Test fest 2012 foto

Test fest 2012 foto
Adobe Certified Associate

Leveraging the ACA program allows you, as an educator, to effectively teach and validate relevant digital skills while providing students with credentials that jumpstart their creative career.

To help you get started, we recommend watching these helpful videos:

How to Host a Test Fest - 1

This one minute video explains why ACA certification makes a difference.

ow to Host a Test Fest - 2

This four minute video guides you through the planning and execution of an ACA Test Fest.

ow to Host a Test Fest - 3

This one minute video shows how to prepare your students to take an ACA certification exam.

Feel free to use and customize the downloadable templates found on this page. These templates should help simplify preparation, marketing, and management of your ACA Test Fest.

  1. Event Checklist
  2. Test Fest Schedule
  3. Participant Online Registration
  4. Email Templates
  5. Social Media Samples
  6. Event Flyer/Poster
  7. Event Press Release Templates
  8. Document Source Files

Certiport is dedicated to helping you successfully promote and deliver the ACA program at your school. If you have any questions, or require assistance please click here to locate your Certiport representative.

Use these templates to help you organize and advertise your upcoming ACA Test Fest.
Click the icon to download:
  • Event ChecklistDownloadUse this document to start planning for a successful ACA Test Fest (PDF)
  • Test Fest ScheduleDownloadUse this document to organize the events associated with your ACA Test Fest (PDF)
  • Participant Online RegistrationDownloadUse this How To guide to set up an online registration for your ACA Test Fest (PDF)
  • Email TemplatesDownloadUse these HTML email templates to invite, confirm registration, and remind students about your ACA Test Fest (Zip File)
  • Social Media SamplesDownloadUse these social media samples to promote your ACA Test Fest (PDF)
  • Event PosterDownloadUse this poster to help you advertise your ACA Test Fest (PDF)
  • Event Press Release TemplatesDownloadUse these sample press releases to promote your ACA Test Fest to your local media outlets (PDF)
  • Document Source FilesDownloadUse these Adobe InDesign source files to easily customize your ACA Test Fest materials (Zip File)

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