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In our glass milk bottles wholesale business we have glass bottles that range in size from half-pints to half-gallons.  They can be permanently printed in up to four colours with your logo. These re-fillable glass milk bottle containers can be used for more than just milk. The nostalgic look and feel of the bottles is great for novelty items. They are used for everything from water to personal care, from sauces to detergent, and from promotional items to candles.

Looking for filling equipment or bottle washers for glass milk bottles? Learn more at Dairy Packaging FAQs.

8 ounce 56 mm neck finish

Milk tastings, celebrating anniversaries, holiday giveaways.

16 ounce 48 mm neck finish

(pint bottle with the same foot print as the 32 ounce square quart). Milk, cream, flavored milk products.

16.9 ounce/tall pint 48mm neck finish

A narrower and taller bottle than the 16 ounce.  Milk, cream, flavored milk products.

32 ounce  square 48mm neck finish

(quart)– one of the most popular products for milk, chocolate milk and flavored milks.

32 ounce round, 48 mm neck finish

(quart) – great for milk, egg nog and chocolate milk.

64 ounce 48mm neck

(half gallon)– Our largest milk bottle and most popular for fluid milk products.

64 ounce 38 mm neck

(half gallon) – also great for fluid milk products.

Buy smaller than pallet quantities of our glass milk bottles wholesale online in our general store.

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