Old fashion water well

Old fashion water well
Urban GirlUrban Girl

Dress up this modern city doll on her walk to work through downtown. You never know who you'll so dress your best.

Manhattan GirlManhattan Girl

Get ready for a trip to the big apple New York City! Manhattan is the fashion capital of North America, dress your best and have a great time!

Beautiful Indian GirlBeautiful Indian Girl

Are you comfortable with watching hours and hours of Bollywood music videos? That's part of the fun of going to an Indian restaurant! Order Chicken Tikki Masala and Lamb Vindaloo and watch hours ...

Ancient Chinese Musician GirlAncient Chinese Musician Girl

In ancient China, there were brilliant musicians who never recorded their music, but they were revered across the Middle Kingdom for hundreds of years, their music changing slightly as it was passe...

Equestrian Girls Applejack MakeoverEquestrian Girls Applejack Makeover

Applejack is the most loyal and helpful friend of all the Equestria Girls, she's a simple girl who loves the countryside life, she enjoys working on a farm, and in terms of fashion, she loves strap...

Equestrian Girl Dress UpEquestrian Girl Dress Up

Spring has arrived, and now there is plenty of time to ride your favorite horse! Take her out into the riverbank and let her trot along the river. Run into the gorgeous sunset!

Bohemian Girl Dress UpBohemian Girl Dress Up

Help this girl create a fantastic Bohemian artistic look for the look that will set her apart from all of her hipster contemporaries!

Magician GirlMagician Girl

A magician can make a lot of money in this town! Especially if she has the sleight of hands skills to pull off a three card monty! If she can't mix the cards fast enough, then she can always pull...

Parisian Girl Dress UpParisian Girl Dress Up

This stunning Parisian girl is spending the day in France's many outdoor parks, and if she ever gets hungry she'll head down to the local cafe or bakery for a nice cafe latte and baguette!

African Spa DayAfrican Spa Day

We all have more than enough reasons to visit an exclusive spa once in a while and indulge our senses. Sometimes the daily routine can be unbearable and a spa treat sounds so appealing! There is th...

Brooklyn Girl MakeoverBrooklyn Girl Makeover

Brooklyn is the most populated area of New York City with more than 2.5 million residents among which there are plenty of gorgeous looking girls! But how do you think they manage to keep their natu...

African WeddingAfrican Wedding

Style this blushing bride in either traditional African or exotic white and colorful silk gowns, head dresses, and golden accessories.

Fashion Girl ShoppingFashion Girl Shopping

Mall walk in style! Buy all the latest trends and fab fashions with this pretty style hunter!

Fun Girl NurseFun Girl Nurse

It's her first day as the registered nurse. Dress up this cute nurse in a stylish outfit so she can be the best dressed in the hospital!

Pin Up Girl Dress UpPin Up Girl Dress Up

When trying to be an actress, it's smart to get your name out there with several modeling gigs. That's why this clever girl is going model for a bridal magazine for now only does she get to try on...

Christmas Fashion GirlChristmas Fashion Girl

Dressup for the holidays with this fun Christmas dressup game. Look great this season with tons of clothes to pick and choose from!

Fancy Teen Girl Dress UpFancy Teen Girl Dress Up

This fancy teen loves to hang out in shopping malls. Where else can she find the latest fashions and the cutest boys? Of course, if she were given a choice, she'd take a shopping spree every time!

Halloween Girl Dress UpHalloween Girl Dress Up

Dress the girl in a mix of Halloween costumes and clothes perfect for a Halloween party!

Vacation Girl Dress UpVacation Girl Dress Up

Kathy is always going on vacation. You'll never see her with more vacation days than she can spend because as soon as she signs up for a job, she's counting down the days until her next vacation!

Kindergarten GirlKindergarten Girl

It's this lucky ladies first day of school, ever! Style her up in a fun dress or cute matching shirts and skirts and make the memories of her first day as fashionable as ever.

African Fashion WeekAfrican Fashion Week

Naomi is a very beautiful African model and she is going to be the star of the fashion week in South Africa. She has a very nice black and white collection of dresses and also some typical African ...

Fashion GirlFashion Girl

Fashion knows her stuff. But she can't pick out just one outfit. She needs to see the whole picture, step through the dressing room, and start to see the kind of reaction her latest outfit can ge...

African Princess Dress UpAfrican Princess Dress Up

Africa is a land full of wonders and this beautiful princess wants to show its beauties to everyone!

Demitra Fashion GirlDemitra Fashion Girl

Dress Demitra in a cute selection of trendy clothes. Drag and drop the clothes and give her a nice new look!

School Girl Dress UpSchool Girl Dress Up

This anime girl is going back to school, and if you know anything about anime cartoons, you know that that high school is going to be attacked by either aliens, monsters, or soulstealing creatures!...

Magical Girl BonnieMagical Girl Bonnie

Fantasy and fashion collide with this magical princess fairy and her custom collection of sailor suits, princess gowns, and butterfly wings. Dress this flying girl for a powerful magical ceremony!

December Cover Elf GirlDecember Cover Elf Girl

This cute little fairy has big plans to impress her crush. The yearly dance is taking place tonight and this would be the perfect opportunity to show off her amazing style. She wants to be the mo...

Chic School Girl 2Chic School Girl 2

The three girls are great classmates and also best-friends-forever! They wanna to be the prettiest girls in school, so dress them up in cool matching clothes so everyone will know that they love h...

Stylish Cover GirlStylish Cover Girl

As the stylist for a major magazine, you want to make sure your front page stands out! Give this model the makeover you want with all of it's intense alluring eyes, so use a strong eye liner, eyeb...

Crazy Party GirlsCrazy Party Girls

Hit the clubs with your best bud in cute outfits and new hairdos! Dance all night and have the time of your life in a never ending party adventure in this fun duo doll dressup.

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