Mens nude fashion show

Mens nude fashion show

July 13, 2018 greenmacine Leave a comment

Who is going to the beach this weekend? It’s national thong month!


First let me state that I’m not really sure about it being national thong month but if it is not it should be! I’m going to vote for it by wearing a micro thong to the beach this weekend and I hope you will do the same. Let’s show off some bulge, let’s show off some of our inner feminine let’s show off some cheek let’s show that men have the curves and sweet lines that make the ladies so appealing in their tiny swimsuits. Let’s get out there and strut our stuff. Don’t be shy after all you really want to do it. You want to be seen wearing something smaller than the girls do you want the attention you want to feel the sensation of being at the beach around d the pool by the lake or at the water park with all eyes on you. It’s a feeling that is hard to explain one that I have and I know you do too. Add more than a dash of excitement to your weekend. Be bold be thong, bikini and micro short proud. Let the real you show through.



Men’s Swimwear

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July 12, 2018 greenmacine 1 Comment

Have you ever been caught up in a large wave and held under water for what feels like forever? That happens to me all the time when I am bodysurfing but it happens at work too. At work that is a good thing. We have had a tidal wave of orders over the last couple months. I’m not complaining but I do feel like writing this post is like poking my head out of the water to grab a big breath of air after being held under for a bit. I hope now to start posting more often. Now let’s talk about swimwear and other fun things. Like most summers I have spent a lot of time at the beach and have kept to my pledge of not wearing anything larger than a micro bikini. I have been much bolder these days freely walking around and hitting the surf wearing my micros no matter how many people are there. I believe that all my ass work, the 300 squats per day have made my ass larger and much more muscular but also in many ways it looks more feminine at least that is what a number of my girl friends have said. Judging by how many men are walking right by me to take a close up look, most thinking I’m a girl the results have been great. I have been wearing mostly micro bulge suits but soon I will add in some of the total femme styles like Clever Girl and Spicy Girl two of my favorite pussy look suits. Just like many Koala customers I too am into the exhibitionist side of spandex it almost forces you into it.

We had a slight screw up with e-mailing of the June Koala Newsletter so it has been extended through July. Feel free to take a look. Koala July Newsletter


I hope you are enjoying the summer as well.


June 9, 2018 greenmacine

It’s here! The June Koala Newsletter was just released.

Here is a link to the June Koala newsletter featuring information on new products, thoughts and stories from Michael David and one of our largest summer sales ever.

Have a great weekend and make sure to squeeze in some quality micro swimwear time.

June 4, 2018 greenmacine

Great start to the summer. No June Gloom Yet.


Love those clear breezy mid seventy degree beach days. Around here June is known for fog at the beach. Our summer at least the summer you can differentiate because of the extreme heat usually blasts in around the start of July. We all know most of the year Los Angeles feels like it is summer all the time but our hard core beach season runs from July through September and often into early October. Unlike most of the USA where summer starts in June our June beach weather is often foggy thus its name June Gloom fits very well. Lucky for me and my tiny swimsuits that was not the case this weekend. Beautiful beach days with a bit of sailing tossed in for good measure. Leisurely days out on the beach wearing so close to nothing it is most likely illegal but since it is so common now for the girls to be wearing very little it seems no one is concerned about the boys wearing tiny G-strings too. A possible new trend seems to be topless gals of which I spotted a few without actually looking for them. I wonder if that means more will be partaking in a topless trend, I hope so. I would hate to be the only girl out there topless when I slip on my Clever Girl suit. Speaking of girls personally I feel being mistaken for a girl is the ultimate compliment after all they are the fairer sex. That happens to me often when I am wearing a transformation suit but still happens when I wear micro bulge suits too. It happened twice yesterday. A couple of guys made a close pass and one said he could not tell if I was a girl or not. I was on my side with my ass to them. So having my back, legs and ass mistaken for a woman wearing a G-string is a compliment! A bigger compliment is when girls walking by me can’t tell and you hear them talking softly about it. Love that and it happened yesterday as well.


Male to female transformation swimwear

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May 19, 2018 greenmacine

Now I can fly with male chastity.


As I post this blog I am wearing the new Mission Control lockless cock cage in fact I am flying tonight to the East Coast and I will wear it when I check in and my flight there. In the past wearing a cock cage especially a metal one is risky when you enter the TSA scanners. Nothing like the thought of being pulled to the side and have to show your little cock all locked up to the officers before you are let on the flight. With the Mission Control being all silicone and extremely comfortable my flight should be a dream although a sexless one!


See the new Mission Control at

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May 17, 2018 greenmacine 3 Comments

Wrestling Singlet’s…Just an idea. Feedback please!!!!!!!


A very good customer called the other day and asked about wrestling singlet’s, those cute one piece spandex suits that the amateur wrestlers wear. I said there are a lot of companies that offer them,  his response was not with the type of bulge and Femme style pouches we make.  That is true enough and the more I thought about it the hotter the idea seemed. How about a skin tight wrestling suit with a Koala style bulge pouch or the same with a camel toe style male to female transformation pouch. I’m getting wet thinking about them.


I would like to know what you boys and girls think about that idea?

Let me know

Michael David



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May 13, 2018 greenmacine



Check out all the new items just added to the site.


There are three new neoprene swimwear designs, some very cool cock cages, some awesome anal gear and a few other items that you just might find alluring from the warped minds of Koala.


Here are links to them so you don’t have to search all over the place.

(The reason we don’t list them under a new products section on the site is that the photos would show on the main page. This would seem like a good thing but many of the items are shown being used, which means a penis or anus is being shown. While I think that is wonderful thing many of the search engines have an issue with male nudity, female nudity is no problem of course.  This is a double standard we have lived with for years.)

Back to the new items, Take a look at the links enjoy the view and feel free to order something that will make your day more interesting, enjoyable and arousing, all good things!


Michael David


May 5, 2018 greenmacine

Spring or Summer?

It looks like we had a very short spring on the West Coast especially SoCal where it is absolutely blazing today. Out here it can be downright cold and cloudy in May but it is very hot today with even the beaches on the warm side. Just for the hell of it I just looked over a weather map of the United States and it looks to be nice to very hot all over the place. Al this talk of weather leads me to the obvious point that it time to get ready for a long micro swimsuit season. If you have let those bushes grow over the cold season then it is time to trim or my preference shave it all off and maybe look for some other areas to trim, shave or wax! Don’t forget your Tendskin to keep all the red bumps away. We have it in stock or you can buy it at many pharmacies or even Amazon. Make sure to keep your skin well hydrated with skin lotions and by drinking much more water.  Also keep in mind if you are checking out other guys wearing hot spandex micro suits (hopefully only Koala suits) and the pouches look extremely full, many of them might just be wearing our new Tango Penis cover/ extender. The Tango keeps you from getting the ever present wet spots we all tend to get from being so aroused wearing micro bikinis, thongs and G-strings and also gives you the additional benefit of naturally making your penis look much larger in the pouch. You will not have to dream any longer of having that extra inch at the beach.


Men’s Swimwear

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April 24, 2018 greenmacine

April 15, 2018 greenmacine

April heat wave!

Wow what an amazing beach day for myself, a few friends and thousands of other people. I can’t believe how many women are wearing thongs this early in the season, a very good sign indeed. Of course I was wearing a very tiny thong myself. I did notice other guys in bikinis and tiny short shorts but just a couple other guys wearing thongs. It must have reached about 80 degrees by the water, blazing hot for our beaches anytime of the year let alone April. I heard other people saying they thought this summer was going to be a hot one. I wonder if that means they are going to be wearing very little, I know that is what I will be doing.

I also wanted to let you now we now have the Tango cock head cover/enlarger in black and tan along with the standard clear. I was blown away by how fast we sold out of them. Lucky I reordered early and the new stock is in.


Men’s Swimwear and so much more!

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