Denim skirt winter fashion

Denim skirt winter fashion

by Tanaya

Katie Holmes wearing a denim skirt modestly in a pretty way/fadedyouthblog

Katie Holmes wearing a denim skirt modestly in a pretty way/fadedyouthblog

Any suggestions how and what to wear a dark denim skirt without looking like a soccer mom nor a kid?

I'm a 40 something mom, size 12 not a 14 like I thought. The look I'm after is casual but chic.

The skirt is just above the knee and is dark denim.

My shoulders/chest appears larger in some shirts. I stand 5'6 and wear 12/14 jeans. Slight baby belly still. When did this size become established as a plus size?

Any advice would be appreciated.. Don't want to toss out another cute skirt.

I'm glad you still want to wear a right above the knee length denim skirt despite all the myths that say that anyone older than 35 can't wear shorter hems and resort to those really outdated ankle denim skirts (calf-to ankle length skirts tend to make average and short women look dowdy).

Now I believe you can pull off a knee length denim skirt by wearing something modest (not conservative, but more classy) on top and on your feet.

So what is the shape? Is it a pencil (it tapers in towards the knee), straight or A-line? A straight and pencil shaped skirt tend to make a figure curvy and wider compared to an A-line (it flares) which helps draw attention away from your belly and give you a leaner body frame, which is important as you get older to avoid looking frumpy.

A-line shaped skirts are also great for making your shoulders and chest appear smaller. So keep this in mind the next time you're shopping for skirts that flatter your figure and age.

Learn more about how to select the best fashion skirts for your body figure

A good thing about the skirt you've got there is that it's dark colored so it is a slimming color in itself. Dark denim is also the nicest and most versatile to wear with various colors - you'll get more out of your money with it!

So how can you wear the denim skirt without looking like you're trying to look younger?

Well, I think it's all about what you pair it with on top. There really is no reason for you to give up a piece you like just because of your age - you might just want to wear it differently.

However at your age you should show less skin and go for simple and classy tops, especially if you're going to wear a short skirt (I'm talking from my personal perspective - my mom is in her 50s). Instead, pair it with something a bit more demure, but still pretty and classy.

Let me show you some chic ways to wear a denim skirt:

How to wear a denim skirt if you're over 40
Look #1
Here I created a Spring-Summer outfit for you. You can wear a basic black tee or camisole with a classy cardigan, along with a statement necklace for a pop of color and intrigue. Top it off with black gladiator sandals with sturdy 1-2inch heels to compliment your age and figure.

You could also switch the sandals with sophisticated pumps (just like the outfit Katie Holmes is wearing) but not necessarily with high heels - low heels (1-1/2inch) look chic too.

I think you'll look great with a dress shirt (perhaps in black or white/or light blue with stripes to slim down your chest and shoulders) and a nice statement (or just a bright colored ) necklace as well - creating a sophisticated and trendy look.

Note: Accessories like shoes, jewelry and scarves are essentials to giving life to basic outfit and add instant chicness to it.

Look #2
This one is more of a Fall/Winter outfit with black tights, brown knee high boots ('Frye' from, deep purple turtleneck sweater and a flowy open knit vest. The black vest is superb for hiding a belly.

Make sure the sweater is fitted, but not tight - with a slight drape from just below your bust or from the thinnest part of your waist.

Look #3
You could do a more classier and feminine take with a fitted v-neck sweater and preppy-looking flat ballerina shoes. Here I added a silk-jersey wrap front sweater - the ruched wrap details disguises your belly (ruching aroung the thie thinnest part of your waist help camouflage your belly in a flattering way).

You can also wear a cardigan on top of the sweater and even add a pair of tights.

Look #4
For a more relaxed look, you can wear a flowy tunic blouse ( with black tights and mid calf black boots. For summer you can skip the tights and boots and pair the outfit with strappy sandals as pictured in look 1. A belt wrapped around this top would also look nice with this.

Did I give you any ideas? :-)

PS: I don't know when size 14 got established as a plus size, but it has been for a very long time. Size 14 and great are considered to be plus size.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,

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