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Made in the European UnionThe products section provides detailed info on the range of goods we currently offer. You can take a look at the newest articles below - our full pantyhose catalog - Hosiery Catalog.
All of the products we offer are made in our own factories in Bulgaria.

  • Pantyhose and Footless Tights
  • Fashion Pantyhose and Footless Tights - Jacquard Pattern articles
    • Luxury collection (Tigress, Arc, Leaves, Butterfly patterned tights)
    • Golden Collection (Bouquet fashion tights)
    • Elite Collection (Palm, Beecell, Fishnet, BikiniTop)
  • Stockings , Knee-highs, Stay-Ups
  • Fashion Stockings
  • Children Tights
  • Tights for Men, Legwear for Men
  • Body stockings and Body Tights
    • Fashion Body Stockings and Fashion Body Tights (being developed)
    • Bodystockings for massages (Required for certain massages)
  • Accessories (coming soon..)
  • Other products
    • Industrial fiber filters from polyamide (Used in paint production factories, hospitals)
    • Products for the pharmacutical industry from cellulose fibers.
    • Bowling socks and stockings (for men and women)

Please send us your feedback on our products.

Learn more on pantyhose.

Go to the Info page for more information on tights production, history, etc.

Tim Legwear is a tights producer with a great variety of products from the luxury pantyhose to the fashion leggings and fashion knee highs. Please browse through our complete hosiery catalog and manufactured Hosiery products lists. We update our pantyhose catalog very often and it is richer in products than most tights catalogues.


All yarns we work with are tested for harmful substances and have a Oeko-Tex 100 certificate.
All of the products we produce are made in our own hosiery factory in Bulgaria.


NEW - The Golden Collection

Go to Golden Collection Page..The elastic figured pantyhose BOUQUET is the latest response to the World's Fashion Trends. All the new technologies and the finest fibers are involved into the creation of this article. It is specially made for the women that want to be corresponding to the ever changing fashion.

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The Luxury Collection

Click to enlarge.. You already know our Luxury collection of fashion patterned stockings and Tights. New we are offering more interesting articles from this collection. The collection's main features have been overlooked to make the new products natural finish of your outfit.

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Products Hosiery Catalog

 The best known quality all over Europe ..

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