Fashion for young moms

Fashion for young moms

This is a long overdue post! Bae took most of these photos about two months ago, so that’s why my hair will look a lot lighter in these pictures. I wanted to wait until I took more photos with my current hair, but I’ve had a lot of young women message me over the past month asking me specifically about my style. I finally decided I’m just going to go ahead and share with you guys some photos of my different outfits and some quick style tips.

Yes—I purposefully titled this “fashion for young moms” because I am a young mom sharing my style, and a majority of my readers are other young moms like myself looking for advice. I don’t want to offend anyone especially the older moms, but quite frankly your style changes as you age. I’m 21 NOT 40, so just because I’m a mom now it doesn’t mean I have to wear hideous mom jeans or get rid of all my sexy clothes.

Mean Girl’s T-Shirt Mom

This is one of my favorite looks because it’s so versatile. If it’s cold outside you can throw on a pair of pantyhose underneath your shorts and a heavier baggy type sweater to look fabulous and warm still!

Shop the Look

Shorts: Hollister (similar here) / Wrap: Macy’s (similar here) / Top: Target. OBSESSED with this shirt! Who doesn’t love Mean Girls ;D / Combat Boots: Target

Bohemian Mom

I LOVE palazzo pants. They’re trending right now for summer plus they’re super comfy. You can wear these with a crop top or a loose flowy top like I did.

I hate wearing jeans or tight shorts when it’s that time of the month, so this is my go to outfit when I’m bloated and aunt flow is being a heavy bitch 😀

Shop the look:

Palazzo Pants from Styles for Less. / Top: Styles for Less. I know I shop at Styles for Less a lot! 🙂 There’s one about 10 minutes from where I live in a shopping center, so I go often even when I have the kids / Hat: Styles for Less (similar here) / Flats: Nordstrom (similar here)

Crop Top Mom

I’ve been crop topping and maxi skirting it since 2012, and this by far is my favorite outfit to wear when I’m in a rush.

You can really put the look together by wearing wedges and accessories, but if you’re just a mama in a rush you can throw your hair in a top knot bun and put on a maxi skirt with either a crop top or spaghetti strap shirt. I understand if you’re not comfortable wearing a crop top; crop tops ARE NOT for everybody. They’re made for certain body types.

The most important fashion tip I can give you is to dress for YOUR body type, and if you’re unhappy with your body then do something about it! Work out, change your eating habits, and most importantly stay persistent. Nothing happens overnight! The past two months I’ve started working out a lot more because I’m trying to really tone my stomach. The other day Bae told me he could see my abs starting to show!!!  I got so stoked! 

I understand too that some moms might have some not so pretty stretchmarks, so shirts like crop tops are intimidating. I have one stretch mark (I wrote about it previously here) it’s pretty gnarly, though it has gotten lighter. I tell myself everyday to be confident in my body; I’ve birthed life don’t be so hard on yourself. 

 Shop the look:

Maxi Skirt: Double Slit Maxi Skirt from Charlotte Russe / Crop Top: Forever 21 /Sandals: Styles for Less (similar here) / Sunglasses: Michael Kors

Simple jeans, but still Totes Amaze Mom

NO MOM JEANS for this mom. I can actually say that my jeans from my high school days still fit me 😀



Shop the look:

Jeans: Hollister Ryan Super Skinny Destroyed Medium Wash (similar here) / Black Leggings worn underneath my pants / Sweater: “Totes Amaze” from American Eagle. It’s no longer being sold 🙁 / Flats: Michael Kors

Chic Mom

Shop the look:

Leggings: Windsor (similar here) / Top: Strapless Peplum top in Coral from Forever 21 / Blazer: Forever 21 / Necklace: Forever 21

You notice in all these outfits I wear no statement necklaces or bracelets that’s because I have a baby. With older children you can wear a bit more of that, but having a little baby boy and being a nursing mama makes wearing jewelry near impossible! 🙁

What’s trending this Spring/Summer

One of my favorite online stores is Fashion Nova. I found them through Instagram and I LOVE their clothes. I’ve gotten several of my crop tops and rompers from them!

Fashion and beauty have always been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. I don’t want to give that up just because I’ve had two kids now. I don’t want to become so wrapped up in mommyhood that I lose my sense of self. Keeping up with all the latest fashion and beauty trends is what keeps me sane!

Hey Beautiful! Thank you for reading!

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