Copenhagen fashion week 2018

Copenhagen fashion week 2018




Copenhagen Fashion Week is part of Design Society along with Danish Design Centre, INDEX: Design to Improve Life and Danish Fashion Institute. The Danish Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs and The Capital Region of Denmark are the main sponsors of the foundation. Read more about Design Society here

Copenhagen Fashion Week is the largest fashion week in the Nordic region and takes place twice a year in January and August. Each season Copenhagen Fashion Week attracts thousands of visitors visiting the two fairs CIFF and Revolver as well as the 3-day show calendar offering a window to the best fashion brands in Scandinavia.

Copenhagen Fashion Week organizes the show calendar and all service and communication platforms and each season Copenhagen Fashion Week hosts a hospitality programme for invited press and buyers. Alongside the professional fashion week platform, Copenhagen Fashion Week presents an open programme packed with shows, events, exhibitions, talks and more for visitors and native Copenhageners to experience all the best our city has to offer.




In 2017 Copenhagen Fashion Week went through a strategic process led by QVARTZ. The aim of the strategic process was to define the direction of Copenhagen Fashion Week. The process aimed at reaching agreement on a shared call-to-action and a value proposition defining Copenhagen Fashion Week’s activities going forward. Copenhagen Fashion Week was joined by an advisory board of key industry stakeholders to carry out the process.

The Copenhagen Fashion Week shared call-to-action is:
Let’s make Scandinavian Fashion Reach the World.

Our value proposition consists of three focus areas that we believe Copenhagen Fashion Week must deliver on, in order to succeed with our shared call-to-action:

International Fashion, Scandinavian Curation
We wish to sharpen and elaborate on our Scandinavian profile, giving way for talented home-grown brands as well as internationals that represent a Scandinavian style or tradition. We have chosen to call it Scandinavian curation.

Personal and Integrated Concept
We want to create an intimate and smooth experience for all participants in Copenhagen Fashion Week. This concept includes easy logistics, one point of entry and a personalized networking platform.

The Copenhagen Experience
We love Copenhagen and we want to leverage the opportunities the city offers. We want to create an urban experience with unique activities and involved inhabitants and tourists.


Copenhagen Fashion Week is a non-profit organisation funded by 40% public funding and 60% commercial partnerships. Do you want to become a CFW partner?
Contact us:

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