Punk rock fashion designers

Punk rock fashion designers

Steampunk clothing borrows heavily not just from Victorian-era technology, but also from culture, customs, politics and science to create an anachronistic retro-future world. The genre has been a popular theme in literature, film and even music for more than twenty years!

In recent years steampunk fashion has risen in popularity, and many fans of steampunk are incorporating it into their everyday lives – most notably through the clothes they wear.

So how do you rock the steampunk look? It’s more than just costumes, after all. Steampunk clothing for women normally consists of dresses (layered with petticoats, of course), steampunk corsets, Victorian blouses, leggings, jackets and outerwear such as tailcoats and, of course, accessories.

For men, steampunk fashion draws a lot of inspiration from Victorian clothing fit for a gentleman. Think of steampunk vests, waistcoats, Victorian shirts, hats, and tailcoats. Add in some carefully selected men’s accessories like goggles, holsters, and pocket-watches, and you’ll start to get the picture!

Steampunk fashion is all about combining the old with the new. The antiquated with the futuristic. This what makes clothing so unique! What another style of clothing combines Victorian inspired outfits with futuristic flying goggles and ornamental ray guns?

The answer: none! Steampunk fashion is fresh, new and unique (despite its antiquated aesthetic). And it's rising popularity means that there are a growing number of affordable clothing and accessories available to buy online. So if you want to create eye-catching steampunk costumes, or rock a more toned-down Victorian inspired outfit, you can find all the clothing items you need to get the look by simply shopping online.

You can buy unique steampunk clothes quickly and easily, or simply browse Victorian clothing collections to gain inspiration. And whether you're simply dipping your toe into the world of steampunk fashion, or you’re shopping for a big and bold cosplay costume – you can count on RebelsMarket to bring you the best selection of steampunk clothing on the web!

Steampunk is Victorian science fiction. Here “Victorian” is not meant to indicate a specific culture, but rather references a time period and an aesthetic: the industrialized 19th century. Steampunk is Victorian science fiction. Here “Victorian” is not meant to indicate a specific culture, but rather references a time period and an aesthetic: the industrialized 19th century.

Our steampunk clothing is intricately designed and full of creativity. Our designs from mens tops, to women corsets takes imagining a future that looks dramatically un-modern to modern eyes. Submarines, space travel, aircraft and mechanized life were all imagined by the Victorians, but while some of these came very close to the mark they still differed from where the future actually went.

Most of our steampunk clothing choices are mostly influenced by the Victorian era, but in a futuristic way. Today, various corsets, bustle skirts, top hats and other items have been used in the fashion of this time. Shop here and find all the elements you need to complete your steampunk outfit. 

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