Teen fashion spring 2018

Teen fashion spring 2018



UPDATE 1 Feb A full preview of the Pandora Spring 2018 collection can be found here. UPDATED Sadly, I’ve had to take down the images by instruction of Pandora.

Today’s post brings a little post-Christmas treat, with a first little look at the Pandora Spring 2018 collection, with a sneak peek at a handful of the new charms and jewellery! Offering bright, rainbow colours and a new bracelet concept, this little set of jewellery seems like something of a departure from the usual. :)

This is by no means the full set, and I expect that there will be lots more to see, but it gives us a little taste of what ideas, colours and themes Pandora have in mind with this release. :) Spring releases normally launch in mid-March, which is when I would expect to see these pieces in stores.

Read on for the sneak peek!

Pandora Spring 2018 collection sneak peek

First, we have a look at new charms and a bracelet! The charms are colourful, inspired by rainbows and spring shades. The murano has a vibrant blue and cloud pattern, like a summer sky, and then looks like a rainbow swirled into the glass, as well? I love the look of this one!



The new bracelet appears to be a fusion of the smooth Moments bracelet with the adjustable bangles. I don’t really see how you’d put charms on the bracelet, apart from clips? Unless one end detaches from the main chain, perhaps. I’d be interested to know more about this one!

Next, we have rainbow-themed jewellery to match, also decked out in a bright array of colour.



Pandora Mother’s Day 2018 Teasers

I don’t have any pics of these pieces yet, but I’ve been told about a couple of the upcoming pieces for the Pandora Mother’s Day 2018 collection:

  • A child holding a balloon – the balloon is attached to the bracelet, with the child dangling from it
  • Tree of Life-style designs
  • A bangle version of the new Pandora Valentine’s 2018 heart padlock bracelet

Apparently it’s quite similar in style to the Valentine’s collection.

Pandora Consumer Survey Spring/Summer 2018

The next set of sneak peeks is rather unusual! Pandora in the US have sent an email survey out to a select number of collectors, asking them to give their opinions on some of the planned designs for the Pandora SS18 collections. Inevitably, these initial sneak peeks have made their way online, and I’ve collated what I’ve seen so far here. Many thanks to the lovely Jahndra at MyXpressions, Grisell Martinez and everyone else who helped me get the info on this! :)

Pandora have noted that these are provisional designs, and that we’ll see ‘our favourites’ in store for SS18. However, as there’s some overlap with the designs I’ve already seen in a separate preview, I suspect that all of these designs might be planned for release in the coming months.

The Aqua Hearts is one for blue lovers, and seems like it might be a Summer 2018 design perhaps?


There’s also a clear version of the blue pavé charm I previewed at the beginning of the post:

The Radiant Hearts charm and pavé Open Your Heart clip have been given the multi-coloured treatment to match the rainbow charms I previewed above:


But I think this one is my favourite! It looks like the Essence mosaics that came out for Autumn 2016 last year, but I’m hoping that this is actually a Moments charm. It looks lovely – a bit more of a subtle take on the rainbow theme.

To finish off the rainbow theme, we have a matching safety chain! I love the little cloud detail on the chain, but am not sure about the pavé rainbows at the top. I’d have to see it in person.


If this one is a bit much for you, however, there’s also this one in plain CZ and no rainbow:



Pandora appear to be pondering a charm in celebration of Women’s Day 2018 this year, with pink CZ ribbons:

This one is one that’s very different from anything we’ve seen before – and my first impression is that I really like it! It would be difficult to wear, I think, depending on how the tassels are in real life, but I love the look of the stock image. Very elegant, and unique in Pandora’s current collection.


Next, we come to three new Pandora Disney Spring 2018 designs! The first is this Climbing Mickey safety chain, which I think is great. I love how creative Pandora are getting with their safety chain designs lately, and the addition of the little Mickey crawling up the side is too cute.


The Mickey Gestures safety chain is also fun, and I like that it’s plain silver.


I don’t care as much for this Vintage Minnie charm – normally I like pretty pastels, and I get that this is going after a very iconic kitschy vintage shade of baby pink, but I think it would be hard to style.


Moving on, we come to a set of Pandora Rose designs.The first is called Part of My Heart, and mixes pink, purple and clear CZs with a Rose plate heart.



I missed the name of this next one (did anyone catch it?), but I’m guessing this would be a Mother’s Day 2018 offering.

The Wildflower Meadow has elements that I like – the warm ochre CZs in the flowers mixed with the Rose metal is lovely, but it’s ultimately a bit busy for my liking. The detail of the little ladybird hanging from it is adorable, though!

Two of the Spring 2016 Magnolia Bloom charms from last year have been given a makeover in Rose:



Of the Rose beads, I’m leaving the most interesting until last – the Bella Bot! Normally we don’t see character beads in the Rose collection, but Pandora have managed to deviate from that with this wonderfully off-the-wall design. The charm is threaded through its head, so its body would dangle from your bracelet…



Finally, however, we have what is rather a new concept – plated yellow gold charms. We have a couple of heart designs:


Including the Fan of Love, which looks to be like it’s based on the Bride & Groom charm that came out in 2016:

The Shining Elegance clip also makes an appearance…

And the Shining Path clip, also, with the addition of warm amber CZs as well as clear:


This one strikes me as another Mother’s Day 2018 offering – one side reads Love you More and the other one Love you Most. 

My favourite of these is the You are my Sunshine dangle, which looks like the sun when closed and contains a little message when open.
The Golden Honey charm is another one that’s a bit different from the usual – offering warm amber enamel and plated yellow gold. It’s like a Crunchie charm, haha. This is pretty but I’m not sure how I’d style it…



Moving on to other jewellery, I’ve collaged the earrings below. Surprisingly, some of my favourite designs from this sneak peek are in this selection – the Springtime Bird earrings are beautiful plain silver designs that remind me of Trollbeads, while the feathers with their pop of blue are also lovely. The purple ladybird earrings are sweet, too. I’d love to see matching charm designs to go with those!



Finally, we have a couple of new floating locket pendants and a Disney necklace.


My Comment

This is a fun initial sneak peek, and one that piques my curiosity more than usual.  I can see it being divisive among collectors, as the primary colour scheme is vibrant and bold, even childlike, but I love the cheerfulness of it. And the fact that it’s different from pastels and flowers (much as I love those!). :) I just bought the mesh bracelet in the US sale, and I could see myself doing a mini design on that with the murano and the rainbow dangle. 🌈 The heart design I feel works less well with the mixture of colour.

I suspect that all of these survey designs will be making it out to the public, but the ones I particularly like and hope to see for sure are pretty much all the safety chains, the Enchanted Tassel, the Rainbow Mosaic and then the Sunshine / Honey charms from the gold selection.

The concept of gold-plated jewellery will, I imagine, be controversial. If it’s intended as a replacement for the solid 14kt gold range, then I’m not keen – however, as another option, I’m not exactly against it. If it’s as well-executed as Pandora Rose, then I’m not necessarily against it.

What do you think of these pieces? Are there any you might get?

UPDATED Sadly, I’ve had to take down the images by instruction of Pandora.


December 26, 2017 by Mora Pandora | 203 Comments

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