New teenage fashion trends

New teenage fashion trends
The 80s Fanny Pack is Coming Back and This is Why

The fanny pack. In British English it’s bum bag. It’s also known as a waist bag and more recently a belt bag. Whatever you call it, it’s here again. You’ll see them everywhere, from the runway to L.A. and beyond. New styles can forever be seen particularly in places like LA but you’ll notice these days they have a new twist, the 80s. Yup, it’s true. The 80s are back. Our jewelry is big and bold, we’ re...

Is Animal Print The Most Horrible Surviving 80s Fashion?

Animal print was pretty huge in the 80s, many would say it completely exploded. The reason being is the outlandish and experimental style everyone had back then. However, is it the most horrible surviving 80s fashion trend today? Do you really want to look like a zebra or a leopard? Shouldn’t we leave the camouflage and patterns to the things that pull it off the most? Yes. We’re talking about the animals. Sure it may...

Awesome 80s Bands Merch Pops Up On NME

A UK multimedia site is now injecting life into 80s fashion and music with 80s bands merchandise. Just when you thought it was just Urban Outfitters stores that were getting the job done, think again. Awesome 80s Bands Merch Pops Up On NME “Guns N’ Roses’ ‘Appetite For Destruction’, Public Enemy’s ‘Yo! Bum Rush the Show’, George Michael’s ‘Faith’, Prince’s ‘Sign O’ The Times’, The Jesus and Mary Chain’s ‘Darklands’ and The...

80s Styles That Will Show Up in Summer ’16

It’s hard to forget some of the fashion statements from the 80s. Plenty of styles have managed to transcend generations and still go one to be big staples in fashion today. We picked out a couple of 80s styles we believe will show up in summer ’16. From washed jean jackets to Zubaz, we think there is some serious potential for all of the pieces included in the list. Of course the influence of 80s fashion on today’s...

Gigi Hadid Brings Back the 80s Fashion on CR Fashion Book Cover

If you haven’t heard of Gigi Hadid, well, she just happens to be one of the hottest models on the circuit right now. Hadid is now gracing the cover of Carine Roitfeld’s CR Fashion Book magazine for an 80s themed “Made In America” edition.  “In the ’80s, fashion created a fantasy around the American girl – athletic, toned, smiling, happy, gracious, and perfect. Now suddenly in 2016, we see the...

Dudes in Cropped Tops—Putting the Omph! Back in the Omphalos

You know what we just don’t see enough of these days? The male navel. Gone are the days of the cropped top fashion trend that dudes seriously embraced throughout the early and mid-80s. Sure, men will still go for a run sometimes with no shirt. But, we have reached an either-or place with respect to male skin up top. Not so in the 80s. 80s guys liked to split the difference. I mean, on the one hand they needed to keep it classy by...

The 80s Prom Dress

We are heading into one of the most important seasons in any teenage girl’s life: PROM SEASON. What to wear? Make up and manicures! HAIR! Should I get a limo? Of course I should! Oh, and yeah, the big question: who’s gonna be my date?!? But the dress – the dress is number one. And back in the 80s, boy, was it ever. The prom dresses of the 1980s were pretty epic; like everything back then, they were bigger and louder than anything...

Pantyhose in the 80s

Which came first: the pantyhose or the egg? Ladies, do you remember wearing pantyhose back in the early 80s? Of course you do because we all wore pantyhose; if we were wearing a dress or a skirt, we were wearing pantyhose.  Because, you know, nothing beats a great pair of l’eggs. In fact, here I am on my first day of 7th grade wearing pantyhose. With my little, white Keds sneakers. In Florida.  We didn’t call them nylons or...

Vote for Your Favorite 80s Fashion

80s fashion had so much to offer, it is impossible to narrow it down to just a few trends.  But, we’re not going to let that stop us.  We’ve picked 9 of the best for this first round, trying to include both gal and dude fashions (happily lots of 80s fashions were unisex) and need your help in picking a winner.  If you don’t see your favorite below, suggest a trend in the comments.  We’ll have a Round 2 based on...

Outback Red vs. Forenza – Battle of The Limited’s Brands

Ahhh, back to school shopping in the 80s. I can just picture myself breezing in and out of some of my favorite mall stores – Rave, Limited Express, and Contempo Casuals among them. But one of my favorites stores to hit on the most important shopping trip of the year was The Limited. Why? The Limited carried great clothes, scarves, jeans, jewelry, watches, hats, and two of my favorite brands ever: Forenza and Outback Red. 2 popular,...

The Jordache Look – Jordache Jeans

By Lori Ferraro Designer jeans were HUGE in the 80s – the very first ones I remember getting were a pair of Sassoon jeans. Sa-Sa-soon after that I added a pair of Gloria Vanderbilts followed by some Sergio Valentes. But the jeans I most remember—my favorite pair—the ones that looked best with my rainbow shirts, satin jackets and leg warmers were my Jordache jeans. Jordache jeans were the jeans to have back in the day – that little...

The Shorts That Screamed Summertime – Terrycloth

By Lori Ferraro In going through old photo albums the other day, I couldn’t help but smile whenever I got to the summer months in the early 80s, with my brother, Mike, and I wearing a whole lotta these:                     Terrycloth shorts were part of the summertime uniform back in the day – everybody was wearing these comfortable, elastic-waist, absorbent towels on their bottom halves. Besides shorts, the ladies also wore these...

Unicorns and Hearts Get Fancy – The Trendy Fair Isle Sweater

Unicorns, hearts and rainbows made their way onto pretty much everything in the 80s – stickers, posters, t-shirts, shoelaces . . . come those chilly fall/winter months what was a stylish pre-teen girl to do???  This! How many of you were sporting a variation of this sweater back in the early 80s? I know I was. Whether it was simply hearts:           Unicorns and hearts: Or . . . umm . . . checkerboards, hearts and bunnies? We were all...

Shoulder Pads

By Lori Ferraro Fashion confession: I loved my shoulder pads back in the 80s, and I have my fingers crossed that they’re next in line for a huge comeback. There…I said it. At the big game on Friday night it was kind of hard to tell the difference between the players on the field and the girls in the stands. We both had our uniforms on — giant, helmet hair and giant, linebacker shoulder pads. Am I crazy? I loved the look!...

You’re the Bomb – Bomber Jackets

At some point in the late 80s, teenage girls (and boys) were walking around like they were straight out of the Air Force Academy. The bomber jacket was all the rage my senior year of high school – it came in many different styles, leather or vinyl, usually in some shade of brown. Some had big ‘ole collars and buckles and some had white, nubby lamb’s wool on the inside. Some were that army green color with the bright orange lining....

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