Visiting Las Vegas is an exciting venture for anyone but it brings with it a host of dilemmas for men. One of those dilemmas is how to dress for particular casinos and nightclubs when out and about in Sin City.

Vegas is all about entertainment – home to some of the world’s largest casinos and hotels, best restaurants and clubs, it gives the stylish man a wide variety of chances to dress to impress.


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Dress VIP To Be Treated VIP

Anyone that wants to make an impression in Las Vegas will want to hit the Strip looking classy. At the casinos it is well known that to be treated as a VIP you have to act and dress like a VIP. From head to toe you will need to look the part. Don’t see as spending money on a high roller wardrobe as funds blown. See it more as an investment. Indeed, it can pay dividends in situations like getting through long queues at nightclubs (and of course, goes a long way to impressing the ladies…)

Walk Like a High Roller


Hugo Boss Mettor Lace-Ups

It is said that a man is often judged by the shoes he wears on his feet so start your dress code here. This does not mean go to your local shoe store and get a budget pair of black shoes that are polished up slightly. Push the boat out a little. Your budget can be flexible. Opt for a pair of Hugo Lace-Ups or go a little further with Gucci Patent Leather Loafers or even Barker Men’s Woody Lace-Ups for a more vintage look.

Don’t Get Caught With Your Pants Down.

The pants are an understated part of any dress code. It is the part of the dress that can make it or break it. The right choice can make an outfit look perfect. The wrong option can bring the look of a suit right down. A range of colours can work depending on what suit you’re going for but there is also room to cheat a little. Do not be afraid to consider going with someone like ASOS. Provided the selection of pants is right you could potentially save money for other more important parts of your suit. If you can get something tailored then that is fantastic but do not be afraid to opt for a budget pair if the look is right. But folks, avoid this please.


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Two Piece or Not Two Piece?

Over recent years, the trend of the Las Vegas Strip has been for everything to be about the VIP treatment and five star service. The hotels, casinos, bars, and restaurants all want to be a cut above the competition and you need to rise with those standards as a punter.


Connor McGregor in a 3 piece                                       Image Source:

Three piece suits are becoming more and more popular in casinos. As celebrities choose to go with a three piece suit it is a fashion that is transcending over to us mere mortals. Icons such as UFC fighter Conor McGregor and legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather have pulled off a three piece suit in Las Vegas to perfection and that should be the example to follow. Two piece is far from a no-no but three piece will give you that edge.

The Theme?

The decision of whether to go for a theme with your suit is down to your own judgement. The stand out options are classic black, vintage grey, and sleek blue. There are other more eccentric choices including tartan, brown, and green. Generally, the advice is to shine amongst the crowd but do not look out of place. The subtle single colour suit themes are a sure thing but the more leftfield choices are a gamble but could pay off. It just depends how many eyes you want on you all night. Do not become a maverick with the tie. Keep the theme consistent. Otherwise you risk causing a mess.

Casino to Club

We all know Vegas is the world’s capital of gambling and casinos. From blackjack to baccarat and slots to sports betting, you can win or lose a fortune 24/7. Whatever your budget is, you will be well catered for, especially at the high roller end of the spectrum, with generous ‘comps’ including hotel rooms, meals and more. It’s the casinos that can make Vegas quite overwhelming, so if you want to get your gamble on without the hassle of the casino floor, playing online offers a great alternative for the keen blackjack or roulette fan.

Many of the LV casinos are quite informal, especially the low-budget ones downtown. If you’re a man who enjoys being stylish, frankly you may find the dress of the clientele there pretty shocking. Back on the Strip, the more classy casinos include Wynn and Bellagio, along with a better dressed class of punter.

Vegas isn’t just about gambling – if you’re wanting to party, Sin City offers some of the biggest and best nightclubs in the world. If you want to hit the dancefloor at a top club like XS, you’d better be looking and feeling the part.

The dress code for the Las Vegas nightclubs are stricter than the casinos but ironically you might want to adopt a more relaxed vibe if you’re hitting the clubs on the Strip. In the casino, if you’re suited up then you will be donning a more formal attire to the dress code you might want to wear in the clubs. Dressing for the Las Vegas clubs is all about looking sharp but staying cool. In the casino you are there to show you mean business. In the clubs, you want to show that you are someone that people will want to meet, but you don’t necessarily want them knowing that.


As opposed to a two piece, three piece or even tuxedo suit that you might be wearing for the casino, you might want to loosen the shackles a bit. Keep the shoes at the front of your mind. You can keep the casino daps on. The same goes for the pants. The real change will come on the top half. Loosen it up with either just a Ralph Lauren white shirt or black Armani shirt. Ditch the tie. Nobody wears ties in clubs except the security. The jacket is optional but with the right colour combination it could be the final gloss to the perfect Las Vegas nightclub look.

Have fun in Sin City – dress sharp, look good and feel good!

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