Different decades of fashion

Different decades of fashion

"Guide to Street Style Inspiration"

Global street fashion style
Street fashion image credits: Easy Fashion, Istanbul Street Style, Sartorialist, Mnlstyle, Hel-Looks

If you're tired of mainstream style and crave for something unique then you should definitely draw inspiration from street fashion! Some of the freshest and best outfit ideas come from outside the catwalk and mannequins.

So What Exactly is Street Fashion?

Street style refers to the grassroots in the youth culture of the most recent decades – from the 60s up until now. It's not a specific one type of dressing, but it covers a host of different fashion styles.

It is a way of self-expression through clothes where you mix various looks in one; or a dress code which you and your peers share which represents a strong statement or opinion. Basically speaking, a lot of the fashion you see in large urban areas is created and styled by young people.

Common Sub-Cultures

Most major youth sub-cultures (based on distinct styles, behaviors, and interests) have a distinguished street style.

For example:

  • Hipster street fashion
    Hipster style. Courtesy of urbancowgirlvancouver.wordpress
  • Hippies
  • Punk
  • New Wave
  • Grunge
  • Goth
  • Hip Hop
  • Rave electronica
  • Japanese Lolita
  • Hipsters (think quirky kitsch)
  • Preppy

Famous celebs with a dominant street style are: Lourdes (daughter of Madonna), Agyness Deyn, Chloe Sevigny, Alexa Chung and Katy Perry.

Modern Street Style

But fashion is different today compared to what it used be back in the previous decades - and it has been changing rapidly even in the past 3 years.

In today's fashion era, street fashionistas are taking a more individualistic approach to fashion where they focus on putting together outfits that reflect their personal style and mood. They don't have any hard and fast rules on how to dress. Some don't care about the basics, others do.

"Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary."
- Cecil Beaton (Academy-Award winning costume designer)

Style of Pure Self-Expression

Chloe Sevigny street fashion style
Chloe Sevigny style
Courtesy of Openingceremony.us
Most of the street style fashionistas don't care much about what other people think about them - they just follow their own flow and focus on self-expression and feeling comfortable in their clothes. It doesn't mean they're careless - they just don't feel it's necessary to follow the latest fashion trends and "must-have" looks. They follow what inspires them.

You can almost say that women who closely follow street style are more creative and even bolder than other fashionistas.

Street fashionistas have fashion icons and get inspiration from other sources other than just the catwalk - such as from the people surrounding them, fashion bloggers and from fashion social sites where people across the globe share their outfits and ideas of style.

See Guide to Developing Your Personal Fashion Style

For even more fashion inspiration check out fashion social sites such as:
Or scroll down for the street style blogs!

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Street Fashion Style Blogs
from Around the Globe

For fashion inspiration, here's a list of recommended street style as well as inspirational outfit blogs from across the globe!

So Where Do You Want to Go?

The map below is clickable.

Let me know if any of the links are broken or if you have any street style sites you think I should add to the list!


New York City street fashion style
  • The Sartorialist - New York City, USA
  • Street Seen - Los Angeles, USA
  • Face Philadelphia - Philadelphia, USA
  • Austin Style Watch - Austin Texas, USA - Hasn't been updated since 2007!
  • Street Fancy - San Francisco, USA
  • Pike Pine - Seattle, USA
  • Toronto Street Fashion - Toronto, Canada
  • What's Your Persona - Toronto, Canada
  • The Commodified - Vancouver, Canada

Latin-America (Central and South)

Buenos Aires street fashion style

Scandinavia, Northern Europe

Oslo street fashion style
  • Hel-looks - Helsinki, Finland
  • Carolinesmode - Stockholm , Sweden
  • Reykjavik Looks - Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Oslostil - Oslo, Norway
  • "The Showmanship - Oslo, Norway
  • "Ensemble" video outfit-series - Oslo, Norway, created by Mike
  • Copenhagen Street Style - Copenhagen, Denmark

Western Europe

Paris street fashion style
  • Stylescout - London, Great Britain
  • Hoyfashion - Liverpool, Great Britain
  • Fashion Filosofy - Ireland
  • Stil in Berlin - Berlin, Germany
  • Picturing Fashion - Barcelona, Spain
  • Fashion Street Lisboa - Lisbon, Portugal
  • Prada and Meatballs - Milan, Italy
  • Easy Fashion - Paris, France

Eastern Europe

Bucuresti street fashion style


South African street fashion style


Seoul street fashion style


Manila street fashion style

Australia and New Zealand

Facehunter street fashion style

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