Pear shaped fashion tips

Pear shaped fashion tips

Hi. I´m impressed with your Gleeful Fashionista. I´m going to follow new trends on your site. Hope you’ll have styles for fat women like me, LOL, with narrow shoulders, very wide hips and emphasized rear, especially for those with big upper arms. You know I can´t wear sleeveless during night parties, it doesn´t complement my body. Thanks. God bless always Girlie

Hey Girlie! Sorry for the long overdue response! From what you are telling me, I believe you have a pear shaped body. You and I are in the same boat!

Did you know the following celebrities have pear shape body type?

Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson

What makes a body Pear Shaped?
You have a Pear Shaped Body when you have narrow shoulders and your bust is smaller by 2 inches or more than your hips. Pear shaped bodies will have a larger backside and shorter legs.

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Tips on Dressing a Pear Shaped Body:

1. V Neckline
Because we want to draw attention away from our heavier bottom, a V Neckline draws attention upwards to our face.

2. Darker Shades for Our Bottom Half
You probably have heard that black is more slimming. This is true. The darker the color, the more slimming it looks. Wear darker colored denim or bottoms in general to “slim” down your hips. It’s what J. Lo did in the picture above.

3. Lightweight Fabrics
To balance our bigger bottoms, wear lighter weight fabrics. The thicker the fabrics, the bigger you will look. This goes for your top half also.

Casual Day or Weekend Look for Pear Shaped Figure

Pear Shaped Body Casual and Polished OutfitI would choose more flowy tops with V-Necks to draw more attention upwards. The tops also have longer sleeves with a dolman sleeve, poet sleeves, and cold shoulders. These tops are great for flattering bigger upper arms, yet still sexy with movement. You can also try scoop neck, square necks, or a wrapped top. What I also like about these tops – they are dual purpose. They look great for casual wear and they look great when dressing up.

Now, let’s focus on bottoms. Jeans and pants tend to gap at the waist. This pretty can be fixed with a belt or a trip to your tailor. It’s not expensive! This alteration cost at a minimum – depending on your tailor. But it does miracles. For us Pear Shaped types, go for a trouser in a dark color. This helps to slim the hips. Bootcuts are great for taller ladies. If you are petite, go for straight leg.

Belts should be your best friend. Belting around your waist will make it look like you’re slimmer. It might not look right in the mirror but take a picture instead. A picture does not lie. This happened to me before. I was shocked at how much slimmer I looked with a belt around my natural waist line.

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On The Go Professional Looks for Pear Shaped Figure

Pear Shaped Body Work OutfitsFor a great work outfit, get a good blazer with 2 buttons. Those 2 buttons cinches in your waist and creates the illusion of a slimmer figure. With a 1 button blazer, the bottom of the blazer flares out that makes the eye travel to your hips first. We want to elongate and move the eye upwards. Blazers can also be worn with dresses so you can create more outfit looks.

Be playful with your outfits. Wear brights and ruffles for your tops but stick to basics for bottoms. Also find a blazer that ends right at your hips. You don’t want to wear a too short or too long of a blazer.

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All Night Party Go-er for Pear Shaped Figure

Pear Shaped Body DressesFor parties, dresses are easy to wear so don’t be afraid of them. Check out dresses with:

1. Empire Waist
This cut will emphasize your waist and “slim” down your hips. Empire dresses are best worn right above the knee.

2. A-line it
A-line means the style of the skirt of the dress. A-Line looks like it’s flaring out like an A. This style cut is very elegant and lady like.

3. Wrapped Effect
Diane Von Furstenburg is well-known for her wrapped dresses. Her figure flattering dresses are still a sensation after decades of being on the market. Wrapped Dress creates a ruching to the side of the dress that effectively hides and flatters your hip and tummy area.

4. Let’s Talk Shoes
Did you know that nude color shoes help elongate your legs? The color adds more height in addition to the actual shoes. Isn’t that great! Not only are you taller in your shoes, you will look taller wearing nude color shoes (or skin tone colored shoes).

5. The Swimsuit for Pear Shape
Because your hips are wider than your shoulders and you have smaller bust, you need swimsuit that gives details on the bust with simplier, less embelished bottom. Try mix and match, a black bikini bottom with a bright colored (detailed) bikini top, or wear bandeau tops. Subtly add volume to your bust by wearing tops with paddings or underwire. See more tips: How to Choose Your Perfect Swimwear

If you look good, you feel good. I hope you will try these tips. Take a look in your wardrobe. You should have a few of these pieces already. Try it out and prepare for a new look, a new you.

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