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Logo Quiz Ultimate Fashion Answers - Game Solver

– The logo comprises three angular swiped lines, with one overlain on top of the other two. The bottom two lines seem to suggest a track.
– This brand is particularly famous for its sportswear – most of all, its sports shoes. It has been a subsidiary of the Adidas group since 2005 and offers apparel for lots of sports, such as running, walking, crossfit, and more.

– The logo for this brand is made up of the brands name, written in a specific, rounded font face, with a red square at the end.
– The Swiss watchmaker exploded onto the scene during the 1980s, when it aimed to make watches a more popular accessory, in the vein of fashion jewelry. Its name stands for ‘second watch’ and suggests that its watches should be regarded as more fun than as an investment.

Giorgio Armani
– This popular logo represents a stylized bird, with its wings spread out. The bird is made up of horizontal off-white lines, rounded at the ends, and with a shadow beneath them.
– The brand is one of the world’s most famous Italian brands and it bears the name of its founder and long-time main designer. Though it produces women’s attire, as well as fragrances, it’s probably best known for its men’s suits.

– This is one of the world’s most popular logos, made up of three diagonal black lines. The lines are ordered in increasing size, from left to right, and they are slanted.
– This brand is unquestionably the world’s most popular one for sportswear. It was founded in Germany by one man, who actually lent parts of his own name to the brand. It makes world famous sports shoes and its products all feature the three trademark lines.

– This self-explanatory logo features the black silhouette of a feline, seen from one side and caught mid-jump, with its fore feet in the air and its tail up.
– This brand is the main competitor of Adidas on the sportswear market. The two brands were actually founded by a couple of brothers, who decided to go their separate ways. Like Adidas, this one is also very well known for its sports shoes, for various sports, such as soccer and running.

– This logo features a stylized light brown tree within a circle. Beneath the tree, there’s a patch of ground in which it is rooted.
– This brand of clothing is highly popular for its winter boots and other utility footwear. It produces sturdy boots in various styles and carries both a men’s as well as a women’s line.

– This distinctive logo features a black five point star within a black circle, against a transparent background. It’s most often seen on the side upper of canvas sneakers.
– This brand has been perennially popular with young kids, since its products are associated with basketball, youth culture, and urban environments. Though they also sell clothing, bags, and other accessories, they are most famous for their line of Chuck Taylor canvas and leather tennis shoes.

– This logo features the brand’s name in capital white letters, spread out against the background of a red banner-like shape.
– This Spanish brand is well-known for its distinctive, comfortable shoes. It carries both men’s and women’s footwear, in a particular shape that makes them suited for wider soles as well.

Calvin Klein
– This logo features the two initials within the brand name: a small C and a larger K right next to it. The two letters are typed out in black.
– This popular clothing and fragrance brand was initially associated with men’s clothing, but has gained mass appeal thanks to its line of perfumes. They include names such as Eternity and Freedom and some of them are unisex.

– This logo features the brand’s name in elongated capital letters, set out against the background of a navy blue square shape.
– This American brand is strongly associated with preppy culture and best known for its clean-cut, mainstream, basic clothing. It’s part of the same group that carries the Banana Republic label, but targets a younger, more middle-class audience.

– This logo features the brands name in white capital letters, against the background of a red, banner-like shape.
– The brand in question prides itself on being the world’s first manufacturer of jeans. It was founded in the 19th century and takes its name from that of its initial owner. It leads the premium denim apparel market.

– This brand’s logo famously features a green crocodile, with its tail up in the air and its mouth agape (which allows you to also spot the animal’s red tongue).
– The clothing brand in question is probably most famous for its Polo t-shirts for men. In fact, its male apparel (shirts, trousers, sweaters, fragrances) is its most distinctive set of products. They are particularly popular with the middle-aged, relatively affluent set.

– This brand’s logo is stark: simply the brand’s five letter name, spelled out in black capital letters. On some of the brand’s products, it’s actually etched out.
– This Italian brand has become synonymous with couture and high class. It’s a preferred brand for female socialites and puts out runway collections, fragrances, accessories, and footwear. It’s particularly well-known for its gowns, handbags, shoes, and sunglasses.

– This famous and complex logo features the face of the Gorgon Medusa, with snakes on her head. She is encircled by a continuous row of Grecian keys. The logo is merely outlined and not filled out.
– One of the more controversial Italian fashion brands, this was famously founded by a gay designer, who was shot and killed. The brand is now run by his sister, Donatella, who shares his last name and the brand’s name, too. This brand is particularly popular with celebrities, such as Michael Jackson, Lady Diana, and Beyonce.

– This simple logo features the brand’s four letter name in block capitals, typed in a specific font face.
– The brand in question is based in Spain and it is part of the Inditex group, together with Bershka, Stradivarius, and others. It is the higher end label produced by the group and it specializes in trendy fast fashion, organized into several lines. It carries a youth line called TRF (from Trafaluc).

– This logo comprises the brand’s three letter name, written out in graffiti-like letters, in black.
– This is one of the world’s most famous and popular brands of denim apparel, a direct competitor on the premium market for Levi’s.

– The logo is the brand’s five letter name, spelled out in elongated, elegant classical capital letters. The lettering is usually gold-colored.
– This brand belongs to a German line of affordable clothing, which was founded in 1975 and is also available in other parts of Europe, such as France and the UK. They carry several collections, including one for accessories and one for wedding attire.

– This distinctive logo features two mirrored capital G’s, which overlap. They are usually spelled in black, but are also featured in white on some of the brand’s products.
– This highly popular Italian fashion house was founded in Florence , in 1921, by a man whose last name became the brand’s name. it’s extremely popular with the rich and famous, alongside other Italian brands, such as Versace.

– The logo is the brand’s name: two capital letters, with a smaller ampersand between them. They’re spelled out in red lettering, reminiscent of cursive handwriting.
– This Swedish brand takes its name from its two founders: Hennes and Moritz. It is one of Sweden’s most successful companies, alongside Ikea and Volvo. Its name has become synonymous with very affordable fast fashion. They have manufactures and stores all over the world, including Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Fruit of the Loom
– This descriptive graphic logo features fruit: three different colors of grapes and an apple, set against the background of several green leaves.
– This brand is best known for its basic cotton t-shirts, which are very easy to personalize, as well as durable and affordable. They’re an American company based in Kentucky and mainly produce undergarments.

Carolina Herrera
– This two-part logo includes both the designer’s two initials, as well as her full name below them. The capital initial C is red, while the rest of the lettering is black, plain, and has a slight shadow.
– The brand bears the name of its founder and main designer. It’s famous for its handbags and fragrances (most notably 212), but also for the fact that it has dressed America’s First Ladies, from Jackie Onassis to Michelle Obama. Her designs have been described as timelessly elegant.

– This self-referential logo features a cartoon crocodile in white, against a pale pink background. The crocodile appears to be smiling and is framed by a circle. The brand’s name is spelled out in capital lettering underneath the graphic element.
– This brand is best known for its hugely popular beach footwear. Their main product consists of rubber sandals, initially designed to protect the feet of beachgoers from cuts in the shells and the rocks, as well as from other accidents. Like flip flops, they came to be worn outside of beach settings, much to the chagrin of those who refer to this type of sandal as the world’s ugliest shoe.

DC Shoes
– This brand features two overlapping stylized capital letters: a D and a C. Their outlines appear interlocked and the D is missing a segment, as if it were almost mirroring the letter C.
– This brand is famous for its urban footwear – particularly for its skate shoes. It’s immensely popular in youth culture, and also produces hats, belts, bags, other accessories, as well as posters.

John Galliano
– This distinctive logo features the brand’s name (which is also the name of the designer who founded the brand), in a particular typeface, reminiscent of Gothic fonts.
– The designer who lends the brand its name is British, born in Gibraltar, and a CBE, RDI. He no longer runs the fashion house, but also headed Givenchy. He was once considered the wonder/rebel child of the fashion world, for the way in which he incorporated the punk esthetics in his designs.

Lucky Brand
– The logo consists of the brand’s name, spelled in block capital letters and set out in a rounded shape. Above the two words which make up the brand’s name, in between them, there is a stylized four leaf clover.
– This is a premium denim brand, founded in 1990 in California. It also produces footwear and is popular for its affordable, casual, and trendy clothing.

Ralph Lauren
– This logo features the brand’s name, spelled out in a particular typeface, in capital letters. In between the two words that make up the name, there’s the silhouette of a centaur, swinging a golf club.
– This brand is named after its illustrious founder. It has seeped into mainstream culture, thanks to its signature polo shirts, but it is also famous for its classic, essential, and simple men’s clothing. Among other things, it produces fragrances for men, too.

Ray Ban
– This distinctive logo features the brand’s two-word six-letter name, written in cursive and white, against the backdrop of a red rectangle.
– This brand, founded in 1937 in the United States, is by far the most famous and best-selling sunglass brand in the world. Some of its most popular designs are the Wayfarer, the Aviator, as well as the iconic Jackie O style sunglasses.

– This logo features the brand’s name, in capital letters and a specific font face. Above the lettering, there is the silhouette of a stylized swan, whose further end is faded out.
– This brand, based in Austria, is synonymous with crystal: led cut pieces of glass, either transparent or colorful, to be worn as jewelry, or employed as embellishments for other types of items.

Tommy Hilfiger
– This iconic logo is rectangular and features two navy blue bands: one at the top and the other one at the bottom. In between, there’s a white rectangle on the left side and a red one on the right. The brand’s name is written in white capital letters on the top and bottom bands.
– This famous fashion brand is US based and worth billion. It produces all sorts of high end apparel, including children’s clothing, denim, and sportswear, but it’s probably most famous for its men’s line and fragrances.

– This simple logo features the brand’s three letter name, with its country of origin below. The middle letter, a capital G is oversized, compared to the other two.
– This Australian brand rose to worldwide popularity thanks to its iconic boots, which are made of sheepskin and are both durable and comfortable. The mid-calf boots have been embraced by celebrities and regular fashionistas alike and are now strongly linked with Californian Valley Girl attire.

– The logo features the brand’s three word name, spelled out in white capital letters against the backdrop of a green rectangle.
– This Italian brand produces trendy high-end clothing, but it’s most famous for the controversy it has created throughout the years. It has run several highly controversial advertising campaigns, which took on a wide range of topics, including religion, racism, homophobia, and much more. Their campaigns regularly enlist the talents of highly skilled photographers.

– This brand’s logo features its name, spelled out in a special font face. To the far left, right before the name per se, there’s a stylized blue arrowhead.
– This American company is specialized in running gear, both for men and for women. It was founded in 1914 and now sells its products in over 40 countries around the world.

– This logo features the name of the brand spelled in white capital letters, against a black background. Above the name, there’s the white silhouette of a horseback rider with a flag in hand. The horse is shown mid-jump.
– This luxury brand has become world famous for its particular plaid pattern, which features red, white and black lines against a cream background. This pattern is present on many of their products, including scarves, luggage, coats, and even their fragrances.

– This simple logo features the brand’s six letter name spelled in white capital lettering, against the background of a red rectangle.
– This high-end Italian brand is perhaps best known for its luxury designer jeans, although it also produces other types of clothing and accessories, as well as a fragrance line. It is distinctly targeted at the young adult market and typically stands out for its innovative advertising.

– This simple logo features the brand’s six letter name, spelled out in thin, elegant capital letters, either in gold or white.
– This brand represents a German fashion house, which has risen to prominence on the high end market thanks to numerous celebrity endorsements. They are famous for their gowns, regularly sported by female stars on the red carpet. They are now an international fashion group, with stores in some 60 countries around the world.

Fashion TV
– The logo features a lowercase f, followed by a full stop, enclosed within a stylized diamond shape.
– This brand is the world’s foremost TV channel for fashion programs, including lifestyle features, interviews with models and designers, plus runway selections. It is based in Vienna, Austria, but broadcasts around the world.

– This logo features the brand’s name in capital blue letters. Two of the letters, the R and the final H are connected through a curve line, which extends below the brand name.
– This international fashion group was founded in the late 19th century in Germany, where it is still based to this day. They produce swimwear and several other types of clothing, but they’re best known for their appealing, mid-range priced lingerie and underwear for women.

– This distinctive, geometric logo features a heart shaped with a pair of stylized wings within it, enclosed within the outlines of two hands. There’s also a four-petal flower above the right hand and the entire logo is pink and white.
– This brand is most famous for the sportswear and accessories it produces, including backpacks, swimwear, and urban footwear, such as tennis shoes and sneakers. Its targeted at young adult females and produces attire for board sports, such as surfing and skateboarding.

Readers Digest
– This famous logo features the brand’s name, with an oversized capital R in the beginning. The name, typed in a particular font face, is followed by the black silhouette of a Pegasus, seen from one side, with his wings spread out and caught in flight.
– Though this is a publishing house and magazine, not a fashion brand, it also carries fashion features and other related material. The family-focused magazine originated in the United States, continues to be issued once a month and most prominently features advice on various topics.

– This well-known logo features the brand’s name, spelled in distinctive block capital letters. It is usually featured in pink or white.
– This brand is one of the best known women’s magazines in the world. Though it focuses less on fashion than its competitors such as Elle and Vogue (and more on lifestyle and sex tips), it does feature regular fashion columns and celebrity style articles.

Dolce and Gabbana
– This iconic logo features the two oversized initials that stand for the names of the two designers behind the brand, with a smaller ampersand between them.
– This Italian fashion house is nearly synonymous with luxury, high-end runway style, and opulence. It is prominently worn by celebrities (Jennifer Lopez is a big fan) and is well known for its distinctive, luxurious yet daring style. It’s run by two male designers, who lend the brand its name.

Louis Vuitton
– The logo famously features two capital initials: a V on top of an L. The letters are slanted diagonally and there’s the brand’s full name beneath them. The logo is prominently featured on many of the brand’s products.
– This French brand is best known for its lines of leather goods, mostly bags, luggage, and wallets. Its iconic logo is frequently copied onto knockoffs of the brand’s products. The name of the brand comes from the famous French designer who founded it.

– This logo features the three letter brand name, spelled in a distinctive font, in black.
– Though this is not a fashion brand, it’s closely linked to men’s lifestyle choices. It’s one of the world’s best known producers of deodorant for men and its ads are usually conceived around the notion that this product attracts many women.

– This logo features the brand’s distinctive name, spelled in white capital letters, against a bright red circle in solid color.
– This logo belongs to a Japanese company, so in Japan the circle features an ideogram, instead of Latin lettering. The brand produces sportswear and it is best known for its racing and motorsport attire.

– The logo features the seven letter brand name spelled in orange capital letters. There’s a white M (the brand’s initial) at the very end of the world, in an orange circle.
– The brand was founded in the 1980s in the United States as a maker of high-performance boots for hiking. Since 1997, they’ve become world famous for their lightweight, durable shoes, boots, and sandals, especially designed for intense outdoor ‘adventures’.

Dr Martens
– This famous logo features the name of the brand in black lettering, with a yellow and black circle underneath the second word in the brand name.
– The British brand in question produces various types of clothing, footwear, luggage, and shoe care items. However, they’re best known for their distinctive style of lace-up boots, closely associated with the punk movement of the 1980s.

– This logo belongs to a tire brand now owned by French company Michelin
– Originally, the company was founded in Connecticut in 1892 and its most famous product even today is the Tiger Paw tire.

– This is a famous brand, part of the Spanish fashion group Fashion Inditex, which also owns brands like Zara, Massimo Dutti, Pull and Bear and so on.
– It was founded in 1998, but now the famous brand’s orange and white logo can be seen in 910 stores in 64 countries around the world.

– Douglas Holding AG is a German retailer that offers its clients high quality products like perfumes, jewelry, books, clothes and confections, with around 2,000 stores in Germany, Europe and the United States
– It started as a perfumery business in 1821

– Believe it or not, Kenzo is an international French fashion brand founded by Japanese designer Kenzo Tankada in 1970.
– Today, the brand is owned by LVMH Moët Hennessy • Louis Vuitton S.A, but it keeps providing the world with luxury products.

– Tous is a company that has perhaps one of the most emblematic logos in the fashion world, the iconic teddy bear, created by Rosa Oriol, the founder’s daughter in law, in 1985.
– Tous is one of the largest jewelry companies on the fashion market, and while the jewelry is the core and soul business of the Spanish company, it also delivers bags, watches, perfumes, eyeglasses, textiles and small leather goods in 30 different collections.

Paco Rabanne
– Francisco “Paco” Rabaneda Cuervo, which we know better as Paco Rabanne is a Spanish fashion designer who became known as l’enfant terrible of the 1960s French fashion world.
– His creations are flamboyant and he made a name for himself starting with the 60’s, as he used (and still uses) unconventional materials for his luxury clothes, including metal, plastic or paper.

– Fendi is an Italian fashion house founded in 1925 by Edoardo and Adele Fendi, but which is now a multinational luxury goods brand owned by LVMH, with Karl Lagerfeld as the creative director.
– Fendi creates and delivers luxury fur and leather goods, fragrances, eyewear, timepieces and writing instruments and perfumes.

– If you have a white stylized six-pointed star with rounded edges star logo on your luxury writing instrument, piece of jewelry or watch, then you know these high – end accessories belong to the German luxury goods manufacturer Montblanc.
– Today Montblanc forms part of the Richemont group, together with Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Chloe, and Baume et Mercier. Montblanc is owned, through Richemont, by the South African Rupert Family.

– This is an American multinational luggage manufacturer and retailer, with products ranging from large suitcases to small toiletries bags and briefcases, whose name comes, obviously, from the legendary Biblical strongman Samson.
– Besides its high – quality products, Samsonite is also associated with iconic advertising campaigns that are emblematic even in the present times.

– Ecco is a Danish company that started in 1963 by producing footwear, but currently it expanded also in manufacturing leather products and footwear accessories.
– Ecco prides itself with being the only major shoe company to own and manage every step of the production process, from tannery to retail and the brand is retailed in over 4,000 stores around the world.

– Persol is an Italian luxury eyewear company specializing in sunglasses which was founded in 1917, catering for pilots and sports drivers, but today it belongs to the Italian group Luxottica.
– The brand’s name is derived from “per il sole,” which, in Italian, means “for the sun.”

– It is not about the Emu bird, or not entirely, that is. EMU Australia is a lifestyle brand that designs, produces and markets footwear, apparel and accessories, best known for sheepskin and Merino Wool products, but especially for their signature product, the sheepskin boots.
– The name of the brand is a tribute to Australia’s coat of arms, which includes an Emu bird.

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