Young fashion brand clothes beginning with o

Young fashion brand clothes beginning with o

A.S.98 | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Father and son Piero and Cristian Oliosi have been renowned for their shoes since the 1980's. They have two craftsmen-filled factories, the original near Verona, Italy and the other in Bosnia. The creative inspiration this year involves striking, rough, handcrafted and with unique details – that’s the style of A.S.98.


Acorn | Go to products made by this brand: Men

Acorn slippers are a source of "Comfort on Earth" for people everywhere who enjoy quality, workmanship, and performance. You'll find fun styles in engaging colorways but best of all, your feet will be relaxed and happy.

Adam Tucker

Adam Tucker | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Adam Tucker has designed shoes in collaboration with Me Too and has created exclusive footwear for Anthropologie. Now he has his own label of comfortable, cushiony, and fashionable footwear. Come in and try a pair of Adam Tucker shoes!


adidas | Go to products made by this brand: Men | Girls | Boys | New Arrivals

The Dassler brothers started making sport shoes in their mother's wash kitchen but as brothers sometimes do, went their separate ways. Rudolph's shoes eventually became Puma, Adolf's were registered as Adidas (the name taken from Adi, short for Adolf, and Das from Dassler). Adolf understood the importance of identifying with prominent athletes and supplied shoes and components for two early Olympic gold medal winners, Lina Radke (1928 Amsterdam) and Jesse Owens (1936 Berlin). Since then, elite athletes the world over have been drawn to Adidas, and a legend was born.

AGL Attilio Giusti Leombruni

AGL Attilio Giusti Leombruni | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Passion is the gene that seems to have been passed from Piero Giusti to his son Attilio. Passion for elegant design, artistic sensitivity, and the finest materials that informs over 50 years of footwear manufacturing. AGL shoes balance craft and couture to create stylish, sophisticated shoes that are fundamentally wearable.


Ahnu | No shoes in stock at the moment

Ahnu was founded by three outdoor-loving individuals who combined their passions by engineering performance shoes with modern organic aesthetics, on-trend designs and sleek, vibrant colors. They put great effort to make "outdoor" more accessible but not so "agro" in looks. In the end they found a balance between fitness and fashion, performance and, and play!

Alan Payne

Alan Payne | Go to products made by this brand: Men

Combining top quality and craftsmanship, Alan Payne excels at handmade shoes and casuals in classic styles. Men's Loafers, Bucks, and more, often in exotic materials from Crocodile to Deerskin, these shoes are unique every time.


ALL BLACK | Go to products made by this brand: Women

ALL BLACK came to the North American scene in summer of 2006. The footwear is fashion forward and features innovative materials and retro-inspired designs but with "Soft Sole" construction that provides the all-important element of comfort.

Allen Edmonds

Allen Edmonds | Go to products made by this brand: Men

Quality, service and integrity are the keywords for Allen Edmonds footwear. Still manufactured in the US, Allen Edmonds chooses only the finest leathers and components and combine these with classic enduring styling. Cork is inserted between the insole and outsole. This allows each foot to form its own footbed for truly custom support. Add to this a vast array of sizes and widths (from 6 to 16 and from 3A to 3E) and Allen Edmonds shoes are sure to fit! The old-world craftsmanship that goes into Allen Edmond shoes enables them to be recrafted for many years of wearing pleasure.

Altra Running

Altra Running | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Men

What happens when dedicated elite runners start hacking their footwear in the back room of a Wasatch Mountain store? Altra Running shoes! What started out as experimental shoe alterations has transformed into the only shoe company to provide a cushioned Zero Drop platform and FootShape™ toe box.


Arche | Go to products made by this brand: Women

The designers at Arche start with the belief that black and brown do not go with everything. The use of a huge palette of rich, vibrant colors in the highest quality luxurious leathers, suedes, and nubucks reflect the latest trends. Perhaps the feature that truly sets Arche footwear apart from the crowd is found in the use of 100% natural latex in its soles. The pure hevea milk, harvested in tropical Asia according to ancient traditions is stored in liquid form so that it will not be denatured. It is then hand-poured into molds crafted in-house by Arche. Hevea milk gives exceptional comfort to Arche's soles. It is a noble, living, exceptional material.


Arcopedico | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Since 1966 Arcopedico shoes have been synonymous with comfort and breathability. In every pair of Arcopedico shoes you get the Techno-elastic upper, and anatomic footbed, and a unique twin arch support system. We have found Arcopedico shoes to be an ideal shoe for travel! They fly through security checks with easy to remove styles and the breathable uppers keep feet happy through long flights in pressurized cabins.


Asics | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Men | Girls | Boys

Astral Designs

Astral Designs | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Men

Astral was founded in 2002 on the banks of the Rocky Broad River near Asheville, NC. The Astral team is comprised of dedicated paddlers, designers, and engineers seeking to create cool stuff that meets the needs of their customers in a refreshing way.

BC Footwear

BC Footwear | Go to products made by this brand: Women

BC Footwear designs for the girl who is seeking to craft a look that's radically different, spontaneous, and unpredictable. In a phrase, it's West Coast Cool.


Beautifeel | Go to products made by this brand: Women | New Arrivals

Since it's founding in 1892, Beautifeel has created shoes that were comfortable and fashionable. The designs are beautiful. The linings are leather. The soles are latex. Combined you'll walk as well as you look.


Bed|Stu | Go to products made by this brand: Men

Classic style with an attitude and a desire to stay off the beaten path describes Bed Stu footwear. The shoes are meticulously made one pair at a time with scratched, worn, and comfortable look. The Bed Stu products have the same hand finishes, vegetable tanned leathers, and minute detailing inspired by the bench made footwear, but at a more accessible price.

Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman | Go to products made by this brand: Men

Starting with a button-down shirt, then adding colors and candy stripes, Ben Sherman has been embraced by youth culture since the swinging Sixties. Now, for over 50 years the Ben Sherman® brand has been embraced by almost every youth culture or style movement since the mods and is worn by the bands and fashion leaders of the current decade.


Bernardo | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Founded in 1947 by Bernard Rudofsky, Bernardo footwear was a favorite of the jet set during the 60's and 70's and is still a favorite with its iconic sense of style today. Bernardo shoes are crafted by hand with great attention to detail so that you can count on quality, comfort, fit, and value.


Birkenstock | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Men | Girls | Boys | New Arrivals

Birkenstock USA began when, over 40 years ago, Margot Fraser brought to America the footwear she discovered in a German resort. In this way the original Birkenstock contoured footbed that was invented in 1897 by Konrad Birkenstock into American culture as a symbol of wellness and a connection to the earth. In fact, the Birkenstock family has been making shoes for over 230 years. Today Birkenstock USA is owned by the employees and the business is a reflection of what they choose to represent - quality products that are comfortable, unique, timeless, and respectful of the world around us.


Blackstone | Go to products made by this brand: Men

European design, craftsmanship and the highest quality materials make Blackstone shoes, boots and sandals a head-turning addition to every fashionable wardrobe.


Blowfish | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Girls | New Arrivals

Blowfish Malibu seeks to supply creative girls with a foundation in the unexpected. There's always a break from the ordinary and a cue to the past. The materials are earth friendly and the price promotes collecting and enjoying!


Blundstone | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Men | Girls | Boys

Blunnies have an iconic status in Australia and around the world as workwear that is rugged yet comfortable. Today, whether digging fencepost holes in the outback or grabbing a latte, Blundstones will get you through your day and keep you rooted in a down-to-earth heritage.


Bogs | Go to products made by this brand: Girls | Boys

Bogs are designed for every degree of life. After 40 years in the Pacific Northwest, Bogs knows that a difference of a few degrees can be the difference between a snowstorm to a week of drizzle to a sunny weekend. Bogs boots will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable.

Bos. & Co.

Bos. & Co. | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Bos. & Co. is family owned! The Bosco family had maintained their commitment to quality and comfort since 1976. All of Bos. & Co. footwear collections feature components that make wearing shoes a delight! Experience soles made from thermo-rubber that stay flexible in cold temperatures; insulating insoles that add warmth and extra comfort; upper leathers that are tanned with silicone repel water from penetrating the leather. And don't forget the unforgettable, truly fashionable style!


Bostonian | Go to products made by this brand: Men

For over 100 years, Bostonian has been creating innovative comfort constructions and patterns that have weathered the test of time. A pair of Bostonian shoes on the feet will add confidence to a suit and flair to a night on the town. Men's can and do trust Bostonian when they need to finish off a look in style.


Brooks | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Men | New Arrivals

To succeed, focus is vital. Brooks® Sports, Inc. is a running company. It's all they do. Brooks works each and every day to ensure that all of its footwear products meet the biomechanical needs of runners, enhance comfort, and aid in the prevention of running-related injury. They’re dedicated to reducing running injury risk and have aligned themselves with some of the top researchers and universities from around the world to help them tackle this.


Bueno | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Bueno shoes have been manufactured in Istanbul, Turkey since 1950. Now available in over 30 countries, people the world over are discovering footwear that combines a delicate balance of style and comfort. You'll love the outstanding quality and workmanship.


Bussola | Go to products made by this brand: Women

In 1978, Bussola began creating footwear for well-known brands utilizing talented designers and a great production team. Now creating shoes and boots under their own label, customers can enjoy their footwear philosophy for yourself. Real-world styles that fit your everyday needs.


Camper | Go to products made by this brand: Girls

Camper was born out of the historical social changes that were occurring in Spain during the 70's. Lorenzo Fluxa, grandson of the man who introduced the first machines used in footwear production in Spain, embraced these changes and introduced Camper as a brand. Over the years, the Mediterranean zest for design and color came to be a driving force for Camper. Today, innovative design makes the whimsical and wonderfully walkable Camper shoes a desirable product worldwide.


Chaco | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Men | Girls | Boys

Fit for Adventure. That's the tagline for Chaco footwear and it's not just a catchy phrase. Chaco sandals have become a leader in rugged and highly supportive gear for any outdoor activity. With a unique sliding strap design you can get just the right fit. Chaco sandals are resoleable and can be customized by artisans at Chaco.

Chelsea Crew

Chelsea Crew | Go to products made by this brand: Women

A little bit funky, a little bit edgy, a lot of fun! When you see Chelsea Crew shoes that's what you'll think. When you try a pair on you'll wonder how so much fashion could feel so comfortable. All Chelsea Crew shoes feature the highest quality materials, on-trend designs, and fun colors.

Chocolat Blu

Chocolat Blu | Go to products made by this brand: Women | New Arrivals

Trendy. Boutique. Put the two vibes together and you'll find Chocolat Blu in the thick of the action. Once a private line found exclusively in New York City, these shoes have limited distribution beyond the Big Apple and you can find them here!


Chooka | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Once upon a time, rainboots were a dreary accessory that allowed you to get from point A to point B with dry feet. Today, Chooka rainboots are a canvas against which wild and zany designs have been cast. Thus Chooka has elevated rainboots from accessory to the basis for a fashion look. Oh, and they keep the rain out too.


Chooze | No shoes in stock at the moment

Dr. Seuss says, "Why fit in when you were born to stand out!" That's why Chooze shoes appeal to the creative person inside all of us. The left shoe is never quite the same as the right. Everything is different. Vegan materials are used in manufacturing, the boxes are designed to be re-used, and as a Good Returns company, Chooze invests annual profits in anti-poverty programs. These programs provide training, support, education, and loans to women so they can start their own businesses and lift themselves out of extreme poverty. Loans are paid back at the end of the year and the cycle begins again. Sustainability and creativity. Its what Chooze is all about.


Cienta | Go to products made by this brand: Girls

Cienta is one of the most popular brands across Europe for high-quality vulcanized footwear for kids. Cienta is family-owned, made in Spain, and is dedicated to promoting the natural development of children's feet.


Clarks | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Men | New Arrivals

When many people think of Clarks, three iconic profiles come to mind. Sixty years ago Nathan Clark interpreted a shoe found in the bazaars of Cairo and favored by British officers and brought us the Desert Boot. A simple, uncluttered moccasin caught the eye of Lance Clark in the 60's and another classic was born, the renowned Wallabee. In Ireland in the 70's Lance refined a style that made an impression on the wife of a prominent abstract artist while in Holland. The fruit of his efforts became the Desert Trek, and its distinctive center seam took America by storm. All three of these designs were built around Clarks nature form last and seem to just fit the contours of the foot, naturally. Of course, these timeless designs are hardly the only thing that Clarks is accomplished at. To see the full scope of great up-to-date styles interpreted with comfort in mind you'll have to browse our selection for yourself.

Cole Haan

Cole Haan | Go to products made by this brand: Men

Cole Haan has become synonymous with quality, durability, and credibility. Originally a men's label, it was started in Chicago back in 1928 when Trafton Cole and Eddie Haan introduced an innovative men’s fashion with its penny loafers, saddles, bucks and handsewn footwear. The innovations and contributions have never stopped. Today you'll discover pace-setting designs infused with Nike Air technology that will elevate your comfort lever whether buying men's or women's shoes.


Converse | No shoes in stock at the moment

CONVERSE IS SOLD IN-STORE ONLY! Please call for availability. In 1913 Mr. Converse produced a catalog in which he said, "there is an earnest demand...for a rubber shoe company that would be independent enough not to follow every other company in every thing they do." Those words could have been a manifesto. As a young company, Converse took up with a then young sport, Basketball, and the rest was history. Today the classic Chuck Taylor and Jack Purcell shoes continue to be trend setters.

Corso Como

Corso Como | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Corso Como shoes combine fresh innovations in style, impeccable details, and a conscientious global view with beautifully crafted shoes. These shoes are hand assembled in elite boutique factories and a portion of every sale is donated to charities that advocate various environmental and social causes. Even the packaging uses recyclable paper that saves about 2,000 trees per year.


Cydwoq | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Coming Spring 2017. You will never forget the experience of trying on your first pair of Cydwoq shoes! They are handcrafted, architectural shoes that use biodegradable water-based glues and vegetable tanned leathers. The styling is so unique it is timeless!


Dansko | Go to products made by this brand: Women | New Arrivals

When wife and husband Mandy Cabot and Peter Kjellerup went to Denmark they were looking to buy horses but they discovered a clog instead. Over the years they have garnered the approval of the American Podiatric Medical Association and numerous other trade awards. The shoes speak for themselves and millions of wearers sing their praises! Whether for work or for play, there's probably a Dansko shoe for you.


DKODE | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Dkode is the branded label of footwear manufacturer Sozé, one of the top producers of shoes in Portugal. Dkode was launched in 2000. Dkode's style includes revivalist and artisan details, for those with an independent look and attitude.

Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Effortless cool. Achieve the look with Dolce Vita shoes done up in delightfully flirty, glamorous footwear that makes style a breeze.

Dr Martens

Dr Martens | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Men | Girls | Boys

The first Dr Martens boots in the UK came out on 1 April 1960 and carried the style number 1460 for the date. This iconic 8 eyelet boot first became popular among postal workers, police officers, and factory workers. They became a staple among trendsetting youths in the late 60's and 70's and then were adopted by the punks in the 80's and finally were adopted by just about every subculture imaginable. Now of course, everyone can enjoy the air-filled, bouncing souls. They are still as individualistic as they've always been.


Earth | Go to products made by this brand: Women

With a 40-year tradition of making comfortable shoes that are good for the body, Earth Brands introduces a new line of everyday, contemporary shoes known as simply Earth®. Whether for work, casual, or after-work, this line of comfortably cushioned and supportive shoes will fill the bill.


ECCO | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Men

Form follows function. This Scandinavian practicality informs the ECCO design sensibility. From strolling the golf course to running for the next train, ECCO will supply the appropriate footwear. ECCO shoes employ light, flexible soles and clean lines that incorporate the use of advanced materials and new design methodologies. Try a pair!

Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Eileen Fisher footwear carries the brand characteristics to the foundation of your fashion wardrobe. With an attitude that clearly embraces today's style you also get great footwear that treads lightly on the earth's resources and environment.


Emu | Go to products made by this brand: Girls | Boys

Authentically Australian, Emu boots have been made in the same location since surfers created the first "ugly sheepskin boot" back in the 1970's. Emu boots are created by experienced craftsmen in a family-owned tannery in Geelong, just minutes from the world-renowned Bells Beach.

Eric Michael

Eric Michael | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Eric Michael shoes and sandals reflect the latest in European design savvy. The best in leathers and fabrics are artfully combined with padded insoles and rubber outsoles so that you can look as good as you'll feel!


Florsheim | Go to products made by this brand: Men | Boys

A new class of working man and business professional began to emerge at the turn of the 19th century. Florsheim allowed this new class of men to dress in a way that projected deep self-respect to clients. The result was the emergence of dressing for success in business. To this day, all Florsheim shoes are designed for the man who cares about the image he projects.

Fly London

Fly London | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Fly London captures the eyes of anyone who likes to keep a finger on the pulse of fashion trends. Each collection is an original. Each shoe is designed to feel as good as they look.


Footmates | Go to products made by this brand: Boys

Footmates specializes in "classic" shoe designs for children. The difference is over 50 years of experience and a specialized Custom Fit System that allows skilled fitters to work with sometimes difficult toddler feet.

Franco Sarto

Franco Sarto | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Franco Sarto started work at age 14 hand-lasting shoes and from there his passion for cutting edge fashion was sparked. His experience taught him that great looking footwear need not compromise wearability. You'll find his influence in every pair of the shoes that bear the name Franco Sarto.

Free People

Free People | Go to products made by this brand: Women | New Arrivals

Free People designs, cuts, and sews with a very particular target in mind! They seek to pique the imagination of the twenty-something young women who is smart, creative, confident, and comfortable with all of her whims. She likes to travel and to push her life in new directions. The shoes? Perfect!

Freshly Picked

Freshly Picked | No shoes in stock at the moment

Freshly Picked is a home-grown, American-designed, American-made brand! With real sweat equity and determination, Susan Peterson designed and re-designed the signature moccasins that brought Freshly Picked to the national scene on Shark Tank. The result is a product that just works! They fit even the chubbiest little feet and they stay on. Frugal moms can buy these moccasins big and let their kids grow. They are built to last and can be passed down to little brothers, sister, cousins, etc. They are so worth it!


Frye | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Men | New Arrivals

The Frye Company is the oldest continuously operated shoe company in the United States. When homesteaders headed west from New England in the mid and late 1800's many wore Frye boots. Frye Wellingtons, called Jet Boots, outfitted thousands of soldiers during WW2. In the 1960's Frye refreshed its original boot and brought the world the Campus boot. Its bulky toe and chunky heel came to epitomize the culture of the 60s and the 70s. When the Smithsonian Institute went looking for items that best represented American culture in the 60s it chose this boot and it remains on display to this day. When you buy Frye footwear you step into a personal piece of American culture and craftsmanship.

FS/NY French Soles NY

FS/NY French Soles NY | Go to products made by this brand: Women | New Arrivals

Over 25 years ago, Randy Ochart took a true ballerina fit, and created a line of iconic shoes that have become known the world over. Today his designs incorporate over 300 treatments and are manufactured by the best craftsmen in Spain, Italy, France, and Brazil. You'll also see the occasional modest heel in the bunch from time to time.


Gabor | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Coming Spring 2017. Tops for Shoes is a family business. Gabor is also family-owned with over 06 years experience in making footwear that reflect the highest levels of comfort and quality. Gabor is now one of the best known women's shoe lines in Germany. The on-trend patterns and comfort will make you a believer!

Gentle Souls

Gentle Souls | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Yes you can have designer comfort shoes! Kenneth Cole brings you his Gentle Souls line of footwear that just makes sense. This revolutionary patent-pending technology uses the finest natural materials for organic comfort in their shoes and sandals. The comfort equation includes deerskin linings, flaxseed memory "pillows" that mold to the shape of your foot with every step, Poron memory foam cushioning that never loosed its shape, granulated cork under the Poron to absorb shock, and a rubberized sole for flexibility and traction.


Haflinger | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Men

German engineered comfort comes to traditional boiled wool slippers in styles and colors that'll make you and your feet happy!


Hispanitas | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Joy is a choice. Hispanitas is one of Spain's most formidable makers of shoes and handbags. Their manufacturing legacy spans three generations centered in one of Spain's renowned footwear provinces. While Hispanitas exports to more than 35 countries their manufacturing remains almost entirely within the borders of Spain.

Hoka One One

Hoka One One | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Men

HOKA ONE ONE has engineered a unique performance midsole geometry that features a higher volume, softer density, and greater rebounding foam than standard running shoes.

Hunter Boots

Hunter Boots | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Girls | Boys

Once upon a time there was a Scottish producer of rugged wellys that was so loved by its British clientele that it received a Royal Warrant. Today this highly prized line of functional footwear has embraced the 21st century and is worn worldwide by a wide range of people and is used for a wider range of activities, even fashion! In many ways Hunter remains a traditional and old-fashioned company and you will come to prize your boots as much as the original customers.

Ilse Jacobsen

Ilse Jacobsen | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Ilse Jacobsen embodies an entire universe of design for today's comfort and style enthusiast. Tops gives you a peak into a tiny peak into it's iconic footwear designs. If you lead an active life and want to look good doing it, then Ilse Jacobsen has you covered.


Ipanema | No shoes in stock at the moment

We carry Ipanema in-store. Please give us a call to inquire. Think of the vibe of the Brazilian beach that bears the name Ipanema and you'll begin to understand the sandals and flip flops that reflect it so well. The designs are coveted for their creative and comfortable styles and the construction that uses soft and durable 100% recyclable plastic. 99% of all factory waste is recycled or reused.

Jack Rogers

Jack Rogers | No shoes in stock at the moment

In 1961, Jack Rogers' most well-known sandal - the Navajo - appeared in Palm Beach and stepped into its place as an American classic. Seen on the feet of fashion Jackie O it swiftly became the footwear of choice in resort chic. Today it can be seen in hundreds of color combinations and are still hand-crafted. The Tops for Shoes buyers have collected a stunning array of a number of patterns in various heel heights so that our customers can step into their own limelight.


Jambu | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Girls | Boys

Jambu is designed by and for women. Whether you are zip-lining through the rainforest, strolling the beach, or just going across town, Jambu will make your next journey a comfortable one. Jambu packages their products in 100% recycled, recyclable and re-usable materials. The outsoles of the shoes are made with partially recycled and re-usable compressed rubber. Such are the small ways that Jambu hopes to preserve the outdoors for future generations.

Jeffrey Campbell

Jeffrey Campbell | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Jeffrey Campbell is a small family owned fashion forward label. You'll see something fresh and inspired because Jeffrey Campbell is always looking for new inspiration, concepts, and details. The shoes evoke old-world craftsmanship and yet they are setting trends that women can wear every day.

Jerusalem Sandals

Jerusalem Sandals | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Coming Spring 2017. Peace, one sandal at a time. Jerusalem Sandals are the comfortable, fashionable result of an almost unheard of collaboration between Israeli-Palestinian partners who have become friends.

Jewel Badgley Mischka

Jewel Badgley Mischka | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Coming Fall 208. Red carpet for the real world. Design legends Mark Badgley and James Mischka have their creative energies aimed at a younger couture market but the shoes appeal to women of all ages. You'll see traces of the glamorous 1940's throughout the line. The shoes are simple and elegant.

Johnston & Murphy

Johnston & Murphy | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Men | New Arrivals

Known as a pillar of classic workmanship and of American style since 1850, J&M added a new line of women's footwear in 2008. The J&M legacy continues and the Johnston & Murphy customer knows that whether taking care of business or shuttling the soccer team, she can count on looking great.


Joules | Go to products made by this brand: Girls

Since 1989, Tom Joule has been creating lifestyle clothing and accessories that reflect the bright and colorful character of his original customers. He started out selling clothes at outdoor events in Great Britain and has continued to work with a talented team of designers who work across mediums from print to production. You'll find your Joules extraordinary!


Kaanas | No shoes in stock at the moment

KAANAS Columbian-made footwear comes to us via the effort of two sisters, Liliana and Natalia Acevedo, who were moved by the beauty of the textiles produced by the Wayuu tribe. The brand strives for to produce ethically responsible footwear that allows the wearer to enjoy a culture-conscious experience. The assortment has grown to include sneakers, wedges, and even booties.

Kalso Earth Shoes

Kalso Earth Shoes | No shoes in stock at the moment

The first thing you'll notice about Kalso Earth Footwear is the slight 3.7° incline that positions the toes higher than the heels. This angle re-distributes body weight, engaging muscles throughout the body to strengthen and tone it. The support through the arch is reinforced thus maximizing the effect of the heel design. It promotes a more natural walking motion. BioFoam™ cushioning in the footbed allows it to mold to the shape of the foot, absorbing shock. It is also made of 70% recycled content. The second thing you'll notice is the many choices of styles and colors available to choose from!


Kanna | Go to products made by this brand: Women

With the magnificent Mediterranean coast as inspiration and a region renowned for jute handicrafts, Kanna shoes were born. Jute footwear has been the specialty of brothers Juan and Tomas De La Cerda. While espadrilles form the basis for the line, today customers will find that Kanna shoes has developed an ecclectic stylistic vocabulary that has broadened to inclued biker and glam-rock inspired creations.


Keds | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Girls | Boys

The classic, original sneaker, "the Champion" has been a style icon for over ninety years. Each generation discovers the sleek, easy-going style of Keds. Today, the Keds brand is helping to inspire a collective spirit of new American style, youthful optimism, collaboration and togetherness.


Keen | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Men | Girls | Boys | New Arrivals

Founded in 2003, Keen shoes were first designed to protect the toes with their signature rubber bumper. They found immediate success in the sailing world and in other outdoor and water activities. Today, Keen footwear offers shoes for a wide range of activities and they have sought to give back to the world by supporting and partnering with organizations whose vision they share. In 2004, for instance, Keen donated its entire marketing budget to relief efforts in connection with the Asian tsunami. Keen footwear is rugged, environmentally conscious, and comfortable.

Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn

Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn embodies the vibe of innovation and fashion you would expect of the bustle and hip neighborhoods engendered by the NY state of mind.

Kenneth Cole Reaction

Kenneth Cole Reaction | Go to products made by this brand: Boys

New York native, Kenneth Cole, is known for his social conscious. His designs reflect a chic, urban aesthetic. The kid's shoes that you'll find at our store translate what's on trend today in children's shoes.


Kork-Ease | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Since 1953 comfort has been the intention of Brooklyn-based Kork-Ease footwear. The straightforward simplicity of the shoes became a fashion icon in the '70s fashion scene. Now the Kork-Ease wedge sandals are the go-to shoe for a whole new generation of comfort-seeking fashionistas.

L'Amour Des Pieds

L'Amour Des Pieds | Go to products made by this brand: Women | New Arrivals

Career women need comfort and style! L'Amour Des Pieds shoes feature arch supports that conform to the foot and memory-foam insoles. The linings are sheepskin to make your feet feel fabulous.

La Canadienne

La Canadienne | No shoes in stock at the moment

The Canadian winters are sometimes quite harsh. La Canadienne produces very high quality boots that are designed to handle them. They do this by sealing seams and using suedes and leathers that are treated so that water won't soak through. Outsoles provide traction in wet conditions and comfort insoles cradle the foot. You'll appreciate the eye toward fashion as well.

Lamo Sheepskin

Lamo Sheepskin | Go to products made by this brand: Men

Lamo is a US based company that seeks to put their resources into making a great, affordable product. Sheepskin and fleece slippers are so comfy year 'round due to the thermal balance and pressure point relief that is a natural part of the material. Slip on a pair and just relax!

Livie & Luca

Livie & Luca | Go to products made by this brand: Girls | Boys | New Arrivals

Livie & Luca shoes incorporate brightly colored leathers, bold designs, and whimsical touches that capture the playful nature of childhood. This line of kid's footwear also makes use of eco-friendly practices wherever possible and please remember, Livie & Luca shoes are made by hand. That's why you'll be able to see the maker's markings under the strap. It is also why every pair of shoes will be a little bit different. To further reduce their carbon footprint, Livie & Luca choses to use remains of high quality leather that would otherwise be discarded.

Louise et Cie

Louise et Cie | No shoes in stock at the moment

Brought to us by Vince Camuto, Louise et Cie is a classic and sophisticated line defined by minimalist design and luxurious details.

Lucky Brand

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You already know the Southern California vibe found in Lucky Brand Jeans! Now the look and feel you love has a refreshing foundation, Lucky Brand shoes. The footwear is inspired by the orange groves and mountains of Ojai and the beach towns that dot the Pacific Coast Highway.

Marc Joseph

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From the heart of Manhattan to you, Marc Joseph New York delivers quality and exquisite detail in modern, fashionable, wearable styles. Tops for Shoes has chosen the best of his casual moc collection for our customers.

Mark Lemp Classics

Mark Lemp Classics | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Style and Fit with Every Comfortable Step! Mark Lemp Footwear has a mission to create a line of footwear in the most varied range of sizes and widths on the market. The designers keep their finger on the pulse of the latest fashion trends and then infuse their interpretations with comfort technology. The result is shoes that both look and feel good!

Me Too

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Me Too builds their shoes from the ground up for comfort and style. They achieve this with the use of the finest comfort and leather components along with treatments that give the shoes just a little extra flair.


Mephisto | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Mephisto is often referred to as the finest walking shoe on earth. With over 30 years of innovation Mephisto shoes go against manufacturing trends by using only natural components such as leather, latex, cork and rubber and a manufacturing process invested in the human touch. They pioneered walking shoe staples like speed-lacing and air-circulating insoles. Your feet will feel the difference.


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Merrell came to being because there was a need for affordable, high-performance hiking boots. Eventually, other niches in the outdoor market were realized and the wildly popular "Jungle Moc" was born. Ever seeking innovation to enable folks to get outside and play, Merrell continues to make great contributions to the active lifestyle. Most recently customers can get closer to their environment and take part in the "barefoot" movement in athletic activities with such styles as the women's Pure Glove and men's Trail Glove.


Mia | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Girls

MIA Shoes captures a cool-girl vibe that is inspired by exotic locations around the globe. And with 40 years of giving fashion-forward women of all ages just what they want, you find today's timeless vegan-friendly styles are just the ticket you need to complete the look you're after.

Mini Melissa

Mini Melissa | Go to products made by this brand: Girls

For over 30 years, Mini Melissa's parent company, Grendene has pioneered in the manufacture of high-end plastic footwear. You'll find designs that are the result of collaborations with leading designers such as Karl Lagerfield, Jason Wu, and Jean Paul Gaultier, among others. These shoes are playful and irresistible!


Minnetonka | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Girls | Boys

Moccasins were American footwear before there was an America. Following World War II, when Americans took to the highways to discover the natural beauty of the land, they purchased Minnetonka moccasins at resorts and souvenir shops everywhere. They soon became casual classics. Today you'll see them all over the world.

Miz Mooz

Miz Mooz | Go to products made by this brand: Women

What's a shoe designer to do? Everything out there seemed to look just alike and the last thing style-conscious girls want is to look like a cookie-cutter. Enter the Miz Mooz team! They set out to design shoes that are eclectic and fun but at the same time affordable and well-made. At first they appeared as a private label in boutiques in NYC but then discerning independent retailers across the US began to ask for them. Now you can get your own pair of Miz Mooz without battling big city traffic!


Munro | Go to products made by this brand: Women | New Arrivals

Family-owned and manufactured in the USA. This is a combination that is rare indeed! Munro shoes further break the mold by offering the highest quality footwear in a vast range of sizes and widths in styles that interpret the latest trends in footwear. All Munro shoes are manufactured using combination lasts, which have been uniquely designed and developed over 45 years of experience.

Naked Feet

Naked Feet | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Naked feet. It's a simple concept. No-fuss, artisanal footwear with soft, supple leathers, raw inked edges, modern ornamentations, and memory foam comfort footbeds. The look is sophisticated, architectural, and elegant.


Naot | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Men | New Arrivals

Naot footwear came into being in 1948 and has grown to embrace a worldwide following and a global aesthetic. At the heart of every pair is an all natural cork and latex footbed that caresses and supports the foot for all-day comfort. The footbeds are anatomically designed to absorb shock and moisture. Many patterns have a removable footbed that allows the wearer to incorporate a custom orthotic. The uppers are fine, breathable Italian leathers and there are styles to fit your every need. Tops for Shoes boasts the largest selection of Naot footwear in the region!


Native | No shoes in stock at the moment

What do you get when you take the lightest, most comfortable materials available and interpret classic, casual silhouettes? The best of both worlds! The aesthetic is relaxed, flexible and active for anybody, anywhere, anytime...


Naturino | Go to products made by this brand: Girls | Boys

Naturino shoes come from over 30 years of Italian design experience and are recommended by pediatricians and foot specialists who appreciate the soft support, removable insole and flexible bottoms of these shoes. Naturino shoes bring color, fun, and fashion consciousness into your child's life. Practical, durability will keep your child playing and exploring with abandon.

Neil M

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Neil M believes in men's footwear that delivers all-day comfort and personalized fit. It's why Neil M shoes come in a wide range of sizes and widths to insure a more accurate fit and superior comfort. Every shoe has a removable footbed to accomodate custom orthotics and to allow custom fitting. A number of patterns are manufactured in the USA!

New Balance

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Made in the USA. No other athletic shoe company can put that on their products. 25% of all New Balance shoes that are sold in North America are made in North America by a US workforce using US and imported materials. New Balance is renowned for sizes, widths, and performance.


Nina | Go to products made by this brand: Girls | New Arrivals

Nina footwear has become the go-to line of shoes for the woman with a special occasion in her future. There's more to Nina shoes than just the latest fashion cues! You'll fine nicely padded forefoot constructions and flexible soles that will allow you to do all the dancing your heart desires.


Oboz | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Men

Oboz gets its name from the contraction of "outside" (the designers' favorite place) + "Bozeman" (the designers' other favorite place). The shoes are created by folks who obsess about the trail, whether it's about the best lacing systems and the best tread materials and patterns to the need to plant more trees and preserve open spaces. Oboz will help you to stay true to the trail.

Off The Beaten Track

Off The Beaten Track | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Inspired by off the beaten track travel destinations, OTBT (Off The Beaten Track) is the ultimate travel shoe. You'll find quality materials, authentic colors and a tough sole designed for maximum durability and functionality. With every pair you own, you'll enjoy unique shoes with original styling and real utilitarian functionality.


Olukai | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Men | Boys

The islands and ocean that surrounds them are the inspiration for Olukai footwear. The idea for Olukai came from a desire to create better products for life lived in and around water. The diverse and delicate ecosystems surrounding the world's islands moves Olukai to be committed to environmental responsibility in manufacturing as well as in support and work for a clean environment and a better quality of life.

On Running

On Running | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Men | New Arrivals

After retiring from professional competition, three-times World Duathlon Champion and multiple Ironman Winner Olivier Bernhard devoted himself to finding a running shoe that would give him the perfect running sensation. In doing so he crossed paths with a like-minded Swiss engineer who had an idea for a new kind of running shoe. And it was this ideal symbiosis of running experience and engineering expertise that allowed this original idea to be steadily refined over the following years. The result is a shoe for everyone's optimum running experience.

Onitsuka Tiger

Onitsuka Tiger | Go to products made by this brand: Men

Born during Japan's emerging basketball scene in 1949, Onitsuka Tiger shoes embody the retro look and the pioneering spirit of designers who drew inspiration from the world around them to create this iconic line.


Pajar | No shoes in stock at the moment

Pajar is a family-owned company proudly manufacturing footwear in Montreal, Canada as well as in Europe and Asia. The designs are the result of five-generations of shoe-making that are inspired by their Canadian heritage and are informed by a focus on comfort and fashion.

Paul Green

Paul Green | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Since 1988, the folks at Paul Green have been kept sharp in focus the desire to achieve the right look with exceptional comfort. Elegance and sportiness are in their DNA! Look good and feel great in your feet with Paul Green shoes!

Paul Mayer

Paul Mayer | No shoes in stock at the moment

"I want women to feel pretty, feminine and comfortable in my shoes." This is the driving objective for shoe designer Paul Mayer and you'll see and feel the addictive difference with every pair you try on. Mr. Mayer feels that good fashion is truly timeless and that great shoes should look great paired with denim or a skirt or a dress. The shoes are truly work for dress or casual wear, depending on the attitude of the day.


Pazitos | Go to products made by this brand: Girls

Pazitos Los Angeles takes LA style and interprets it for little people. The styles are sophisticated and fun to wear.


Pediped | Go to products made by this brand: Girls | Boys

Stylish footwear that promotes healthy foot development has been the focus of pediped® since its inception. pediped® has done extensive research and testing to develop the latest in kid's footwear technology, from memory foam insoles to eco-friendly, water-safe and machine washable shoes.

Pella Moda

Pella Moda | Go to products made by this brand: Women | New Arrivals

Pelle Moda is a lifestyle brand known for marrying exotic materials, intricate ornamentation, and sensual colors. The statement is pure sophisticated luxury. An you won't find Pelle Moda at the mall.


Pikolinos | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Men

Unique designs and rich patterns will draw you to Pikolinos but the exquisite natural leathers and handcrafting technologies that go into every pair will get them on your feet and keep them there. In addition to balancing traditional Spanish artisan craftsmanship with the newest technological innovations, Pikolinos is committed to environmental conservation. Chrome free leathers, biodegradable outsoles and non metal pollutants are part of the equation and enable Pikolinos shoes to comply with the European Eco-label ecological standard requirements. Even the shoe boxes are made with recycled cardboard. Good for your feet. Good for the planet. Pikolinos are truly, guilt-free footwear!


Plae | Go to products made by this brand: Girls | Boys | New Arrivals

Designed to fit. Plae shoes are designed with a contoured fit with room to grow. Interchangeable tabs accommodate thinner, thicker, or wider feet. Designed to move. Plae shoes have dynamic traction and are designed with elite athletic features such as super shock absorption, durable toe guards, and wicking, washable anti-microbial inserts. Designed for good. Plae shoes are sourced responsibly. Recycled and non-toxic materials are chosen. And Plae makes sure their manufacturing and labor is fair and child-free.

Rainbow Sandals

Rainbow Sandals | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Everybody knows somebody who loves their Rainbow Sandals! This movement in durable, comfortable sandals started with one man, Jay "Sparky" Longley, who spend 0 on a sewing machine and began a years-long process of perfecting his vision of what the world's best sandal would be. Today, over two million pairs of Rainbow Sandals enter the world every year. Rainbow Sandals is a seasonal (Spring) line.


Rebels | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Once-upon-a-time in LA there was a boyfriend-girlfriend design team. They saw a niche in the bohemian fashionista world and stepped in to repair the void in eccentric styling and renegade charm with one style of canvas shoe with a rubber-capped toe. Since that beginning in 1993, loads of new offerings have hit the streets to keep independant-minded individuals outfitted.

Red Wing

Red Wing | Go to products made by this brand: Men

The demanding work of industries such as mining, logging and farming required footwear which was tough enough to outlast harsh working conditions, but Charles Beckman in Red Wing, Minnesota, envisioned a shoe that was also comfortable enough for the hardworking people who wore them. In 1905 he opened a company that would define the work shoe market. Now, over 110 years on, the commitment to producing only the highest grade footwear remains as unwavering as Beckman's original vision.


Reef | No shoes in stock at the moment

The surf scene in 1970's Argentina is where two brothers came up with the need for footwear to support their active lifestyle. Eventually they wound up in La Jolla, California and Reef was born. Now it seems, everyone loves their Reef footwear! Reef footwear is a seasonal line. We stock it for Spring.

Regarde Le Ciel

Regarde Le Ciel | Go to products made by this brand: Women

With flexible construction, fabulous materials, and fine European styling, you can go from work to wow without loosing a step. Regarde Le Ciel has launched their wear-anywhere line here in the USA.

Remonte Dorndorf

Remonte Dorndorf | Go to products made by this brand: Women | New Arrivals

Rieker Shoe Corporation distributes their soft, lightweight line of European designed comfort shoes and boots under both the Rieker and Remonte Dorndorf labels. No matter which label you find, the fit and feel says, "antistress"!


Rieker | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Men | New Arrivals

"Anti-Stress". That's the design maxim that informs every shoe that Rieker makes. It means that Rieker's special construction methods and components allow for minimal weight, maximum flexibility, ample foot room and ultimate shock absorption. Rieker is also committed to bringing to market that latest European fashion at an affordable price. It's the best of all worlds - great comfort and chic styling that help you relax in style. Go ahead, take a step up into the world of Rieker shoes.


Robeez | No shoes in stock at the moment

All of the footwear produced by Robeez carries the prestigious Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association. Only products that promote natural foot functions receive this sought-after accreditation and with a soft sole design built to flex and bend, that's exactly what Robeez footwear does. Add to that whimsical, age-appropriate designs and your little one's feet will set of on a winning path!

Robert Zur

Robert Zur | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Robert Zur honed his expertise by designing for such renowned labels as Amalfi and women's Cole Haan. What you'll see when you look at a pair of his shoes are thoughtful details and imaginative design. What you'll feel when you try a pair on is true glove leathers and calfskin. These materials lend superior sheen, buttery soft touch, velvet finishes, and brilliant rich color. Add to the fine craftsmanship a wide range of sizes and widths and you have footwear made in old-world traditions that are relevant to modern living.


Rockport | Go to products made by this brand: Men

Rockport started with a simple design philosophy. Walkability. They incorporated the latest in comfort technology to engineer performance walking in casual and dress shoes. The result was incredibly lightweight, comfortable shoes that fit well into a metropolitan lifestyle. They've never strayed far from their original focus.

Rockport Cobb Hill Collection

Rockport Cobb Hill Collection | Go to products made by this brand: Women | New Arrivals

Rockport Cobb Hill Collection encompasses everything from go-anywhere sandals to a been-everywhere waterproof hikers. Everything they make is a perfect blend of comfort and style. Always available in an extended range of sizes and widths, we're pretty certain your shoes will fit your feet as comfortably as the occasion.

Rose Petals by Walking Cradles

Rose Petals by Walking Cradles | Go to products made by this brand: Women


Sabrinas | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Relax & walk. Anytime. Anywhere! Sabrinas & Eneka shoes are designed and made in Spain. Their goal is to take excellent workmanship in smooth leathers and to create soft, lightweight, fashionable shoes that you might forget you're wearing!

Sacha London

Sacha London | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Since 1968, David Eve has been creating footwear based on the premise of originality with quality of workmanship and a fundamental philosophy. The Sacha London woman is bright, savvy, beautiful!


Salewa | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Men

Renowned alpine sporting company entered the footwear market in 2005 and extended their "half-weight, double-resistance" design ethic to this outstanding line of outdoor-ready shoes.

Salt Water by Sun San

Salt Water by Sun San | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Salt Water sandals by Sun San are versatile, long lasting, and undoubtedly timeless sandals that are specifically designed to be worn in and out of water. They feature water-friendly leather uppers, breathable leather footbeds. The brass buckles won't rust if you get them wet.

Sam Edelman

Sam Edelman | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Girls | New Arrivals

When you try on a pair of Sam Edelman shoes, you experience the results of more than 30 years of success in creating some of the most successful shoe collections in fashion history. You'll see each season the use of sensual textures, playful embellishment, and confident style. Celebrity fans include Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts, Miley Cyrus, Rachel Bilson, Halle Berry and Katy Perry.

Samuel Hubbard

Samuel Hubbard | Go to products made by this brand: Men

Samual Hubbard was launched in 2014 as a family business but it's heritage goes back to Hubbard Shoe company that operated from 1943 to 1973. Bruce Katz father grew up in his fathers business back then and when the New England factories closed their doors, father and son traveled to Brazil. There they imported the equipment and materials and taught local folks how to turn out great shoes. The Rockport Company was born. This extensive background and innovative new technology goes into every pair of Hubbard shoes.

Sandro Moscoloni

Sandro Moscoloni | Go to products made by this brand: Men

The first thing you'll notice about Sandro Moscoloni is the European flair for design but slip on a pair and the thing you'll remember is the unbelievable attention to comfort. Try on a pair and see how it feels to walk on pillows.


Sanuk | Go to products made by this brand: Women

"Sanuk" is the Thai word for fun! The creatively inspired footwear is as much about funk as function and appeal to a global outdoor community. They'll make you smile!


Saucony | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Men | Girls | Boys

Running is why Saucony exists. The designers and engineers are runners who use the products they make and they actively listen to the runners who are devoted to the sport. If fact, "Outside Magazine" awarded Saucony's ProGrid Kinvara the "Gear of the Year" award. This shoe is Saucony’s minimally constructed, lightweight performance training shoe that allows the foot to move more naturally through its gait cycle. Come in and see what all the talk is about.

See Kai Run

See Kai Run | Go to products made by this brand: Girls | Boys

See Kai Run is a family-owned and operated business located outside of Seattle, Washington. The idea was born when founder Cause Haun was on a quest for the perfect first pair of shoes for her son, Kai. Unable to find shoes in fun, cutting edge styles that still promoted the healthy development of growing feet, she created her own line of shoes that satisfied all of these needs. All of our shoes meet the American Podiatric Medical Association’s rigorous standards for foot health and functionality and have been awarded the APMA’s prestigious Seal of Acceptance.

Sesto Meucci

Sesto Meucci | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Sesto Meucci provides classic styling with classic styling and Italian craftsmanship.


Seychelles | No shoes in stock at the moment

From Seychelles perspective, their shoes are designed for women who are independent and romantic, with an eye for mixing the vintage with the modern. The looks playfully mix the cutting edge with vintage touches to let the wearer get in touch with her dreams.

Shaina Gold

Shaina Gold | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Arriving Fall 2018. Shaina Gold is the shoe you want if you love skilled Italian-made footwear that feels like a pair of fine slippers. The fashion is established timeless European footwear for your busy day.


Smartwool | No shoes in stock at the moment

The founders of SmartWool struggled to keep their feet warm as ski instructors in New England. Wool, and age-old classic was warm but it was itchy and it shrank. After much work and experimentation they came up with a process to make wool socks soft and easy to care for. SmartWool was born. People tried SmartWool socks on and were amazed at their soft luxurious feel and awestruck that they stayed dry, soft and comfortable for extended periods of time in all kinds of weather conditions. Never getting clammy, SmartWool socks stayed comfortable. In 1995 Backpacker tested SmartWool and gave its hiking sock the coveted Editor's Choice award. The honor was repeated in 1996 for its trekking socks. Only the finest wool in the world finds its way into a pair of SmartWool socks, New Zealand merino. It is the softest, strongest, and whitest around. The SmartWool company has taken the initiative to build intimate, long-lasting relationships with its growers who are in tune with their land and their sheep and who have become steadfast partners in producing the best wool possible. Tops for Shoes has selected a wide array of athletic and life-style socks and tights to make your world a more comfortable place to walk.

Smoky Mountain Boots

Smoky Mountain Boots | Go to products made by this brand: Girls | Boys

The folks at Smoky Mountain try to listen to the wants and needs of the consumers and then they seek to fill niches. Kids love boots! That's the niche you'll find filled with their selection of children's boots styled after iconic American classics.


Softinos | No shoes in stock at the moment

Coming Fall 2018. Softinos whole philosophy is focused on being soft. It touches everything they make; every component, every surface. Even the shapes are soft and rounded!

Sol Sana

Sol Sana | No shoes in stock at the moment

You want high fashion that's comfortable but won't cost an arm and a leg. Sol Sana has been bringing to life wearable fashion footwear out of Australia since 2010. There's a little vintage an a lot of boldness in the unique footwear from Sol Sana.


Sole/Society | No shoes in stock at the moment

You have a look in mind. You expect a certain level of quality and comfort. You have a real-life budget! Sole/Society aims to check off all of your boxes.


Sorel | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Men | Girls | Boys | New Arrivals

Sorel is a go-to line in premium outdoor gear for the feet. They are engineered to provide outstanding warmth, comfort, and durability in the most extreme cold weather conditions. They have been worn by explorers to the North Pole and have earned legendary status among outdoor enthusiasts as well as those who work outdoors in harsh conditions.

Sperry Top-Sider

Sperry Top-Sider | Go to products made by this brand: Men | Girls | Boys

Paul Sperry introduced the first boat shoe in 1935 with the patented Razor-SipingTM on it's non-marking sole. The inspiration for these wave-like grooves came to him as he watched his cocker spaniel run across the ice on a winter's day in Connecticut. When he turned over Prince's paw, he observed hundreds of tiny cracks and cuts going in all directions. Springing from a passion for the sea, Sperry Top-Sider continues to be the go-to brand for those who enjoy life in, on and around the ocean.

Spring Step

Spring Step | Go to products made by this brand: Women

David and Avi Ben-Zikry, co-founders of Spring Footwear started off with the concept that a good idea in Europe is a good idea in America. They focused on identifying successful trends in Europe and bringing them to customers here in the US. The concept was simple. Create comfortable shoes made in Europe and sell them at a reasonable price. The results are shoes that are all-leather, light-weight, with hand-painted finishes on shoes that beg to be held and tried on.

Steve Madden

Steve Madden | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Over the past two decades, Steve Madden has gone from a start-up with ,100 in the bank to America's most successful designer. His years of experience in the footwear industry and uniquely creative designs brings to reality his vision to give young women a means of expressing their individuality in fashion forward shoes. This vision is continually evolving. Keep checking back to see where it's going.

Stride Rite

Stride Rite | Go to products made by this brand: Girls | Boys | New Arrivals

Stride Rite's baby shoes were the first baby shoes in the industry to receive The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) grant of its Seal of Acceptance. There is a deep heritage based upon the commitment to provide the best fitting shoes for children. Every shoe in the collection is created from an in-depth knowledge and understanding of how children walk and grow. Your children will benefit from the breakthroughs and new technologies that Stride Rite incorporates into their children's footwear.

Summit by White Mountain

Summit by White Mountain | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Summit by White Mountain is everything chic, continental, and fashion. These shoes are hand-made in small production runs of fine Italian leathers.

Swedish Hasbeens

Swedish Hasbeens | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Swedish clogs were iconic in the '70's. After finding a cache of 300 pairs in the basement of an old clog factory and bringing them to Stockholm, these old has-been clogs were lovingly studied. The result is Swedish Hasbeens, a brand that has embraced handmade craftsmanship, respect for people, the environment, and for the old traditional way. They'll make you happy!


Tamaris | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Tamaris is a German brand with a broad appeal. The collections are varied to fit a woman's every need with comfort in mind.

Taos Footwear

Taos Footwear | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Denim friendly. Inspired by the beauty and culture of the American Southwest. Taos footwear is designed for the real world where it's ridiculous to have to decide between cute and comfortable. Taos designers seek to keep the line fresh by using beautiful leathers and rich fabrics, embellishing them with things like earthy stones, rugged buckles, playful embroidery and intricate stitching.


Teva | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Men

Back in 1984 a young Grand Canyon river guide made waves when he came up with the first sports sandal. Teva was born (pronounced "teh'-vah," not "tee-vah"). In the years since, the original design was improved upon and expanded and today Teva can outfit your feet for just about any outdoor activity, especially if it has to do with water.


The FLEXX | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Footwear from The FLEXX is designed in Tuscany with comfort at the forefront. Deeply cushioned footbeds and the best Italian leather are combined in a process which allows the upper to move along with the foot. From the office to the weekend, discover that this trendy, comfortable line is a truly great value.

The North Face

The North Face | No shoes in stock at the moment

Sustainability, innovation, creativity, passion. These qualities inform every product that bears The North Face® branding. The North Face® products use technologies and fabrics that provide high performance levels, but eliminate the use of harsh chemical and excess materials.

Thierry Rabotin

Thierry Rabotin | No shoes in stock at the moment

"Why put up with uncomfortable shoes all day long and limit effortless walking only to the home?" The need to answer that age-old question became Thierry Rabotin's personal motivation as far back as 1978, when the designer began to work exclusively in the footwear sector. In a world characterized by technological gains, maintaining artisanal traditions at any cost is a truly difficult task, yet even the most sophisticated machines cannot hold a torch to the human hand. Rabotin is convinced that the general quality of the shoe depends upon the degree of human involvement in its creation. This kind of production can only be found in Italy where the artisan culture still thrives. Today when you take a pair of Thierry Rabotin shoes for a stroll you'll know that Mr. Rabotin was right.


Thor-lo | No shoes in stock at the moment

When you buy a pair of Thor-lo performance socks you are supporting not just an American manufacturer but a North Carolina manufacturer. The innovative knitters at Thor-lo have a long history of listening to perspective customers and then creating specific socks that fill real needs. You'll find that your foot is supported, cushioned, and protected during you most demanding activities.


Timberland | Go to products made by this brand: Men

Timberland makes products that are inspired by a rich New England heritage. The boots and shoes that you buy are comfortable enough to wear all day yet rugged enough for all year.

Toe Warmers

Toe Warmers | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Toe Warmers are built in Canada of the finest quality materials. The boots are designed to withstand the cold and conditions of winters north-of-the-border and to maintain civilized good looks!


Toms | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Men | Girls | Boys | New Arrivals

TOMS Shoes was founded on a simple premise: With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One. In using a for-profit business model, Toms ensures that the best designers and manufacturers work together to create engaging and comfortable footwear, not only for TOMS customers, but also for those who benefit. The shoes that are given to children in need are designed to fit the climate in the target areas. The TOMS mission transforms our customers into benefactors, which allows us to grow a truly sustainable business rather than depending on fundraising for support.


Trask | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Men

Bozeman, Montana embodies a heritage of men who followed their own path, overcame the odds, and refused to live anyone else's idea of life. HS Trask shoes are made to be worn. They capture the spirit of the outdoors while maintaining integrity and uniqueness. They are your go-to getaway footwear.


Tretorn | Go to products made by this brand: Women

Tretorn has defined court life since the late 19th century. Innovation has always been part of the Tretorn heritage. The Tretorn lifestyle is lived outside. Today, Tretorn is still innovating in that measures have been taken to ensure that labor is not exploited and that production methods are continuously revised for the good of the consumers and the environment.


Trotters | Go to products made by this brand: Women

At its inception in 1935, Old Maine Trotters produced moccasins which were created by Native American craftspeople in Old Town Main. Today, Trotters is still dedicated to producing appealing footwear with exceptional comfort in a wide variety of sizes and widths. The use of the softest leathers, high-tech cushioning, and flexible results in shoes that feel as though they were made just for you.


Tsukihoshi | Go to products made by this brand: Girls | Boys | New Arrivals

Tsukihoshi shoes are just right for little feet for all the right reasons. Since kid's feet may tend to over-pronate, Tsukihoshi builds a solid half sock board and a solid heel counter that helps to provide stability. Next, Tsukihoshi has created a "molded cup insole" that is designed for growing children's arches and an innovative "flex-joint outsole" that helps to allow children's feet to bend in a natural way. Roomy toe-boxes allow room for little feet to develop as well. Since little ones like to do things themselves, Tsukihoshi shoes are easy to put on and take off. Perhaps two of the best features for busy parents is that Tsukihoshi shoes are machine washable and have an antibacterial, odor neutralizing insole.


UGG | Go to products made by this brand: Women | Men | Girls | Boys | New Arrivals

UGG Australia is all about delivering luxury and comfort! Their products fit our customer's everyday life with boots, shoes, and sandals made of the highest quality leathers and suedes, and of course, the finest sheepskin.

Under Armour

Under Armour | Go to products made by this brand: Girls | Boys | New Arrivals

Under Armour has revolutionized how athletes around the world dress. Performance footwear is designed to make all levels of athletes better at what they love to do.


Vaneli | Go to products made by this brand: Women

From timeless classics to up-to-the-minute looks, Vaneli releases hundreds of new styles each season. You'll find the seasons best looks in the sizes you need.


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As far back as the mid 70s, Southern Californian skateboarders made Vans popular because of their sticky soles and their rugged make-up. Vans are still just as tough in their make-up but the wearers are as unique and individualistic as the wide variety of styles and colorways that are now available. Express yourself!

Vince Camuto Kids

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Vince Camuto is a lifestyle brand founded in 2005 that is recognized for its effortless esthetic, on-trend design, and fine craftsmanship. You'll love his signature style fittingly interpreted for the style-conscious youngster.


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Clinical and practical research has resulted in the unique Orthaheel® orthotic design, which helps "reclaim" your natural footprint by restoring the foot's natural (neutral) alignment. This enables your feet, ankles, and legs to function efficiently and dynamically, the way they were intended to. Orthaheel®'s orthotic is built in to our collection of sandals, slippers, and athletic shoes, and is also available as an insert for your own footwear. Designed by Australian podiatrist Phillip Vasyli and clinically proven, Orthaheel® products are available in more than 25 countries worldwide, garnering customer acclaim since 1979. The collection offers orthotic footbeds, lounge slippers, athletic shoes, and sandals for men and women.

Walking Cradles

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Walking Cradles caters to women who need sizes and widths that seem to be so hard to find these days. Add to that soft nappa leather uppers, leather linings, their unique Tiny Pillow footbed, and meticulous attention to detail and you have comfort that fits.


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For over 125 years, American workers have turned to Wolverine boots for comfort and durability. Today Wolverine is a source for an extensive range of premium boots, shoes, apparel and gear. They are RELENTLESS BY NATURE.

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