Como hacer una foto animada

Como hacer una foto animada

Posted on 14th October 2014

Inspired by French and Italian tailoring, the heady intellectualism of the Beat generation and the meticulous style standards of Teddy Boys, the Mods may very well be Britain's best dressed sub-culture. While mod clothing may have been birthed by the explosion of teen culture in the 60s, style houses are still looking to it for inspiration (see Tom Ford or John Smedley's AW14 as well as Ben Sherman who have built their fashion empires around mod).

Mod Clothing: A Man's Guide To Creating The Right Look

Before you hop on your Vespa and head down to your local Northern Soul all-nighter, you're going to need to be dressed properly. The defining image of a mod is one that has since entered pop culture thanks to The Who, The Jam and the classic Quadrophenia. Shoes so shiny you can adjust your skinny tie in them, a slim cut, three button mohair suit and an American ex-military parka are all de-rigueur when it comes to mod clothing; but there's more to it than that.
For starters, there's knitwear! If you're a mod, your wardrobe should totally be stocked up with the finest jumpers, cardigans and sweaters. The Mods took liberally from Beatniks, including their adoption of turtle and polo neck jumpers - why not combine one with a blazer in charcoal gray or black? You can even work one of these jumpers with more formal black tie attire, ala Tom Ford's AW14 collection, for a fresh take.
It's frankly a given that if you're a mod, you're going to know your way around a suit. Slim cut, three button suits are the gold standard of the mod image. Fabrics such as Italian mohair or wool tonic are ideal. They won't crease so you can continue to look sharp throughout the day. The devil's in the details for mod clothing, so the cut and fit will have to be immaculate. Our advice? Buy vintage for authenticity, then take to your tailor to ensure a bespoke-fit for less than half the price of a Savile Row piece.

Going Mod Casual

There are going to be times that a suit is wildly impractical - even if you will cut a totally dashing figure. For a more casual look, grab those old standbys: The Harrington jacket, Fred Perry polo and skinny Levi's jeans. To finish, grab your nearest pair of desert boots - perfect!

It's totally possible to transfer the principles of mod clothing into an office environment. It's just about remembering the key elements: neat, clean-cut shirts, combined with skinny ties for that authentic mid-60s look. Slim those proportions down and you'll look equally slim and trim.

So it's time to talk accessories. Mod clothing, like any style, looks superb when coupled with the correct accessories. Braces, wayfarer sunglasses and scarves - preferably in paisley or polka dot, will work wonders for your outfit. Why not add the finishing touch with a John Lennon style paper boy hat?

Genuine Vintage Mod Clothing At Rokit

Dressing mod is so much easier than you may have realised. For the real mark of authenticity, all of your clothes should be vintage. For a complete collection of men's vintage mod clothing, make sure you check out our online store today! Or hop on your scooter and head for one of Rokit's four London locations today.

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