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Fashion's Night Out is a global initiative, sponsored by Vogue and the CFDA. [1] The first event began in 2009, it was held in New York. In 2010 the event will be held in Australia, Brazil, China, London, Paris, Berlin, Greece, India, Milan, Portugal, Russia, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan and Turkey. It is thought that Karl Lagerfeld will be attending the Fashion's Night Out event in New York as well as New York Fashion Week. [2] The Fashion's Night Out 2010 will be run by fifteen different editions of Vogue magazine. [3]

Fashion's Night Out began in 2009 as a means to encourage consumers to shop and support the fashion industry during the tough economic climate. [4] The event has expanded to 16 countries in 2010 and will occur over the span of eight days to maximize traffic in individual retail environment. [5]

Countries Participating

There will be 16 countries participating in this year's Fashion's Night Out event. [6] Three more locations have been added to Fashion's Night Out since last year. [7]

The event will occur over eight days. [8] The event has been touted as the largest fashion show ever to occur in New York. [9] Over 200 models and looks will be attending the event.

  • France- 7th September
  • Britain, Korea- 8th September
  • Australia, Milan, Portugal, Germany- 9th September
  • India, Russia, USA- 10th September
  • China, Japan, Taiwan- 11th September
  • Greece and Turkey- 16th September [10]


Fashion's Night Out Australia will begin at 6pm on the 9th of September in Sydney's CBD. [11] It will focus mainly on Pitt street, Castelreagh street and Martin Place.[12][13]

New York

The Fashion's Night Out event in New York has been rescheduled to September 7th to stop a conflict with Rosh Hashanah. The event has been moved to the Lincoln Center[14], which is also the new venue for the 2010 New York Fashion Week. [15] 1500 shoppers will be able to purchase tickets to attend the New York event. Proceeds will be distributed to the New York City AIDS Fund. [16]

Fashion's Night Out in New York will be filmed and a show being produced by Spec Entertainment will air on CBS on September 15th. [17] It has been dubbed the biggest fashion event in history. [18]


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