Fotos d animales gigantes

Fotos d animales gigantes
It's time to learn the Rainbow Flick with Wayne Rooney and Cenk Tosun! After a player tutorial, Team Read and Team Chuck compete to see who call pull off the best Rainbow Flick. Any guesses?

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As the world's greatest football players assemble in Russia, the Angry Birds are hosting a competition of their own! Welcome to "Angry Birds: BirLd Cup" where teams of kids are joined by Everton Football Club's Wayne Rooney, Cenk Tosun, Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Tom Davies in a series of fun and competitive football challenges. All the action and fun is intermixed with new Angry Birds animation where the Bad Piggies hilariously try to keep score and Red and Chuck show off their mad skills. Get ready to cheer on your favorite team!

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Angry Birds - BirLd Cup

Wayne Rooney
Cenk Tosun
Dominic Calvert-Lewin
Tom Davies

Red Host
Lorenzo Greer aka Tekkerz Kid

Chuck Host
Ruby Clark

Team Red
Oliver Akers
Ebony Murray-Maher
Tilly Kaye
Benitto Elizi
Josh Frodsham
Alfie Andrew

Team Chuck
Dinari Eubanks
Tegan Mears
Avaye Paton
Arran Crombie
Logan Murray
Anthony Long

Rovio Entertainment Corporation:
Executive Producer: Joe Lawson
Producer: Hanna Valkeapää
Associate Producers: Anne Dahlgren, Kai Torstila
Writer: Joe Lawson
Production consulting: Ritva Eskelinen
Story, voice acting and animation consulting: Kim Helminen
Character design consulting: Pinja Partanen
Sound Design: Mikko Paju
Music: Henri Sorvali, Douglas Black Heaton
Voice Acting - Antti Pääkkönen, Antti LJ Pääkkönen
Story artist: Stefano Camelli
Graphic design: Toni Kysenius, Ari Seppä
Marketing and PR: Aino Greis, Pekka Korpela, Juan Gaona Leon

Special Thanks to Everton Football Club: Nikki Tipping, Lewis Buck, Chris Humphreys

Popcorn Digital:
Producer: Bruna Capozzoli

Mob Sport:
Writer: Craig McLaughlin
Director: Craig McLaughlin
Producer: Mark Collins
Line Producer: Tim Ellis
DOP: Mark Cobb
Art Direction: Gavin Finney
Styling: Nicky Goldsmith

Huminah Huminah animation:
BG layout design: Justin Hess and Sarah Wilkins
Character Design: Jeff Roach
Character and Prop Rig Team: Myrosia 'mush' Humeniuk and Alexander Matthews
Character and BG Paint: Sarah Wilkins
Animators: Olivier Pelletier, Adriana Herrera
Production Coordinator: Christine Hynes
Producer: Adam Mimnagh
Animation Supervisor: Jeff Roach & Adam Mimnagh
Technical Director: Keir MacInnis, Myke Leppard
Offline Editor: Aaron Fevens

Mascot: Rainbow Productions
Music: Audio Networks Show less

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