A set of pictures of hair styles from platinum to almost mousy.
200 images  


Short Bobs A Basic bob is when the hair is cut the same length all round.
200 images  

Red Crimsons, chestnuts, mahoganies, scarlets and just plain redheads.
200 images  

SHort bob haircuts 

Bangs A portion of hair covers the forehead, also called a fringe.
200 images  

Short dark hairstyles See your favorite styles in a darker color.
200 images  


Prom & updo A set of examples to inspire you for that special night.
150 images  

Extra short Pictures of very short haircuts in several galleries.
200 images  


Bridal & Wedding Every girls best day needs a great hairstyle, many ideas here. 120 images  

Streaked & highlighted Collection of examples with bleached or colored sections. 200 images  


Short formal styles Interviews and other formal occasions.
120 images  

Celebrity short haircuts

Celebrity Ava Gardener to Pink, some examples from your favorite celebs.
100 images  


Short & parted A line where the hair is combed in different directions. 200 images  

Flicked With the fringe or bangs combed or brushed to one side.
120 images  


Party Going out on the town or to a party sometimes needs a little extra flair. 120 images  

Classic Styles that would look great on any age group.
120 images  


Retro Styles inspired in the eighties, seventies and sixties and further back. 100 images  

Young Pictures of hair styles for younger visitors.
150 images  


Trendy High fashion and catwalk styles available here.
100 images  

Unusual Outrageous, extreme and downright weird.
150 images  

Nowadays, many people are opting for short hair cuts and choosing very bold hairstyles. Recently, Miley Cyrus infamously cut her hair into a bleached blond Mohawk, which inspired many others to do the same. Quite a few other celebrities have experimented with drastic haircuts. Drastic and unique short haircuts have very much become much in fashion. Many young people are shaving their hair into asymmetrical hairstyles and adding bold colors to these styles. Those types of looks are becoming increasingly in fashion. If you are prepared to make a drastic change in your look, then a short haircut is the way to go. It is best it go to a professional hair stylist so that you will be getting the haircut you desire. If you want to have color, then it is definitely a better option to see a professional, especially if you have not previously colored your own hair. Of course, short hair does not have to be attention grabbing. If you are a conservative person, then there are a plethora of short hairstyles for you they are very appropriate for formal occasions. Wearing short hair slicked down and parted is a great short hairstyle. You can also opt for a short, simple bob. You can also go for simple swooped bangs, with the hair cut shorter in the remainder of the circumference of the head. Try to experiment with the position of the part as well. You can decide whether you like a part to the side, or right in the middle. Asymmetrical styles can be conservative as well, in the form of asymmetrical bobs.  
By Iain Patric


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