Retro fashion style guide

Retro fashion style guide

"Guide to Buying and Wearing Womens Vintage Clothing"

If you love to dress well and want to add charm and interest to your style, then vintage fashion and clothing are definitely something you should experiment with! Vintage-inspired outfit form Mod Cloth
Courtesy of Modcloth
I personally love past-time details for a cute and nostalgic look, and not the least the uniqueness in the details of the garments and accessories.

So What Exactly is Vintage Clothing
and How Can You Look Stylish in it?

Vintage clothing refers to new or second hand garments from a previous era where the fashion was highly influenced by:

  • The youth culture (movie and music industry)
  • and
  • Norms and attitudes in society

You have the "anything-goes" 90s, bold and gaudy 80s, psychedelic 70s, Mods of the 60s, glamorous 50s, and the list goes on :-) 80s American sit-com
80s American sitcom "Designing Women"
In this guide you'll find fashion tips, styling tricks, ideas and advice on buying and wearing womens vintage clothing - from strategies to buying cheap vintage clothing to finding the best vintage stores and sources.

The Old is the New Fashion Era

As explained in the Street Fashion-section, there's a new era of fashion today that is highly influenced by individuality and personal style.

There's no need to only wear high-end and trendy garments to look stylish - wearing the old is becoming modern and the new way of dressing.

"(...) Vintage [clothing] is not only glorious and stylish, it's also the way forward in terms of recycling. Whenever I go into great vintage stores, I wonder why we ever buy new things."
- Thandie Newton (British actress)

And imagine that vintage fashion spans from several decades. The looks and style options are endless - the rules of fashion are getting flexible and are slowly but surely being broken down!

Vintage Fashion = One-of-a-Kind Look

Most vintage clothing you can find on the market today are one-of-a-kind or limited in edition. The chances on stumbling upon someone with the same piece are slim - you'll definitely stand out from the crowd. Just imagine wearing a piece of history that exudes originality.

If you haven't gotten acquainted with fashions of the past, it's time to go back in time and discover how vintage handbags, shirts, dresses, sweaters and other accessories can take your style to another level!

Let's take a look at the eras and vintage-topics I'm covering:

Guides to Womens Vintage Fashion & Clothing

Looking for a specific vintage clothing or topic? Search for it here:

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So Why Do Vintage Fashion Rock?

There are many reasons - looking unique being one of them!

Here are the reasons to why vintage clothing is becoming increasingly popular and an acceptable and modern way to dress in the 21st century:

Womens vintage clothing is a green option.

Ok, so saving the nature might not be the first thing on your mind when you're looking for vintage, but hey, you're wearing something second-hand and original while reducing the pollution the fashion industry is dumping on our earth!

Vintage clothes has unusual fabrics and tailoring.

Unique vintage fashion clothes and details
Unique vintage sewing patterns
Courtesy of cccfashion.blogspot
The pieces have patterns, details and quality that you often can't find in most affordable stores today. That's a total wow-factor when it comes to style!

It's not like the cookie-cutter clothes you see in our stores today. Vintage is unique and available in limited edition, and that prevents your style from becoming mainstream.

Most vintage clothing is of high quality.

Why? Because further back in time, our society wasn't so industrialized as it is today. Meaning, most of the clothes in the past were made by hand and designers and pattern makers gave each piece love and attention.

Vintage fashion has something for everyone.

You can find something in vintage fashion that suits your personal style. From dramatic Art Deco 20's-30's to tailored 40's-50's. Flowy hippie 60's and disco 70's to rock & urban 80's - so really, there's something for everyone!

Vintage clothing never goes out of style.

(Ok, I'm not talking about the really, reaaaally old vintage, like Victorian, frilly pieces). Vintage is hip and charming. It's timeless. It's stylish. Vintage fashion adds depth and realness to your style.

It's not intimidating as wearing high-end from top to toe, or slavish as the latest fashion trends. But only if you wear it right ;) You'll have to adapt to our modern society, so you might want to mix vintage with staples to balance the overall look.

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