Fashion design agency london

Fashion design agency london

A good partnership with the right creative agency specialising in fashion and retail can help your business grow. Choosing the right creative agency can be a daunting task, especially for new business owners. It is important to know what you want to achieve when you are looking for a creative agency.

Here’s how you can find the right creative agency specialising in fashion and retail.

1 Know Your Objectives

You have to work out your objectives. What are you trying to achieve? Set clear goals. A good London agency can help you achieve your objectives. The agency will come up with a comprehensive plan for achieving your goals.

It is easy to pick the right creative agency when you have goals. You just pick an agency that can help you achieve your goals. Some of these agencies may not have enough resources for achieving some of your objectives. You don’t have to choose them.

2 Recommendations

How long have you been working in this industry? If you have been in this industry for several years, you may know a lot of people and professionals in this industry. Ask them for recommendations because they may know the right creative agency.

Research each lead carefully. Do not choose a creative agency you are referred to before doing your own research. This is because some agencies pay people to refer a client to them. So it is better to research every creative agency you are referred to.

3 Look at Case Studies and Previous Work

How big is your project? Choose a creative agency that has worked on a project that is similar to yours. Find out their return on investment. Make sure that the agency has been doing a great job and has one or more high brow clients.

However, there are some agencies that are still new. They haven’t work on several projects. Be careful if you are going to choose a new agency. It is better to choose the ones that have a proven track record and probably more reliable, not always but bear in mind.

4 Financial Background

Look at the resources and the financial background of the creative agency. A small agency may serve their clients well, however, if you need full-service support, make sure that the agency has the right skills and enough resources.

Creative agencies with enough resources deliver all the work competently and effectively. Choose them. Avoid those ones that don’t have enough resources because they won’t deliver all the work immediately and they may take a long time to achieve your objectives.

5 Experience of the Creative Agency

There are some agencies that have been working in fashion and retail for several years. They are more experienced and they have worked with different companies and have the best employees. They usually take a very time to achieve their client’s goals nowadays in 2017 and going forward.

These are the agencies you should choose because they know what they are doing. In fact, they have worked on so many different projects, they may have worked on a similar project as yours. This means that they already know how to work on your project and won’t waste your time and more importantly money.

6 Techniques and Technology

Choose a creative agency that uses industry-leading techniques and technology. These agencies are always updated and use the best techniques and update their equipment regularly. They keep up with the changes in the fashion industry.

Check this when you are looking for a creative agency but do not choose an agency that does not make the necessary changes. You may find some London agencies do not believe in using the internet to promote their services with their website or social media. Also be mindful if they have done their own web design and if they haven’t or outsourced to a top London web design company, we would suggest to avoid these agencies.

7 Reputable Creative Agency

The best creative agencies get good reviews. They are the best and they have worked with different people. These people say good things about these agencies. They have the best employees and they are good at what they do.

However, there are some agencies that have a bad reputation. They don’t do an excellent job. And some of them may not help you achieve your objectives. It is better to stick with reputable creative agencies. They are reliable and they are trustworthy.

8 Internet Reviews

Search for creative agency reviews online. People who write these reviews have hired these creative agencies and know more about these agencies. They usually write about their experiences with the different creative agencies.

The best creative agencies get good reviews therfore most companies and people have used them. These people loved working with these agencies and that is why they write good reviews about them. You should choose them. Avoid the ones that get negative reviews.

9 What is Your Creative Budget?

These creative agencies have different prices. After getting a list of different creative agencies, you can ask them for quotes. These agencies will send different quote, some of those that are cheap and others may be expensive.

Choose a creative agency that you can afford. The cheap ones may not be the best because these agencies have different costs so the price they charge you cover all these costs so be careful when you find a cheap creative agency as marketing yourself would probably be better.

10 Confidence

The best creative agencies are confident about their ideas. They can help you come up with new ideas and they are not afraid to tell you when you have a wrong idea. They are open to their clients and they can tell you that they do not come up with the best ideas every time. Basically they are honest.

Creative agencies that lack confidence usually agree that every idea is right. They do not have a stand so they may never help you come up with a new idea and will just waste your time and money. It is better to choose agencies that are confident about their ideas.

These are the best ways for choosing the creative agencies. Go through all the tips mentioned above if you want to make an informed decision because this is an important decision that may make or break your fashion/retail business.

Please see the video below for further tips.

Wednesday-London is happy to announce that we are working, once again, with H&M for the online launch of their Fall 2012 campaign, their first ever music video commercial and a unique Facebook app – Signature Style.

Wednesday has worked closely with the Swedish High-Street colossal & Saturday to assist them in the realization of the campaign heroing the  David Lynch-inspired Music Video. The video, directed by Johan Renck, features singer Lana del Rey, performing her rendition of ‘Blue Velvet’.

The Fall 2012 campaign site has been designed to represent the collection within an eccentric atmosphere that is inspired by the key colours of the collection. The fall collection is also showcased in a 360 degree interactive and shoppable lookbook.

Together with H&M’s first music video and the online release of the Fall Fashion 2012 collection, is the launch of the Facebook Signature Style app. The app highlights Lana’s unique style and gives users the chance to share their signature style with friends and  fans. The most creative comments win amazing prices including Lana’s latest album and a trip to New York , with the opportunity to meet Lana herself.

Share your signature style here.

Wednesday London is pleased to announce that the Balenciaga mobile site is now live.

Wednesday has once again teamed up with the Parisian fashion house to further develop their digital offering by creating a luxury and seamless m-commerce experience that holds true to the Balenciaga creative vision.

The site has been design with inherent mobile functionality  that allow users to discover the brand, browse the collections, sign up for the newsletter and ultimately purchase their favorite items wherever they are.

The launch of Balenciaga m-commerce positions the brand ahead of its competitors and provides their customers with a multi-channel offer.

Visit Balenciaga from your mobile.

Wednesday London is excited to announce that the new Balenciaga fragrance campaign, Florabotanica, is live.

Wednesday London has been assisting Coty Prestige in creatively realizing the online and mobile launch of the latest Balenciaga fragrance, featuring actress Kristen Stewart. This experience led site allows users to browse the collection while discovering the story behind the beautiful new bottle and scent.

The experience focuses around the ‘Hidden Garden’, a mysterious place where users are able, not only to explore and create a deeper connection with the new perfume ‘Florabotanica’, but also access exclusive content, including a behind the scene video of Kristen Stewart. To access the Hidden Garden, users will need to insert a secret key, which can be found inside the Florabotanica packaging together with a QR code that can be scanned using a mobile device.

Kristen Stewart starred in a Live Interview streamed through the site on Thursday 18th October. All the Florabotanica’s loyal customers as well as Kristen Stewart’s fans had the possibility to interact with the actress by asking her questions about her relationship with Balenciaga and the new fragrance.

Find out more about Florabotanica here and shop the latest fragrances on Balenciaga

John Varvatos started his eponymous fashion house in 1999, debuting his first collection at the end of 2000 which consisted of tailored menswear. The brand now represents an entire lifestyle that includes belts, handbags, footwear, eyewear, limited edition watches and fragrances.

Varvatos credits his early obsession with rock ‘n roll as the catalyst for his interest in fashion; a unifying theme in his design, it is also deeply ingrained in all aspects of the brand. Ad campaigns for the brand have featured such legendary Rock icons as Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, Velvet Revolver and most recently, Paul Weller & Miles Kane. The collection is currently distributed in all freestanding John Varvatos boutiques including the 315 Bowery boutique in the space that formerly housed the seminal underground music club CBGB.

He first received accolades from the CFDA in 2000 when he was honored with the Perry Ellis Award for Menswear, compounded the following year by winning the 2001 CFDA Designer of the Year award and CFDA’s Menswear Designer of the Year award in 2005.

The new site will launch early 2013.

To promote the Global launch of their new underwear line Push Positive, Calvin Klein partnered with Wednesday to create a digital campaign that features model Lara Stone and supports the collection of bras in a variety of interactive mediums.

We designed and developed the Push Positive experience within the Calvin Klein site, which features an explanatory section on the bra as well as guide for each cup size. Wednesday also created an interactive Facebook application that allows users to share and post personalized images, as well as rich media banners that include campaign assets such as the video, shot and produced by Saturday.

Off-line, the Calvin Klein Push Positive launch will be supported in-store with campaign visuals and an in-store iPad application, designed and developed by Wednesday as an interactive sales and information tool for associates to use with clustomers. The interactive stations will be set up in select Calvin Klein Underwear stores worldwide.

Wednesday London is pleased to present Armani TweetTalks Vol.02.

Following the huge success of Vol.01, Wednesday assisted Giorgio Armani in the creative development and technical implementation of this groundbreaking social initiative.

From Beijing to London, Vol.02 of #armanitweettalks took place in the UK capital on the 26th of July. Debating the synergy between Fashion and Sports, were influencing personalities such as GQ editor Dylan Jones, The Times’ Laura Craik, Mr Porter’s Jeremy Langmead and International rugby player Thom Evans, to mention but a few.

If you missed the live discussion on the TweetWall, you can still follow the debate at Armani Tweet Talks and don’t forget to subscribe for future talks.

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