Skills to be a fashion designer

Skills to be a fashion designer

Did you grow up dreaming of becoming a successful fashion designer? It is a hugely sought after profession, but that doesn’t mean you are tailor made for the role of a fashion designer.Many amongst us read the ‘Vogue’ magazine, watch fashion shows and go through fashion blogs, idealise Coco Chanel, Raghavendra Rathore or maybe Sabyasachi Mukherjee, but do you actually have, what it takes to shine in this field?

High on Creativity and Artistic Skills

Are you well known for being artistic? Do you have an inclination for all kinds of creative fine arts? An inherent sense of creativity is quite necessary if you want to make a mark into the fashion world. Artistry and imagination can provide you with the instincts necessary to convert raw material into a breathtaking piece of art.

Excellent Drawing Ability

Are you a master artist? If yes, that’s Awesome! Because you’ll surely require this skill while you pursue your career in fashion designing. Strong drawing skills are necessary for you to give your imagination life on paper. If you’re lacking in this particular area, you can surely take classes to practice sketching various clothes for different occasions.

Fine Eye for Detail

Fashion designers don’t just simply need to be good artists but they also require to have a brilliant eye for superb details. Even if you are good at visualizing and drawing, still you should be able to take care of the minute and intricate details on any garment, like the ruffles and pleats formed at the end of a skirt, at the waist of a blouse or the sleeves. All the minute ruching and embroidery should be very carefully looked into. The best fashion designers have an amazing taste and a great eye for all the delicate intricacies.

Strong Visualization Skills

A professional fashion designer must surely possess strong visualization skills as he/she needs to work for lots of clients along with other fellow colleagues. The better your visualisation skills, the more proficient you’ll be at making your ideas come alive on the paper so that the colleagues and clients get a better insight into the design as they work towards the finished product.

Excellent Communication and Interpersonal Skills


The entire designing procedure, whether it be jewelry, footwear, clothing or accessories, requires collaboration with colleagues. You cannot work on a particular project all by yourself. Instead, you should share your ideas with colleagues and encourage them to work. You’d also require great communication skills to land up with more desirable projects from clients of your choice.

A Sharp Business Sense

To survive in the fashion world, you must have a thorough understanding of business, including the key business areas like finance, sales, and marketing, which are essential to becoming successful in the fashion industry. Creativity is the soul of fashion, but without any understanding of business, it is really hard to profitably sustain a fashion brand. Most of the talented designers end up all bankrupt, as they have no understanding of fashion’s financial side.

A Competitive Spirit

As a fashion designer, you need to make yourself a remarkable trendsetter. For being a trendsetter you’ll require innovative designs and to give form to the most original and creative designs a competitive spirit is necessary. If you don’t remain motivated you’ll never be able to cater to newer tastes and choices.

Interest in Evergreen Trends

Remain updated on the current as well as the evergreen trends. Research more about the prevailing preferences amongst buyers and learn what the most sought after designers are creating. Flow with the new trend while sticking to the all time favorites.

Now that you’ve gone through the above points. Give some time to yourself and think whether you have what it takes to be a fashion designer. If you feel that you lack the skills needed to be a part of the fashion industry, don’t get disheartened, instead enroll in a fashion institute or join a fashion college to polish yourself. Create an impressive profile as a fashion designer on Ohire and attach a video resume highlighting your positive points to land up into the fashion job of your dreams.


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