Plus size junior fashions

Plus size junior fashions

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When I first crossed over from size 18 to 20 and could no longer find clothes that fit in straight sized clothing stores I panicked. My mom jumped in to save the day and got a Lane Bryant store credit card one day after a trip to the mall. I’m certain that she got the credit card after seeing me light up because something in a store actually fit me, probably after several watery eyed trips through stores that had nothing to offer. I’m really lucky that my mom was there to encourage me to find things I loved, even as my body grew (and to finance it!), it made a world of difference in my self love journey and being happy in the body I’m in.

That was about 10 years ago, and the plus size clothing industry has grown exponentially since the days of being stuck shopping at one or two plus size stores. The options are still minimal compared to straight sized clothing.

Cheap options are still a struggle to find for anyone over a size 24, in fact ANY options are hard to find in a size over a 24. But the plus size industry IS growing, and there are a lot of options that many fat babes don’t know about.

I wish I could play mom and finance everyone’s first plus size store credit card, but alas… I’m just a blogger. But I can put together one serious list of all the options you’ve got so you don’t have to wonder around a mall going from one fitting room to another while holding back tears.

“If it’s inaccessible to the poor it’s neither radical nor revolutionary”


Ok, look… I know we’re just talking about clothing here but I frequently feel like all the strides and progress the plus size clothing industry is making are still completely and totally useless for low-income individuals. The feeling of being able to dress yourself in something that makes  you feel good is something that every person should have access to. Loving your body and expressing yourself should not be limited to people who are monetarily wealthy.

So here are some of my favorite picks for beautiful fatshionistas on a budget. Cheap plus size clothes!!!! Everything here is under (and many many things are under 20!).

This site is a new addition to the budget babes line up. Loralette is Avenue’s little sister store. They carry less expensive, more “hip” pieces that are on trend and don’t hurt your pocket book. They’re almost always having a sale (woo-hoo!), and their pieces are adorable. Sizes go up to 3x, and prices start around !

Have ya’ll seen this new line on Amazon??? Everything is under and IT GOES UP TO SIZE 7X (size 40). All the pieces are basics and essentials that can be dressed up or down. This line is exclusive to Amazon Prime members, don’t worry you can get your 30 day free trial here.

Rainbow sells trendy and basic pieces up to 3X. Their prices go up to about per item, but generally hover just under per piece. I have done several YouTube reviews of their clothes, and they’re definitely a favorite of mine!

I’ll be honest, I’ve been a little bit grumpy at Old Navy. They charge more for plus size items that are the same as straight size items, and it just doesn’t feel great and it doesn’t seem like they’re changing that any time soon. However, they continue to make great looking basics at reasonable prices and I just can’t quit them!!! Almost everything is under and if you catch a sale you can get things even cheaper. Sizes go up to 4x/30!

A major staple store for lots of straight sized people, h&m started carrying plus sizes a few years ago and they’ve really made some great strides in their selection. My favorite thing about this store is that there is more than just casual wear, there is chic workwear and night out clothes as well. Sizes up to 3x, prices start at .

I haven’t had a Kmart in my town for many, many years and I occasionally forget that they’re still out there doing their thing. Let me tell you – they are definitely doing their thing! They’ve expanded their plus size offerings, and have adorable pajamas, dresses, and activewear for babes up to size 26. Their prices can’t be beat, starting around .

I have done a Youtube review of on my channel before, and I was blown away by some of the pieces I was able to get for a fraction of what they retail for. This online consignment store sells tons of plus size clothing at deep discounts and offers a selection that is a plus size thrifters dream! Sizes up to 38, prices starting around just !!! Shopping tip: there is not a plus size section, the easiest way to shop is to filter items by size!!!

Affordable Plus Size Clothing //

Affordable Plus Size Clothing //

Boohoo makes super trendy and cute clothes up to a size 20. I’m going to be honest, though and say that I frequently shop with them because they always have great “oversized” stuff that fits my size 26 frame perfectly (check out this post and this post to see their pieces on me). I love their tees and their flowy dresses! Almost all items on the site are under .

We all know I have some feelings about Forever21. I put them aside for their wildly affordable fashions. Cause god damn those swimsuits are too cute to pass up! Sizes up to 3x. Prices start at around , and they’re still my fave cheap fast fashion place!

Remember that store you used to shop in at the mall? It’s back and carrying some cute plus size clothes! They are constantly having sales, and very often their items are well below a piece.

I live for Amazon clothes. It can be daunting to try and find exactly what you want on there some times, so I always recommend people use it as a price checker for brands that would generally be carried in department stores. My favorite T-shirts come from Amazon (up to 5x), and you seriously cannot beat Amazon’s return policies. If you aren’t checking out the plus size section on Amazon you’re missing out.


A few more places for babes on a budget to check out include:

Walmart | Kmart | Moddeals | Azazie ( bridesmaid dresses up to size 30!!!!)

I hope you all found something you like for the first portion of our 100 Plus Size Clothing Stores series! I’m so excited to share more with you every Wednesday! Until then, happy shopping budget babes!!!! Last updated: 12/27/17







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