Old fashioned kitchen cabinet hardware

Old fashioned kitchen cabinet hardware

Best Fashion BlogsImage by The Cherry Blossom Girl

Numerous blogs are being created every single minute. The bloghosphere is measured in millions and growing. Estimated 10% of these blogs are fashion related, but who has the time to search through them and differentiate the good from the bad? We know you don’t.

The best fashion blogs are:

1. Fashionista.com

Created by Elizabeth Spiers (Gawker founder), the site is written in humorous and catchy language. The posts contain fashion news, splurge & steals styles, of-the-moment designers, and juicy industry gossip.

2. Fashion Hippo – slightly biased? Humor aside, Fashion Hippo finds the best deals & steals, sample sales online, fashion trends, and smart products for urbanistas.

3.The Sartorialist

This is a street fashion blog created by a former high end fashion buyer turned photographer, Scott Schuman. Scott took interest in photography, hit the streets, and photographed catchy styles on New Yorkers.

Scott’s photos are interesting, and commentary is entertaining, so much that his blog became highly successful.

Scott now travels and documents fashion through photography in different parts of the world: Milan, Moscow, London. He has an eye for interesting style and takes photos that tell a story. His blog draws enormous amount of comments and became such success that he now writes a column for GQ and guest blogs on Style.com.

4.The Cherry Blossom Girl

This blog is created by a young French fashion designer named Alix. It is a combination of art and fashion photography, with the blog’s creator modeling in most of the photos.

The blog is the most creative personal fashion diary. It showcases the apparel and accessories that Cherry Blossom Girl owns.  Alix presents images and ideas from an interesting angle, showing the world she lives in as beautiful and enchanted.


Looking to dress like a celebrity for less? This blog is what you are looking for. Each post features a celebrity look, then recreates each outfit piece by piece at a fraction of a price.  Links are provided suggesting where to purchase each item. Each piece ranges from to .


Omiru posts outfits and looks suggestions for real people at affordable prices. Most of the styles featured can be worn daily and affordable to most. The outfits are created in Polyvore. Links are provided to where each item can be purchased.

7.Manolo the Shoe Blogger

This is one of the first shoe blogs created in 2004. Manolo posts in third person and is very clear about the fact that he is not affiliated with Manolo Blahnik. Manolo’s posts are satirical and a balanced combination of humor, celebrity, and fashion.

Due to the light style and entertaining posts this blog was mentioned many times in the print (such as New York Magazine) and media.

Manolo now has a weekly column in the Express a Washington Post Publication.

Manolo’s Shoe Blog is believed to be the most profitable independent fashion blog, “rumored to be [earning] around 0,000 a year” by 2006. Manolo has confirmed he earns a six-figure salary through blogging.

8. GoFugYourself

Heather and Jessica from Go Fug Yourself write humorous posts about celebrity and fashion.

Their blog has such a large following that they were recently invited to cover Fashion Week for New York Magazine.


Created in 2007 as one of the famous Gawker media blogs, this blog covers celeb, sex, and fashion for women.

10. Fashion Toast

The blog features daring styles of the blog creator. While most of these styles are mostly targeted at under 30(way under), I like to look at it to draw inspiration.

Some of the styles reminds of the looks I wanted to try, but didn’t get a chance. It inspires me to be more daring and creative with my current looks (although much more polished). Sometimes it takes a complete opposite force to move our style into a new direction.

Take a look at the significant number of comments this blog draws after each post.

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