End of fashion rough diamonds

End of fashion rough diamonds
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                         Suggested Websites                          AfricaGems.comWe hope you enjoy our vast selection of certified and natural gemstones loose gemstones, sapphire rings and loose diamonds. AfricaGems has over 24 years of professional gemstone, diamond and jewelry industry experience. You can trust our experience, from the mining of gemstones to processing of raw gems into faceted gems and certified loose diamonds. AfricaGems.com also manufactures fine gemstone rings and fine custom gemstone pendants. Be assured that you are in the best hands when you buy your loose gems, loose diamonds or custom gemstone pendant from AfricaGems.com. Feel assured and protected by the gemstone industry's best guarantee policy. You are assured of the highest professional and ethical standards at AfricaGems.com-100% Guaranteed! Featured Item: Amethyst Colored Sapphire Loose Gem

Weight: 3.20 cts

Size: 9.3 x 7.97 x 5.07 mm

Comments: This Impressive and Beautiful Amethyst Colored Purple Genuine Sapphire Gemstone Displays A Rich Purple Natural Color, Amethyst Color, Excellent Cut, Clarity And Life. A Great Looking Stone In A Very Attractive Shape, Super Lively And Bright. Superb Clarity For An Unheated Stone ,With A Gia Cert.

Agates Australia SpecimensBuy exclusive Australian Agates from Agate Creek, Stalactite Slices fromUruguay , Celestites from Madagascar, Ammonites from Madagascar, Phantom Calcites from Mexico and Quartz Crystals from the USA Agates Australian Featured ItemFeatured Item: Top Polished Agate

Location: Agate Creek

Item: No 020

Size: 10 x 3.5 x 3 cm

Comments: Long and slender. 10 cms long! Nice colour combination orange and green. Note the two self repaired flaws. Natures silica secrets.

Cinderhill offers a variety of stones for the metalsmith, wire wrapper or beader as well as our unique handcrafted pendants. Our range of materials is varied as we have collected the majority of our rough throughout our 20 years of being in business. Materials we use are hand selected for their beauty. Unique cuts have been our forte through the years and our emphasis on druzy stones has been a mainstay of our product offering.

Featured Item: Boulder Opal Bead Cinderhill Gems and Minerals

Location: Australia

Size: 1.25 x .8 x .25 in

Comments: This intense Boulder Opal Bead comes from Australia. It has a blue/green/purple pinfire within the ironstone matrix. It is side drilled for wearing on a cord or beading to. One of the pictures is with flash and the other without.

Inland LapidaryInland's lapidary equipment, tools, and supplies are available to lapidary hobbyists and rockhounds all over the world. Our line of lapidary equipment includes diamond band saws and trim saws, plus diamond grinders and polishers, - all designed specifically for use on your rocks and minerals.

Inland Lapidary also offers a broad range of diamond grinding wheels and drums, diamond saw blades, and other diamond tools for use on other manufacturers' lapidary machines. You will find replacement diamond grinding wheels for cabbing machines by Barranca, Diamond Pacific, Gemtec, Graves, Lortone, Raytech, and more. We are proud to offer these and other lapidary supplies for both the professional gem maker as well as the casual rock and mineral hobbyist / collector.

Please take some time to look around our site. You will find a site full of helpful reference information most commonly requested by the lapidary enthusiast.

See our other ad in the Equipment & Supplies category.

Featured Item: SwapTop™ Trim Saw Blade Guard

Inland Lapidary Featured Item Redesigned blade guard allows for more accurate flow control when wet sawing and now flips up out of the way for easier use, more accurate, and larger cuts.

Featured Item: SwapTop™ Shaper / Grinder

The SwapTop™ Shaper / Grinder is a full-size, full feature machine for all your stone grinding, shaping, and drilling needs. It's able to professionally handle large scale projects but precise enough for fine detail work. Use the SwapTop™ Shaper / Grinder to grind, shape, edge finish, and drill stone, marble, tile, ceramic, glass, mirror, and similar materials. Comes complete with an integrated speed controller. Inland Lapidary Featured ItemIteco Inc.Featured Item: Faceted Rhodochrosite Pendant

Comments: This is a beautiful 1.55ct Rhodochrosite set in 14kt gold. The bail has 4 small accent diamonds that weigh .04ctw. The well cut 8X6mm oval Rhodochrosite has a nice color and is eye clean. This is the exact item you will receive.

New Era Gems


Size: 35 x 26 x 13 mm

Weight: 192.39 cts

Comments: New Era Gems is always proud to offer an incredible array of top quality Tanzanite specimens direct from the mines! For over 36 years the owner Steve has traveled to Tanzania to acquire these & many more incredible crystals. With over 120 trips to Africa, he is pleased to offer you this selection, of which a few are from older collections, as well as a few from Steve's personal collection! This is an incredible opportunity for some of the finest, top quality Tanzanite crystal specimens at a very reasonable sale price. These are just some of the many crystals we have in a wide variety of sizes & quality, so please call for further availability, as we have been fortunate to acquire many wonderful crystals and specimens over the years.

Paraiba International

Paraiba International specializes in loose cut gemstones such as tanzanite, ruby, emerald, and more.

Featured Item: Indicolite

Location: Africa

Size: 10.20 x 8.20 x 5.10 mm

Weight: 2.73 cts

Item no#: 4466

OREgon ROCKhounds ONlineThis is the home page of Oregon Rockhounds On line. Ore-Rock-On was founded by Tim Fisher (me) on Sunday, June 4, 1995, whilst putting off lots of yard work which I had to do. The organization's membership immediately swelled to four to include my wife, Tonya, and my kids, Tad and Lauren. They were totally enthusiastic about joining, and besides, they didn't have a choice!

This site has two purposes. The first and foremost is a guide to Pacific Northwest Rockhounding sites

The ulterior motive of this page is to buy, sell, and trade lapidary rough, fossils, and obsidian. Another motive for this page is to provide information on the Portland area Rock and Gem Clubs and field trips. Our field trip schedule is thick with excursions all over OR, WA, and ID, so check it out!

Featured Item: Keokuk Geode

Item #: K 02

Location: Keokuk, Iowa

Comments: 4" Monster with big calcite crystals. I shouldn't be selling this one!

Pala International Inc.The Collector is an unusual shop showcasing fine jewelry, mineral specimens and objects d'art. Its story is a fascinating one.

In 1968, gem and mineral connoisseur, William Larson, formed what later became Pala International and purchased three San Diego County gem mines: the Stewart Lithia, Tourmaline Queen, and Pala Chief. Located in the foothills of northern San Diego County, these mines are part of a local mining history dating back to the 1800s.

Featured Item: Earrings-Lady's

Item: 22234

Weight: 14 carats

Tanzanite Jewelry Designs Being the leading jeweler in Crown Point, part of Northwest Indiana means we're committed to providing a ridiculously high level of service to all of our customers — resellers, partners and consumers alike. Contact us, and you'll see exactly what we mean.

At Moriarty's Gem Art, we have custom jewelry designed by in house artist and Matrix 2010 Gemvision Design Competition Winner, Christopher Michael. Our jewelry artist designs jewelry in platinum, 18 karat and 14 karat gold using fine diamonds and rare collector gems. These rare gemstones include Tanzanite, Ruby, Topaz, Sapphire, Garnet, Emerald, Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Amethyst, Sphene, Sphalerite, Alexandrite, Zircon, and many more, all cut by master gem cutters Marsha Tokarski, Larry and Steve Moriarty.

Moriarty's Gem Travel

With 35 years in the business, world travel to Tanzania, Kenya, Brazil, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, and Madagascar, Moriarty's have been recognized in the trade as one of the finest gem cutters and jewelry designers in the United States. You can even read about some of Steve's latest travels to Madagascar and Tanzania on our site.

Read about our travels to Madagascar and Tanzania. You can even see us in numerous websites and magazines.

Featured Item: Tanzanite Trilliant Pendant With Diamond

Item: 4tz 1659

Size: 9 x 8.8 x 5 mm

Weight: 2.2 carats

Comments: Top grade of tanzanite blue violet exceptional plus set in a Christopher Michael Designed Pendant with .57 carats of colorless diamonds (d-e-f) with Vs1 clarity. At almost 2 inches long this pendant is highlighted by this beautiful 2.20 carat tanzanite Price does not include chain, available in options.

Tideline USA

Tideline was established in 1979 as a direct import wholesaler of marine natural history product, and soon became recognized as a leading source for commercial, decorative and collector corals, shells and related marine specimens. By expanding variety & selection, increasing available inventory and maintaining a high level of product quality, Tideline has become the industries largest West Coast importer. With the recent expansion of our warehouse facility and a continued focus on new variety and selection, Tideline is considered "THE GO TO SOURCE," not only for commercial and decorative product, but also rare and unusual marine specimens.

Tideline's principal facility is conveniently located just minutes away from LAX. We invite all our customers to come visit our warehouse, showroom and offices when in Los Angeles. While visiting, one can see firsthand our selection of over 1000 product items, view Tideline's cleaning and packing process/procedures, and become better educated as to the time, effort and experience required in providing our customers with a large selection/inventory of quality product. Tideline's friendly and knowledgeable staff will also answer questions about our showroom display of commercial and decorative pieces, as well as many uncommon, rare and exotic collector specimens.

From full container loads (FCL) of aquarium substrate to rare collector's shells, Tideline has had source suppliers from more than 20 countries. Currently we import FCL on a weekly average throughout the year. Numerous smaller shipments also arrive on a regular basis, helping to ensure continued availability of the quality product our customers require. All Tideline product is imported under the required guidelines of U.S. Customs, U.S. Fish & Wildlife, CITES and those mandated by the exporting country of origin. Tideline also fully supports responsible collecting methods that maintain the ecological integrity of source habitats, and sustainable yield of target species populations.


Common Name: Green Abalone

Size: 6-7 inches

Minimum: 1

Wolfe Lapidary

At Wolfe Lapidary we strive to offer you the finest cabochons possible. With custom cut stones from unique materials you are sure to find the perfect stone. All of our stones are low dome with a slight bevel to the edges and not more than five millimeters thick unless otherwise noted. These are all custom cut cabochons of our rough and design. The cabochon you see in the picture is the one you will receive.

This website is very diverse, but if there is something you do not see, please email us so we can search through our extensive inventory.

Featured Item: Chopstick Agate Cabochon

Location: China

CT: 69.62 cts

Size: 31 x 53.5 mm

Item #: 2145

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Abrasha: Comtemporary Jewelry

His work encompasses a vast range and covers all aspects of jewelry making. From simple wedding rings, cocktail rings, earrings and pendants, to major one-of-a-kind pieces like necklaces, bracelets and brooches.


To communicate with people who enjoy rock and gem collecting or practice the lapidary art and to assist and encourage them in the pursuit of their hobby or their business.

AJS Gems

AJS Gems - From rough gemstones we cut and create the finest natural gems for collector and fine jewelry. Precision Cut High Quality Burma Ruby, Pink, Yellow, Blue Sapphire, Tourmaline and all Gems at Bangkok Direct Prices.

Alpha Imports NY Inc.

Gemstones - gem stone, precious gemstones, semi precious gemstones, gemstone jewelry and jewelry wholesale

Lowest gem prices on the planet! Largest gem show on the earth!

Amazing Agates

Amazing Agates is a family-owned rockshop, specializing in agates of all kinds, located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

We have a selection of one-of-a-kind Lake Superior Agates, eye agates, Mexican Agates, Laguna Agates, Fairburn Agates, cutting rough and tumbling rough for sale.

We also have Montana Agate, Fairburn Agate, Thompsonite rough, Keokuk Geodes, Petrified Wood, Mexican Agates, Thunder Bay Amethyst, cut slabs and more.

Aragon Enterprises, Inc.

We are a California registered S Corporation, Semi-precious Stone Division. We import directly from the field in South America. In Argentina, we own interest in a Rhodochrosite mine in the Capilllitas mountains in the Catamarca Province. In Colombia, we import directly from the fields Amber (Copal), Fossils, specimens of rare stones, Blue Quartz, Green Quartz, and Epidote.

We specialize in raw product as well as polished pieces and figurines as well.

Our Rhodochrosite mine, Moradita 4, in the Capillitas mountains is located next to the Ortiz Mine, home of the famous Red Ruby, a rare kind of red Argentinian Rhodochrosite.

Art Jewelry

Create one-of-a-kind pieces using the latest techniques! If your inner artist wants to make jewelry as expressive and passionate as yourself, then Art Jewelry is the magazine for you. Each issue features a gallery of outstanding work by fine artisans. These magnificent creations run the gamut in material, technique, and level of difficulty, but all will inspire you with their originality and grace.

Arrowhead Lapidary & Supply

Lapidary supplies of all fashion.

Australian Opal Imports

Lightning Ridge Black Opals

Investment Quality Opals


Here you will find many unique materials, custom cut into designer cabochons for the creative jeweler or wire wrapper. We mine and search worldwide for unusual and distinctive patterned, rough stone materials. We will custom cut the heart out of a stone to bring you the best designer cabochon available!

Barranca Diamond, Stone & Lapidary Products

Barranca Diamond manufacturers sawing and polishing equipment for commercial and hobby lapidaries and is the only US manufacturer of notched-rim lapidary diamond blades. We are also a supplier of continuous and segmented rim diamond blades, polishing equipment and polishing supplies for the stone and lapidary industry.


Product Description Most of our products are handmade. All the measurements listed are approximate unless it is stated that they are calibrated. Some pictures are enlarged to show detail, so please make note of the listed measurements.

Our Specialty is natural stone & silver beads. In this area we can offer some of the best prices in the world. We also specialize in delivering the industries lowest prices to small buyers. I guarantee - If I can't provide you with better prices, then I will buy from you. We distribute directly for some of the world's largest manufacturers and always have a list of bargains and closeout specials sure to please. Many businesses prefer to buy from us rather than traveling long distances to large gem shows. Save time & money with us. It cost's a lot of money to exhibit at a show and somewhere along the way the consumer bears that cost.

Beautiful Agates

"The Beauty of Banded Agates -An Exploration of Eight Major Worldwide Sites" by Michael R. Carlson.

Beautifully illustrated 9 x 12 inch coffee table book with over 260 full color photographs on 160 glossy pages. Featured agates are Botswana, Brazilian, Condor, Dryhead, Fairburn, Lake Superior, Mexican, and Queensland. Information about agate features, agate quality and agate collecting. Designed to demonstrate the overwhelming beauty of banded agates, and as a reference source. Glossary of agate and geological terms. Comprehensive index. Hardbound and soft cover editions Dealer discounts available at www.agate-nodule.com.

Bernardine FIne Art Jewelry

Custom Fine Art Jewelry Design

Custom jewelry by studio jewelry designer Nancy Bernardine. Handmade designer art jewelry in gold and sterling silver for those who desire unique wearable art.


Best In Gems, Inc. features a collection of natural gemstones from around the world since March 1999. Our goal is not only to provide gemstones for sale, but also educate and update the buyer about the quality and characteristics of the gemstones. Buying from Best In Gems, Inc. is just not a transaction of gemstones; it is a commitment. Commitment of RELIABILITY, commitment of SERVICE and commitment of DEPENDABILITY.

Blujay Free Classifieds

This website allows the public to post advertisements of items they have for sale, for free. They have misc. categories, similar to eBay. Here is a link to the Rocks, Fossils, Minerals section.


Welcome to BovaGems, specializing in unique items and high-quality gemstone rough. You'll find our current catalog and specials in our showcase section. The BovaGems site is home to the Eclectic Lapidary, a free publication written by and for rockhounds, mineralists, gemologists, and lapidary enthusiasts. After perusing our catalog, visit the "Eclectic Lapidary" for tales of lapidary and rockhound adventure!

Denis Brand Minerals & Lapidary

Polished spheres, mineral eggs, mineral carvings and custom cutting

Coast to Coast Rare Stones International

Welcome to the Coast to Coast Rare Stones International website. We specialize in those gems that you are less likely to encounter anywhere else, along with the best custom cutting you will find.

Coast to Coast Rare Stones is a coalition of five professional lapidaries with over a century of combined experience in gem cutting. We travel the globe in search of unique materials to interest any collector, as well as cutting stones that are appropriate for setting into jewelry. We have been involved in mining of colored gemstones, including benitoite from the Benitoite Gem Mine in California, tourmaline from Mt. Mica in Maine and Northwest Territories in Canada as well as emeralds from the Yukon.

Covington Engineering

Covington Engineering is a leader in the manufacture of top quality lapidary and glass equipment. Our products are proudly made and assembled in the United States of America. We pride ourselves in our excellent customer service, and the superior quality and craftsmanship we put into every machine we manufacture.

The Crystal Forest

Featuring Large, Medium, Small, Extra Small Gem trees and we have just added a new page to our web site- Southeastern United States Collection of Rocks, Minerals and Agates For sale

CyberRockhound, Inc.

CyberRockhound.com is proud to be one of the largest websites for all of your lapidary equipment, lapidary supplies, glass machines, stone polishing equipment, polishing compounds and grits, saw blades, drill bits, discs, cabbing machines, tumblers and more!

Dad's Rock Shop

One of the oldest, largest and most complete rock shops in the USA!

We specialize in lapidary equipment, tools, supplies, rock tumbler supplies, rock tumblers, Moldavite products and much more. Our rock shop has been serving the lapidary hobby, gem & jewelry trades, government facilities and educational institutions for over 50 years. Secure 24 hour on-line shopping and toll free phone ordering during business hours.

Deepak's Rokjemperl Products

Established in 1962, we are reputable semi-precious stones and gemstones jewelry manufacturer based in Mumbai with every expertise of skilled artisans,abundant supplies of gemstones,and long relationships with jewelry associations worldwide. We have an office at Jaipur (the Gems stone cutting ceter of India) to oversee our manufacturing operations. Our expertise in reshaping , resizing and polishing the gemstone to turn into a exclusive piece is visible by the quality of our stock. The luster and fire within the minerals are maximized by our experts according to their each minerals propertiesOur vast experience in gemstone dealing around world and realistic valuation competence has given us a niche. Our integrity and sincerity in everyday dealing stands testimony to our credentials.

Delarue opals Australia

We are a French husband and wife team, mining and cutting opal in Australia, involved in the Australian opal industry for over 30 years. We operate our own opal mines at Opalton, 125 km South West of Winton, the World Capital of Boulder Opal, in the Queensland Outback, Australia. You are dealing directly with the source. There is no middleman. Our prices are opal field prices.

Delta One Lapidary Supplies

We can supply your lapidary equipment, lapidary tools, rock hounding tools, and jewelry tools and equipment needs.

De Novo Fine Contemporary Jewelry

de novo represents the finest contemporary jewelry artists from around the world. Each artist has a distinct modern style, a unique vision, and finely tuned skills.

Designers Jewelry: Art to Wear

Jewelry Designers Artist made, original handcrafted contemporary art jewelry in silver and gold with semi-precious stones and pearls by Debbie LaFara and Dayne Sislen.

One of a kind and limited edition jewelry, handmade in sterling, 14K and high karat gold with pearls and gemstones.

DiWolf: Fine Stone Emporium

Welcome to the DiWolf website. We specialize in Products we create from natural stone into eggs, spheres, cabochons, jewelry and other items. We look for the more unusual, regional or old classic materials, which are not usually available in large quantities.

Doug Up Rocks

On line rockshop and gallery of lapidary art. Your source for rocks, minerals, and fossils over the Internet. A rockhounds paradise!

Ebersole Lapidary

We've worked long and hard to get our new facility ready for business again and are ready and eager to serve you. We're still your complete Lapidary Supplier. Check with us when you need Lapidary supplies and equipment, jewelry and silver smithing equipment and supplies and also, a full line of art materials and supplies. We're your "One-stop-shop" for your hobby needs.

Eloxite Corp.

Your complete rockhound and jewelry craft supply house.

Faceting Rough

We only sell the finest quality, hand-picked faceting rough.

Unless otherwise noted, all the faceting rough on our website is flawless, with the exception of small flaws near the surface that will cut out during the faceting process.


How would you like to facet a gemstone like this in 2-3 hours? It's fun, easy and can be very profitable. Simply stated, faceting is cutting flat planes on a gemstone. A diamond ring is a faceted gemstone. However, faceting is generally referred to cutting gemstone material like emeralds, sapphires and rubies. There are approximately 17,000 faceters in the US. Almost all are amateurs that cut for fun and profit. In the rest of the world, almost all faceters cut as a business as opposed to those who cut as a hobbyist. The American hobbyist faceter can be credited with raising the standards of cutting gemstones. This was due mostly to the availability of better equipment and competition among clubs. Strange, even after 30 years of precision faceting machine availability, most commercial gemstones are cut overseas on primitive jam peg devices.

Jarvi Tool Company manufactures the most complete line of gem cutting equipment in the world, including the famous Facetron. Facetron gem faceting machines have been available since 1972. Jarvi Tool Company manufactures the largest selection of gemstone faceting equipment for the amateur or professional cutter. We make machines for faceting gemstones for every purse and purpose.

Fac-Ette Manufacturing, Inc.

Your complete source for faceting machines, accessories, rough and how-to videos.

Facet Shoppe

THE place for faceters of all skill levels and anyone interested in gem cutting to find information and products related to faceting, rough gems, cut gemstones, lapidary and jewelry-making products. Your source for the highest quality information, service, and products that assure the greatest value to all of our visitors and customers.

Gems of East Africa

Based in Arusha, Tanzania. Selling high quality tanzanite, green garnet, alexandrites, wholesale and retail, rough and cut gemstones. Bargain prices. Direct from the source. We are Tanzanian Government Licensed Gemstone Master Dealers.

Keith Farely Jewelry

Much of my business is geared toward creating exquisite engagement and wedding rings, each bearing unique qualities, perhaps representative of a couple's union. Click the left image or select from platinum engagement rings, platinum wedding bands, gold engagement rings, or gold wedding bands.

I also make jewelry using colored gemstones as well as diamonds. I most enjoy working with unique stones, ones that challenge my capabilities both as a designer as well as in the technical aspects of actually making the particular piece. I make both platinum jewelry and gold jewelry, I occasionally get wild and make whimsical jewelry that's simply fun

Fireagate International

Fireagate.com is the world's premier distributor of rare and precious fire agate gemstones and gem-grade fire agate carvings. Over the past 25 years, millions of dollars have been invested mining, collecting, and cutting the finest gem-grade fire agates in existence.

Firebird Opal

Firebird Opal has been open for business since February 2000 and in that time we have served hundreds of customers all over the world so you can purchase your opals with confidence.

Firebird Opal is a wholly Australian company with over ten years experience in the mineral industry. Because we purchase all our material at field prices and have no expensive "bricks and mortar" stores to worry about we can make available to our customers opals at well below retail prices.

Firebird Opal ethos is to provide a genuine service to all lovers of opals, gemstones and gem stone products. Please enjoy your visit to this store and we hope you love our opals as much as we do.

First Crack Geodes

Your one stop site for Keokuk Geodes!

Gem India Corporation

At Gem India Corporation, our wide range of inimitable products, such as beads strings, diamonds, gemstones, gems & jewelry tools, Indian rough gemstones, Indian zeolites, metaphisical supplies, silver jewelry, gemstones carvings, tumbled baroques, Indian mineral specimens etc. have been presented, taking into account the tastes & preferences of our customers. Such attention, to even minute details, has been part of our tradition, since 1971.

Gemcenter USA

>Welcome to Gem Center USA on the web! We are leading distributors of quality geodes, and semi-precious stones, from various parts of Central and South America. We sell 20 different types of minerals and more than a dozen types of gemstones

Gem Hut

Gem Hut features a collection of natural gemstones from around the world. We will not display or sell any type of artificial, synthetic or simulated gemstone. Our goal is not only to provide gemstones for sale, but also to educate and inform the buyer. This is a gemstone gallery which can be yours. As gemstones are sold, they are replaced, and new gemstones are added frequently. If you are looking for something in particular, we take requests and do our best to provide them.

Gems East of Africa

Based in Arusha, Tanzania. Selling high quality tanzanite, green garnet, alexandrites, wholesale and retail, rough and cut gemstones. Bargain prices. Direct from the source. We are Tanzanian Government Licensed Gemstone Master Dealers.

Gemstone World

GEMSTONEWORLD is a Mine Direct SOURCE for AFRICAN and WORLD Gemstones. Our Sales Office/Headquarters are located in Washington State, USA. Gemstone world is a combination of Resources from many Countries brought together to form GEMSTONEWORLD. From Diamonds to Pearls, Rough to Cut Gems we strive to supply the BEST Possible Materials available at the best prices.

The Gem Trader

Welcome to a new Internet resource for fine and rare colored gemstones. The Gem Trader specializes in high quality colored stones which have been individually selected based on the superiority of their color and cut or the rarity of the gem material itself. In many cases we purchase the rough and have the stones cut here in the U.S. All of the stones that we carry are natural materials, no lab created imitations or synthetics.

Geolite Gems and Jewelry

We offer gems and jewelry in several categories. We have a large selection of synthetic pink padparadscha sapphire gemstones, lab alexandrite, created or synthetic lab emerald, cubic zirconia (CZ), zincite, white clear lab sapphires, blue lab sapphires, drusy moissanite, and synthetic ruby. Our selection of natural gemstones includes tourmaline, amethyst, citrine, garnet, aquamarine and morganite beryl, peridot, topaz, and others. Fine gold or silver jewelry with faceted, cabochon, and intarsia gemstones is available, and we can custom set our gemstones in a variety of jewelry mountings. Informal jewelry or casual jewelry using interesting natural cabochon pendants, earrings, and bead necklaces is here also.

Goldfield Gem & Koi

Located in the Eastern Metro Phoenix Valley, in Sunny Arizona. We raise and buy our Koi fish for pond quality and house an assortment of nice water plants. We also do custom cabochon cutting of all kinds of gems & minerals. We offer all kinds of agate and jasper for lapidary cutting or jewelry work. We like to collect our own gems and mineral specimens. We enjoy keeping winter hardy water plants like water Lily in pink, yellow, and white. As well Enjoy living out near the great Superstition Mtns and the old Goldfield Mining District. We house lots of Graveyard Plume Agate, Antelope Picture Jasper, Quantom Chrysocolla, and many one of a kind cabs and gems for collecting or wire wrapping. We welcome all questions and comments about the products, service, and website. Please email me your questions or concerns. We are a member of Square Trade.

Gram Cabbing

Welcome to Cabbers.com, my virtual store specializing in selected gem rough and cabs. I'm Jeff Graham - you may already know me as the author of "Gram Faceting" my book(s) of gem designs.

If you are looking for faceted stones or faceting rough be sure and check out my other website www.faceters.com.

I sell quality gem rough and cabochons. If you're looking for rough or cab prices that are too good to be true, you won't find that here. No one can sell you quality material at junk prices. However, if you want to select gem rough and cabs, you'll find an outstanding selection of fairly priced material featured here.


Great for rock collecting!

Graves Company On line

Quality Lapidary Equipment and Supplies Since 1946!

Welcome to Graves Company On line. Graves Company has been manufacturing and distributing quality lapidary equipment, jewelers tools, and gem supplies for over 50 years.

If your interests are faceting, cabochons, carving, silver-smithing and gold-smithing, jewelry making, rock collecting, mineral collecting, lapidary, tumblers, books, or even need gem rough, we are your source.

Great Slabs A extensive selection of quality slabs.

GreatSouth: Gems & Minerals Inc.

Great South Gems and Minerals was started in 1985 by owner, Ray Hill, who simply wanted to get rid of some excess items from his collection of minerals and fossils. Ray started doing some local Gem & Mineral shows and also local Arts and Crafts festivals. Shortly thereafter, Ray started going to the wholesale Gem and Mineral shows (Orlando, Franklin, Quartzite, Tucson, Denver, Asheville, etc.) acquiring items both for his personal collection and inventory for sale in his small business.


Discover the most unique art jewelry available On line. Handmade from silver, gold, pearl, beads, semiprecious stones and many other materials, this elegant art jewelry showcases the skill of the world's finest artists. Turn heads with a beautiful piece of art jewelry

HiTech Diamond Products

Our company manufactures lapidary and Industrial diamond saws and polishing equipment for commercial and hobby use. We stock a large variety of diamond blades, diamond laps, diamond smoothing disks, and diamond powder for polishing.

The All-U-Need machine is well known, and used throughout the world. We provide a full line of saws, buffers and lapidary equipment. Our wide network of dealers provide easy access to our product line, across the country and around the world. We also sell direct via the Internet, mail order, or call direct to us. We accept all major credit cards, Money orders, Paypal, and checks which have cleared your bank.

Stephan Hoglund Jewelry Design

Stephan Hoglund uses precious metals, diamonds and unusual colored stones as well as the rare Chlorastrolite (Isle Royale Greenstone), Thomsonite, Agate, and Lake Superior beachstone to craft Art Jewelry that depicts his Boreal environment. He also has created and now rents an extremely beautiful Artistic Lake Superior View Lodging in downtown Grand Marais and one on a ridge outside of the village. Enjoy!!


We are a leading e-retailer of gemstones and jewelry. If you want to buy gemstones and jewelry at the most competitive prices direct from the source you have come to the right place.

We are also proud to have an extensive gemstone and diamond reference database that has been quoted by many well known news agencies and magazines such as Bloomberg.

Jesco Products Inc.

Welcome to Jesco Products Lapidary Supplies. Jesco Products offers only TOP quality, straight graded silicon carbide grit for consistent results time after time.

Jemco Jewelers Supply (jemcousa.com)

Anything and everything for jewelry makers.

Johnson Bros F.C., Inc.

Service and quality since 1976. Tools, supplies and equipment for lapidary, jewelry manufacturing and industrial applications. If you work on jewelry, stone, glass, quartz, carbide, composites, plastic, ceramic tile, titanium, optical parts or advanced ceramics you need our products.

Kingsly North, Inc.

Here at Kingsley North we carry lapidary equipment and lapidary supplies and accessories for rock-hounds and hobbyists. We carry a complete line of rock tumblers, rotary and vibratory, along with abrasive grit and polishing compounds, diamond trim saws, slab saws, lapidary machines, cabbing machines, faceting equipment, and accessories such as diamond discs, tin, ceramic, zinc, and phenolic polishing laps, diamond blades, belts, diamond discs, powders, compounds, faceting supplies, stone slab saws, rockhound supplies, gem cutting and much more.

Kingsley North also carries a full line of jewelry findings, cabochons, bead necklaces in both round and chip styles, cotton filled jewelry boxes, gemstone display cases and riker mounts.

We have rough rock for your tumbler or slab saws, plus complete book and video libraries to help your every need. We have everything you may possibly need for your hobby or business involving the art of lapidary.

Kingsley North is your complete lapidary supply house since 1939, serving over 50,000 customers through-out the world with same day service from a full time knowledgeable staff.

Discounted prices from Raytech, Lortone, CrystaliteTM Corp., Diamond Pacific Tool Corp., 3M Company, Foredom Electric, Hi-Tech, Lapcraft Inc., Covington Engineering, True Square Metal, Johnson Bros., Gemini Saw Co., Diamond Tech International, MK Diamond, Estwing Mfg., Donegan Optical, Grobet USA, Dremel Mfg., plus many more.

Krunal SS

Over the Past Years, We as a Company have gone far down the road of serving the gemstone trade that we have come to accept the servitude as necessary. IT IS NOT! It is time to rise up to the profound demand that make our product simpler to buy, make them talk to you , get the information easy for you , and adopt to your individual needs.

Lapidary Art: Amy O'Connell Jewelry

Amy O'Connell, a self taught jewelry artist and lapidary was born in Northampton Massachusetts, and relocated to the San Francisco Bay area in 1998 from Iowa City, Iowa. She began handcrafting jewelry in 1992 when she co-founded a body jewelry workshop. Drawing upon her training in the visual arts including design, sculpture, and work with miniatures, jewelry became a natural outlet. Her designs have evolved from steel to traditional work in silver and unusual gemstones. In 1999 she began doing her own lapidary (stone cutting) work. Amy has synthesized a unique style, blending her experience in the arts with a fascination for the art of personal adornment.

Lapidary Journal

Each issue features great articles on gemstones, artist profiles, the bead and jewelry arts and Step-by-Step's easy-to-follow workshops on jewelry making, gem cutting, and more. Also included are exquisite full-color photo spreads, the world's largest international gem show calendar and much more!

Lapidary Rough Rock & Stone

Lapidary rough section of Texas Rock Shop .Com. This page is filled with lapidary rough, some in slabs, some for use as tumble, and some nodules just waiting for someone to cut and polish. Offered here are stones ranging from Mexican agates and jaspers to Texas red and black plumes, brown and black crinoid stones, llanite, granite, red, green, blue, and orange calcites, leopardskin, bloodstone, and many types of petrified woods, including Texas petrified palm wood.

Lapcraft Inc.

Founded in 1973, Lapcraft manufactures quality plated diamond and cbn tools that deliver outstanding performance and value to satisfied customers in the U.S.A. and throughout the world.

The name Lapcraft has come to be respected for a highly diversified line of plated diamond and cbn tools used in a broad spectrum of industries. The applications range from precision polishing to aggressive stock removal of ultra hard materials. In our continuous effort to accommodate our customers, Lapcraft offers many in-house services.

Typical users of Lapcraft superabrasive products include industries such as lapidary, glass, stone, optical, dental, aerospace, medical, tool and die, lapping and drill sharpening.

Lapigems Gem Company

Based at the source of one of the worlds most exciting gem producing areas we are in the enviable position to be able to select out the very best rough crystals as they come out of the mines. With our 30+ years in the industry, in-house cutting center and master cutters, close connections with mine owners in East Africa and long experience running colored stone mines, we offer a vertically integrated service from the mine to the end consumer bypassing the established old chain of distribution and its many built in markups.

Lasco Diamond Products

Lasco Diamond Products has been manufacturing quality diamond instruments in the USA for over 35 years. Lasco Diamond Products diamond burs are manufactured in our Chatsworth, California facility, utilizing American technology and American quality. Lasco's diamond burs come in a wide variety of shapes and grits, ranging from 40 grit for ruffing out to 600 grit for a pre-polish finish. Lasco's diamond burs are made with 100% natural diamond. We do not use synthetics. The exclusive LASCO-BOND processing assures uniform diamond placement and extreme accuracy in controlling the thickness of bonding material. The diamond is positively anchored and will not peel or pull out. Triple inspection guarantees absolute accuracy in grinding shanks. Concentricity guaranteed. Lasco Diamonds hold a cutting area without skipping, binding, or jumping. They work great on stone, wood, metal, plastic, acrylic, etc... So stop using poorly made diamond burs. Try Lasco today.

Ty Lawrence, Specializing in Gem Crystals

Thank you for visiting. For many years I have collected crystals and, to a lesser degree the gems that are created from them. Now, as I pare down and upgrade my collection, I'm selling some of my pieces.

Most of the crystals on my list are loose or floater crystals which were found free of matrix, some are doubly terminated and some have healed over bases that became unattached during their geologic history. The crystals on my second list are small enough to be given a matrix of gold or silver and worn as unique jewelry creations or just to be treasured as they are, as the rarest of gems, those created naturally.

Lightning Ridge Black Opal

This is the site you've been searching for. A site where you can see pictures of rough and cut opal parcels with prices clearly marked and where you get a reliable and quick response to your inquiries. The prices are unbeatable. Opal can be returned if you are not satisfied. And there is a free booklet of cutting tips for Lightning Ridge opal with the first order!

You can also find out a lot about opal and go mining at a real opal mine with the chance to win free opal each month.

Loose Diamond Review

Certified loose diamond information, with reviews of different diamond cuts such as princess, emerald, asscher, cushion, radiant, and ideal.

Loose Faceted Gemstones

Features fine gemstones including tourmaline, spessartite garnet, pink tourmaline, mandarin garnet, spinel, sapphire, rubellite, indicolite, fire opal, and blue green tourmaline.

Daniel Lopacki Company

Quality lapidary products at discount prices. Tired of paying high prices for diamond lapidary tools? We are the leader in high quality and low prices...

Lortone, Inc.

From basic Rotary Tumblers & Stone Slab Saws to Jewelry Polishers and Dust Collectors - We've been making our own durable, performance-oriented equipment for the Lapidary, Jewelry and Metal Finishing trades for over 40 years.

Majestic Press, Inc.

In 1983 the principles of Majestic Gems & Carvings, Inc. were faced with numerous requests for information on how to cut opal. It joined with Dr. Paul B. Downing on this project and Majestic Press, Inc. was born. It was a marriage made in opal heaven. Concentrating on publishing books and videos on opal, Majestic Press, Inc. has published four books and one video by Dr. Downing. It has also published and is the United States distributor for another video on opal by Ludger Kreutzheide.

Metal, Stone & Glass

Australia's own lapidary magazine!

Each volume takes a unique and in-depth look at gems, techniques, treasure hunts, book reviews, show dates, festivals, featured articles by experts, precious metals, enameling and much more. From the casual rockhound to the serious lapidary and hobbyist, this wonderful magazine is a must!

Morion Company

We specialize in the distribution of all varieties of Laboratory Created minerals for jewelry and technical use.

Morion Company was established in 1993 by Leonid Pride, Ph.D. in geology-mineralogy and Uriah Prichard, M.S. in geology-geochemistry. Currently, the head of the Company is Uriah. Leonid continues to work as a consultant.

Mt. Mann Jewelers

Mt. Mann appeals to all budgets with a vast inventory of Maine's most popular gems: Tourmaline (including Watermelon), Amethyst, Morganite and Aquamarine. Other beautiful gems in our inventory from around the world are: Crystallized Malachite, polished Petrified Wood, Amethyst stalagtite crystals, and many more. These gems are available rough, finished, or set into fine hand-crafted jewelry.

We have recently expanded our inventory to include healing stones, a few stone products and an extensive line of Quartz crystals. If you come to visit the store and are interested in healing stones, please give us a call in advance, with what your "wish list" of stones is!

Although best known for our custom jewelry design, other services include jewelry repair and custom gem-cutting. Mt. Mann Jewelers produces 200 customer designed pieces a year. Many of our customers become very involved in the designing process-some even end up in the studio picking the perfect stone(s) for their custom pieces! While in the store: visit our Maine Mineral Museum with 300+ amazing specimens that have been collected from numerous Maine mines. Our Crystal Cave for Kids is a favorite learning and exploring adventure for kids of all ages!

Multistone International, Inc.

Welcome to our on line catalog where we show and sell our tumbled stones, loose cut stones, cut and polished items, mineral specimens, gifts, displays, and all manner of rock and mineral items that we are able to bring to you both wholesale and retail. We carry the very popular minerals such as quartz, amethyst, moldavite and sterling jewelry, as well as specialized collector's minerals.

Native Arts Trading Company

Authentic handmade Native American Jewelry

Turquoise jewelry has long been a prized possession of the Native American Indians and non Indians in America. Turquoise is still being mined in the Southwestern US but some mines are more well known than others. Turquoise mines each yield turquoise of unique character, color and texture. Some of the more famous mines such as the Kingman, the Bisbee, Lone Mountain and Morenci will always command higher prices for the better quality stones. The silver used in authentic Native American jewelry is very high grade although the amount of silver content used will vary from piece to piece. Of course, the more silver content and the better stones used in a jewelry creation will have direct correlation to the price of each piece of jewelry.

New England Gemstone Supply

For over twenty-five years we have traveled to the world's gem sources seeking the right stones for our inventory. We are very pleased with these purchases, and a few stones from our collection are posted here for your consideration. As well as these specific gems, we also stock a wide variety of stone types, sizes, colors and qualities.

New Era Gems

"Life is Rough"

Rough gem material, cut gems, stone carvings and mineral specimens. Bringing you the best nature has to offer from around the world.

Anne O'Brien: Jewelry Artist

Lovers of fine art jewelry throughout the world collect handcrafted jewelry pieces by artist Ann O'Brien.

Working in her jewelry studio in Abita Springs, Louisiana, Ann O'Brien is one of the industry's premier "studio" jewelry artists.


We have been operating for the past 3 years and have been steadily building up a strong user-base of opal enthusiasts, who regularly visit our website to purchase opals and to utilize our extensive resource and news sections. We currently receive between 5,000-6,000 unique visitors to the site each month.

We have now built up a large directory of opal related websites, which we feel will be of great relevance to anyone with a passing interest in opal.

Orca Gems

Orca Gems carries rough and cut opals, specimens and gemstones. We also carry a full line of display domes for opals and other fine specimens.

Pearls of Joy

Since 1998 Pearls Of Joy has been offering the highest quality Akoya Pearls, Freshwater Pearls, Tahitian Pearls and South Sea Pearls at the lowest prices in the industry. We can do this because we buy direct from the pearl farms of Asia and cut out the middle man, to pass the savings on to you.

Akoya Pearl Necklace As Seen On "The View"

Laurie Stetzler: Fine Designer Jewelry

When you purchase and wear a Laurie Stetzler creation, you are able to express your own ideals and personality in jewelry art in precious metals and gemstones. Is your interest ecology, ancient legend, mythological or is it simply one of a kind pieces of handcrafted jewelry?

Steve Perry Gems

Exceptional value in fine and rare gemstones

Pioneer Gem

We simply give you the lowest prices possible for CORRECTLY DESCRIBED GEMSTONES. No gimmicks. No substitutions. No kidding. Our prices are set by a precise formula (based on HARD COST) which allows us to sell at the lowest possible profit margin. WE SELL TO SEVERAL MAJOR USA JEWELRY MANUFACTURERS SO OUR PRICES MUST BE GOOD!

This list is comprised of gemstones of the highest quality that are usually used in the manufacture of 14k and 18k Gold and Platinum Jewelry. We also stock gems of lower qualities than those listed. Please call us and let us know what you are looking for ? we probably have it ?

Poly-Metric Instruments, Inc.

Faceting machines, from a family involved in the business for 50 years.

Princess Jade

Princess Jade was established in 1995 by Dean and Kathy Briske. The company creates standardized jade products as well as custom-made items. Some of the company's specialty products include naturally edged coffee tables, dining room tables and end tables

Prospector's Pouch

We offer Superior Quality Jewelry, Custom Design, Indian Turquoise Jewelry, and full line of Lapidary equipment.

Raytech Industries

Raytech Industries, a division of Lyman Products, has a long tradition of serving Industry, Science, and Professional Crafts for over 40 years. In more recent years, we have enhanced this tradition by meeting the demands of industrial users and professional craftsman while continuing to serve the needs of the hobbyist. Our commitment to manufacturing excellence-a commitment to all who work in the markets we serve-is found within the pages of our catalog and website.

Todd Reed: Fine Art Jewelry   Brandy gives this site a thumbs up!

"Since 1992 Todd Reed has been exploring the use of raw diamonds in his timeless jewelry. Hand fabricated in 18 and 22 karat golds with sterling silver, each piece is a unique piece of art. Todd's jewelry has won many of the industries top awards and is represented by the top stores and galleries around the world. Todd continues to keep his work inspired and free from the confines of the societal norm".


Providing the really striking and amazing art crafts is the principle of Rikoo. Every kind of items being chosen is painstakingly selected from infinite kinds of art crafts we encounter while searching for what really impress us worldwide. Also, we have our own products, which originate from our ingenious designer's creation. Some of them can only be found at Rikoo.com.

Riverbend Lapidary

This website has a good selection of cutting rough

Rock Peddler

The best prices: Faceting machines, cutting and polishing laps, faceting rough, diamond saws, diamond saw blades, cabbing machines, lapidary equipment, lapidary supplies, tumblers, and much more!

The Rock Shed

This website has a good selection of cutting rough, lapidary supplies, tools, jewelry and misc. related objects.


As Pennsylvania jewelers, we are able to observe our customer base to learn more about what those who shop with us would be interested in purchasing. We are always on the lookout for fresh and innovative ideas to incorporate into our product offering. This inspiration can come from any and all places; TV, radio, conversations, the Internet, or our own ideas that come to us from time to time. This is how we discovered the popularity that our rose gold jewelry could have.

One day we were two ordinary Pennsylvania jewelers going through our molds and discovered some wonderful antique designs. My wife runs an estate jewelry business and noticed a dramatic increase in demand in her rose gold pieces. This realization lead us to cast a few of the molds in rose gold and test the market. This modest beginning had a huge snowball effect and we realized that we were on the cutting edge of a new trend.

Shannon & Son's Minerals

We are working hard to bring you a shop source for all of your mineral collecting hobby needs. Display specimen to rare species, fold up boxes (and soon the cotton to line them with) classy euro style plastic display cases and the mineral tac to mount your specimen...... Zuber trimmers, power sprayer water guns, microscopes and much, much more. All coming to this site for your convenience.

Shaw Contempory Jewelry

shaw jewelry is located on Main Street in the resort town of Northeast Harbor, adjacent to Acadia National Park. Our gallery overflows with an extensive collection of jewelry made by artists from all over the United States and Europe. Summer is our primary retail season, and you will find a rich selection of shows and exhibits which change twice a month. Such shows include designer and estate jewelry, contemporary and Modernist painting, Inuit sculpture, Asian antiquities and artist-made books

Silverhawk Creations

On this part of the domain, I will offer various cabochons, created with the jewelry designer or collector in mind. From time to time, you might find Crown Of Silver psilomelane, flower obsidian, charoite, African pietersite, Biggs jasper, Priday plume agate, gem silica, and rare Godber/Burnham turquoise, among many others.

Spheres to You

Sphere's To You is the worlds leading emporium of mineral spheres. We search the globe for the most beautiful, unique and rare natural specimens. Our spheres are hand or machine cut and polished to bring out the most vivid character in each rock. You may find less expensive spheres elsewhere, but you will not encounter the same quality, clarity and beauty! We have more than 1,000 specimens. If you don't see an image for the sphere that interests you on our site, please email us and we will add it or email you an image. We also welcome requests.

Stone Age Industries

In the following web pages are cabbing rough rock or stones of semi-precious gemstone material, slabs, fossils, crystals, minerals, cabochons, also lapidary equipment from Thumler's Tumblers, Covington Engineering, DNS Engineering, Inc. (Rociprolap), MK Diamond Products, & Diamond Pacific Tool Corp. with most equipment offered a discount from 10-15%. We have been a dealer or distributor for some of these companies for 19 years.

Tanzanite Gem

Lowest prices on the planet! . Largest Gem Show on the Earth!

Three Rivers Gem & Jewelry

Welcome to the website of Three Rivers Gem & Jewelry. This site is currently under construction. You are encouraged to visit Three Rivers Gem & Jewelry often for revisions and updated information. Please click the photo links listed below for more specific details. If you have any questions you are cordially invited to email me at . Thank you very much for your interest in Three Rivers Gem & Jewelry.

Handcrafted cabochons and jewelry by Joshua Brody. All of Joshua's cabochons are hand cut, hand polished, and created from the most fascinating areas of the rough stone. His entire collection of jewelry is uniquely designed and beautifully made from high quality metals.

Thumler's Tumbler

Thumler's Tumbler supplies a range of professional quality tools including Rock Polisher, Rock Tumbler, Case Polisher and Ultra-Vibe Vibratory Tumbler. These tools can be used for a variety of tumbling and mixing operations by laboratories, schools and industry.

Tripp's Jewelry Making

We'll show you how you can have the opportunity to create beautiful jewelry, and make excellent profits using our Easy Mount system! Here's how... we provide you with everything that you need to create beautiful jewelry, fast and easy and at super wholesale prices. We are manufacturers and suppliers to the professional jewelry industry and we will share our decades of experience with you, allowing you to cash in on lucrative jewelry profits! Our unique, ready-to-set parts and excellent prices will be the key to your future in the multi-billion dollar jewelry trade.

Ts Babah

Unique Carving and Jewelry from fossil ivory and bone. All our carving and silver work is done on the island of Bali, Indonesia.

Ultra Tec Faceting Machines

Manufacturers of the world's finest faceting equipment.

Unconventional Lapidarist

The Unconventional Lapidarist was started in order to produce and sell high quality products and the rare and unusual to feed the craving of others wanting great products but do not have to dig, cut, and polish the material themselves. I, James, and my partner Cindy make it a priority to find the best material at fair prices. We have a high quality standard which makes us very selective in what we obtain.

Walsh Brothers Jewelry

Walsh brothers shop is located in Beckenham high street. Beckenham is in Kent England. We are a family run business established in 1968.

Walsh brothers is owned and run by Paul Stephenson. Paul is a true craftsman, goldsmith clockmaker and all round nice guy.

Wired Artist Jewelry & Lapidary

Wire Wrapping is an art form where wire is used to create art objects, usually jewelry, thereby creating "Wearable Art." Almost any type object can be created from wire rings, pendants, brooches, bracelets, earrings, eye brow pins, necklaces and so on. It is up to the whim and creative ability of the "Artist".

World Globe Universe

A comprehensive selection of gemstone globes for home, office, and classroom use. The site includes educational information and learning activities for students, parents, and educators.

World Wide Gems

World Wide Gems, a premier resource for some of the worlds most Elusive Natural Colored Gemstones, Rare Diamonds, Emeralds, Tanzanite, Ruby, Sapphire, Demantoid, Alexandrite, Tsavorite, Tourmaline, Spinel, Opal and Wholesale Bulk Gemstone Parcels! Collector and Investment Gemstones

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