Dress up fashion girl

Dress up fashion girl
  • Movie Star Makeover


    A good makeover never hurt anyone. Fashion these adventurous women from head to toe! A one of a kind, unique style starts with your imagination!

  • Traditional Indian Wedding


    Play the fairy tale wedding of your dreams. Dress up your Bride and Groom, design the cake and decorate everything anyway you want!

  • Beverly Hills Fashion


    Dressup anyway you can imagine. Go Goth, Emo, Edgy, Prep or Rave it up however you want. Scare your teacher or inspire your friends, style it up your way!

  • Harley Quinn Cool


    Get vampy, be a princess or try on the fairy tail wings and ballerina tutu of your dreams! Its your time to be a secret agent, robot or even a rockstar!

  • Hair and Makeup Salon


    Take your style to the sky and never look back. Whatever your flavor of fashion you'll find your favorite look here. Be chic, be beautiful, be glam!

  • I Love Babies

    Family and Kids

    Kick back with the kids and relax with these fun games for the whole family! Family time is quality time, enjoy playing games together!

  • Love like Sunshine


    The life of a celebrity can be a dizzying whirlwind. Make up, make over, Make sure that your favorite actor doesn't go to the red carpet in her sweatpants!

  • Ice Cream Club


    Learn the recipes of meals and manage restaurants! Create meals from breakfast to that midnight snack, waffles for lunch, and cupcakes for dessert!

  • Tasha the Tailor


    A good outfit is the first step to a new job, don't be shy making your first impressions at the interview! You'll surely find a job you'll like!

  • Cap'n Cyan and the Siren Sisters

    World Tour

    Travel the world and gather up all the unique foreign fads for your fashion repertoire! Take the 25,000 mile trip in the latest and greatest styles!

  • Cheer Squad


    Don't sit on the sidelines, get in the game with these fun sporty dress ups! Cheer leaders and ballerinas are waiting for you to suit up and play along.

  • Queen of Bling


    Have fun with fantasy adventures in a foreign land or sun kissed vacations on a sandy beach. Look sharp and feel great as you uncover worlds full of make believe, magic and mystery.

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