Fashions in the 1980s

Fashions in the 1980s

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The 1980's fashion comprised of the rockers, the crazy hair and eccentric attires. You had the preps with lacoste collared shirts and there was hip-hop. 80's would have been a terrible time for fashion for some while some others may urge to bring that time back. Under all possibilities if it is bound to return, so ladies be ready for those vibrant colours, big curly hairstyles, fitting jeans and big hoop gold earrings, big plastic bracelets and white sunglasses.

What is special about 1980’s fashion?

Fashion of 1980s is unique and memorable. This was the age of transformation when women began to feel they must choose from one of the many contrasting looks available. Wide shoulders captured the fashion look in the 80’s. This was also the era famous for most tailored look. It was hard to go anywhere without at least a jacket, but preferably a complete suit. From corporate business dressing to yuppies, everything went on to mark this an era with a style.

What women wore in 80’s?

Originality is what most prevailing seen when you talk about women wear of 1980’s. Be it a baggy as a top over a tight bottom in the form of a tight tapered jeans or a tight miniskirt, bright colored appeared in majority and even tube top, belt, head wrap, all came in bright & vibrant colors. Stretchable Items, like spandex got popular. Combination of an oversized sweat shirt with a tank top and miniskirt was commonly visible. Lot of women adopted sweatshirt, which comes off one shoulder as a huge popularity. Shoes comprising of ballet flats complied these outfits.
Flowing skirts, embroidered vests, ropes of beads, and hats with flowers in them emerged out of 80’s and prevailed through. Tight jeans with dark coloured shirt in black or red and their sleeves torn off, turned out to be a popular fashion statement. This supported with high heels or high heel ankle boots and accessories in the form of chain belts, hats, head & wristbands were the likes in women in 80’s. And crazy sunglasses - men and women both adorably wore them in variant styles.

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