Fashion for Middle Aged Women LoveToKnow

Fashion for Middle Aged Women LoveToKnow

Linda Arroz

We are in a youth oriented culture and the images we see in magazines and the characters on TV are not typically middle aged. Many women feel overwhelmed trying to look stylish in middle age. It can be hard to find any role models outside our intimate circles of family and friends from which to draw upon for inspiration. While MORE magazine tries to represent women 40 plus, the celebrities

that grace those covers have access to the best advice, including the services of stylists, hair and make up artists and personal trainers. The rest of us must fend for ourselves.

To look stylish in middle age, I recommend the following:

1. One of the most aging images is of a sagging, sloping bosom. Look for better fitting, stylish and good bras. Lifting and shaping the bosom can take pounds off by opening up the mid torso, creating a slimming and youthful effect.

2. Update your pants/trousers/slacks. Regardless of whether you like to wear elastic waist pants, you can choose an updated style of pants. This means looking for slacks that flatter your leg shape. If your legs are wider at the calf and ankle, avoid crop styles and wear shoes the same color as your pants. Slightly flared or bootleg pant bottoms are more flattering than stove pipe or wide and straight pants. But get rid of baggy, wide, oversized pants that make you look older and bigger.

3. Get a more youthful, new hair style. Many women either let their hair go gray or cut it off at a “certain age.” While you don’t have to get a high maintenance style, it pays off to have a cut that is more suited to your face shape, vs. going for short, easy to care for hair. Unless your have stunning silver, white or artsy looking salt & pepper hair color, cover the gray. Even if you plan to color it yourself at home, get a consultation with a stylist, they are usually free, and see what they might suggest. Ask someone whose hair you like to recommend someone. Covering gray automatically takes off a few years, reflects color onto the face and can pop the eye color too, making you appear fresher and more youthful.

4. Lose all the rings and bracelets. Many women love to wear a lot of rings and bracelets at the same time and they are not connected to each other by style, trend or color. Often these are gifts, but they make you look fussy and out of style. While wearing an armful of bangles may be a current trend, just because you have a lot of bracelets doesn’t mean they should be worn at the same time. This is one of the biggest mistakes mature women make and it’s the one glaring thing that sets a stylish woman apart from just another middle aged female.

5. Choose a better purse. Many older women are lugging large bags full of junk. Younger women can get away with hauling a “signature” or designer bag the size of a suitcase, but older women just look older and bigger. If you feel you need everything in there, switch to a good looking tote.

6. Body shapers for women can work wonders, and while they may appear hot and hard to put on, if you make a concentrated effort to find one or two that fit, when you wear them you’ll look slimmer, taller and your clothing will “hang” on your body better, providing a smooth, vs lumpy appearance. I realize this tip may not work for everyone, especially if symptoms of menopause make you hot, or a disability makes it hard to squeeze into a shaper. There has been a lot of improvement since the mid 20th Century girdles were de riguer.

7. Update your eye glasses, whether they are prescription or just reading glasses. Changing the style and or color of your eye glass frames can instantly update your look and give you some added flare.

8. Get a make up application at your local department store. Most make up counters have a make up artist in store at some point. These applications are free, and you can discuss everything from your skin type to your issues with bleeding lipstick and disappearing eye shadow. It can help to do this with more than one cosmetic brand, to get more than one person’s input. They may try to sell you something, but you are not obligated to purchase a thing. The point of this exercise is to get outside the way you see yourself and see what someone who has been trained to highlight, shadow and play up facial features sees in you. Take a friend, take before and after photos. You don’t have to slather tons of foundation and put on a complete face of make up every day to update your look. Sometimes, just using a more flattering lip color can do the trick.

9. Get your eyebrows shaped. Learning to how to shape, changing the

shape or dusting a small amount of colored powder on your eyebrows can

completely change your face.

Looking stylish in middle age takes a little effort. What good things don’t? With a little effort, you can look and feel good about yourself.

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