Is it fashionable to wear pantyhose

Is it fashionable to wear pantyhose


This post started as an SOS text from a client and then we realized if she’s having this question/issue, you might be too…  She’s also hysterical, so we needed to share the whole exchange.

Client: Ok you may die right now BUT is there any time that panty hose are ok?? Is that blog worthy? High holidays are coming up and I have a bar mitzvah to go to and all I can see are my veins on my old lady legs. (btw she’s 47 – NOT OLD) Would love a “do hose right” blog! And I especially struggle with the open toe shoe thing if tights or hose are involved. Do I sound like I’m 80???? And btw, I’ll deny I made this request!!!!

TWC:  LOL, I can’t stop laughing. But, if you’re struggling with this, other people are too. Totally valid… And, suggestions are the best – that way we’re writing about what you  want to hear.

Client: Right??? It’s embarrassing but I don’t know what to do!!! Do I wear my veins proud???

TWC: Yes and No… Hose can be done right! Princess Kate has made pantyhose cool again. But you can’t wear hose if you’re wearing an open toe shoe. That’s a no-no. Seams and sandals don’t work. A sheer nude stocking is good for high holidays/bar mitzvahs, especially if paired with a classic pump. Opaque tights look better with a suede shoe, booty or boot.

Client: Ok thx!! I think for my event tomorrow I’ll need to go all varicose vein cuz the shoes are opentoe and too good to switch!

TWC: And the new kid on the block, that’s really the old kid, is a sheer black pantyhose. I’ve been seeing a lot of this on European Instagramer’s and celebs. Paired with a boot it looks super sexy.

Client: Except somehow I won’t pull off the cool European vibe but instead the 85yo granny vibe;)

TWC: Or you can use Sally Hansen’s airbrush legs. It’s like a rub on airbrush so you can go bare legged but it smooths everything out.

Client: PERFECT! I’m going to CVS now to get it!!

TWC: And, I’m not saying you need this, at all, but I do have a good vein doctor. Happy to share if you’d like.

Client: Ok great. I’ll let u know when I’m ready. I think I first need to be brave enough for injections. Baby steps.

But at least I’m really good at getting my hair colored!

How much do you love her, right??

So, here you go, unnamed, fabulously funny and slightly veiny client and anyone else facing this issue.

Here’s a basic low down on hose and how to wear them…


See how Princess Kate’s hose are really sheer? And different than the woman standing next to her? The Princesses legs look like they’re airbrushed but still natural? THAT IS HOW TO DO IT RIGHT!

We read Kate favors the Wolford brand and Hallie likes the Donna Karan –  those and other favorite sheer nude hose are linked below – just double click on the photo.



Opaque tights are best when the thermometer dips below 40 degrees (Fahrenheit). The benefits are they keep you a bit warmer when it’s truly winter, and they totally hide any leg imperfections. The challenge is finding the right shoe or boot to work with them. Honestly, suede works best. The similar finish creates a visual legs for days effect. And, who doesn’t want that? Pro tip: stay away from leather and especially patent, it reads more Minnie Mouse when paired with tights.

We think Hue makes a solid pair of tights at 1/2 the price of other brands. And we’ve collected some lovely looking suede pumps too… Again, just double click, and don’t forget to scroll thru to see all the options (hit the arrow at the right).



Kate does them classic, and Miranda (Kerr) edgy, so whatever your style M.O., you too, can pull off the sheer black hose look. These are the kind that will show when they get a run, so quality is important.

Some of our tried and true sheer black hose are linked below…


A tan totally helps the white, pasty, veiny leg thing. But, we know, too much sun is dangerous. And, btw, the more senior one of us has noticed that her legs do not tan anymore – anyone else have that problem after turning 40? Well, an easy and pretty mess free solution is this tan towel combo pack…


If you’re not a self tan fan, try some Leg Makeup. Believe it or not, this stuff really works at camouflaging veins and stuff.  It’s kind of thick going on,  but it stays in place (even in the rain) and doesn’t rub off on clothes. Pro tip: Mix it with a bit of moisturizer to diffuse the thickness and rub it in well.

We love questions that turn into blog posts!  Like we said, if one person is questioning it than many others are too. So, what’s your question? We’ll write about it. It’s FREE advice, and in this case…it was like going to the vein doctor without a co-pay.




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